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유튜브 다이아몬드!!! https://t.co/6LttAT79gA
16 Aug, 2018 - 06:33 AM UTC
Barack Obama
Aretha helped define the American experience. In her voice, we could feel our history, all of it and in every shade—our power and our pain, our darkness and our light, our quest for redemption and our hard-won respect. May the Queen of Soul rest in eternal peace. https://t.co/bfASqKlLc5
16 Aug, 2018 - 04:31 PM UTC
Paul McCartney
Let’s all take a moment to give thanks for the beautiful life of Aretha Franklin, the Queen of our souls, who inspired us all for many many years. She will be missed but the memory of her greatness as a musician and a fine human being will live with us forever. Love Paul https://t.co/jW4Gpwfdts
16 Aug, 2018 - 02:45 PM UTC
Reese Witherspoon
What, like it’s hard? 🌟 https://t.co/94VTowxyZO
16 Aug, 2018 - 04:49 AM UTC
#BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB #ARMY 5기 Membership Kit 독점 컨텐츠 재 공개 안내 https://t.co/EaSamzZ8iv
16 Aug, 2018 - 10:00 AM UTC
16 Aug, 2018 - 04:08 AM UTC
Jeremy Clarkson
Don’t worry if your A level grades aren’t any good. I got a C and 2 Us. And I’m sitting here deciding which of my Range Rovers to use today
16 Aug, 2018 - 06:55 AM UTC
Michelle Obama
Watching Aretha Franklin perform at the White House, and on so many other occasions, made time stand still. @BarackObama and I are holding Aretha’s family in our hearts right now. She will forever be our Queen of Soul. https://t.co/NhHsbKijpl
16 Aug, 2018 - 04:44 PM UTC
Donald J. Trump
The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, is dead. She was a great woman, with a wonderful gift from God, her voice. She will be missed!
16 Aug, 2018 - 03:36 PM UTC
Shawn Mendes
So sad...rest in peace Aretha Franklin ❤️
16 Aug, 2018 - 08:34 PM UTC
Barack Oganja
Class wasn’t gon pass itself https://t.co/1vLsw2yRdo
16 Aug, 2018 - 04:31 AM UTC
いつだって戦う女の子は魅力的 https://t.co/jHq1NbMeKY
16 Aug, 2018 - 06:15 AM UTC
She slid that “bitch” in so smooth. https://t.co/3gEA6OFB8I
16 Aug, 2018 - 03:18 PM UTC
Bernie Sanders
Remember: our "crazy idea" of universal health care is a reality in: Australia Austria Belgium Canada Chile Czech Rep. Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Israel Italy Japan Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal S. Korea Spain Sweden Switz. Turkey U.K.
16 Aug, 2018 - 06:48 PM UTC
Brother Nature
Brooooooo I’m Verified let’s gooooo!!!!!
16 Aug, 2018 - 11:01 AM UTC
★MANKAIカンパニー新公演のご案内★ 近日、秋組第五回公演『燃えよ饅頭拳!』を配信いたします。 主演:七尾太一 準主演:泉田莇 公演曲:ロードトゥ饅頭マスター! 作詞:やいり、橘亮祐 作曲:やいり 編曲:橘亮祐 #エースリー https://t.co/P7NdGMEZGP
16 Aug, 2018 - 09:00 AM UTC
Narendra Modi
अटल जी आज हमारे बीच में नहीं रहे, लेकिन उनकी प्रेरणा, उनका मार्गदर्शन, हर भारतीय को, हर भाजपा कार्यकर्ता को हमेशा मिलता रहेगा। ईश्वर उनकी आत्मा को शांति प्रदान करे और उनके हर स्नेही को ये दुःख सहन करने की शक्ति दे। ओम शांति !
16 Aug, 2018 - 12:09 PM UTC
남지현, 도경수와 물..물레방앗간에서 밤을 보내다...?! (출처 : 백일의 낭군님 | 네이버TV) #DohKyungSoo #도경수 #백일의낭군님 #EXO #weareoneEXO #DO(D.O.) https://t.co/dgnAGS85XD
16 Aug, 2018 - 07:54 AM UTC

Top tweets of the week last 7 days

oh, whats occurrin'?
at the gym i said subscription instead of membership and the girl replied with 'lol this isnt a pharmacy'. bitch thats a prescription were both stupid
15 Aug, 2018 - 08:09 PM UTC
bro my coworker starts crying bc her boyfriend broke up w her (thru text) & my manager gon say “that’s why we stay off our phones @ work” LMFAAAAOOOO shordy ain’t shit 😭
14 Aug, 2018 - 04:09 AM UTC
Amy Fowler
Doing my makeup on the train this morning and a random man told me he likes women to have a more natural look. I told him I like men to have a more silent look. 🤷‍♀️
15 Aug, 2018 - 08:19 AM UTC
Denis Law⚽️🐾
New breed of Crocodile discovered in South Wales woodland https://t.co/2gpIuNPjWS
11 Aug, 2018 - 12:52 PM UTC
So I had a wedding in my Calendar for this Saturday and I was very stressed out because I didn’t know whose it was and I was afraid I was going to miss it. Then I realized that it was part of my 20 year plan and I set it like 5 years ago. It’s my wedding, I’m missing my wedding.
15 Aug, 2018 - 12:48 AM UTC
Hmmm.....interesting resemblance ya got there...would be a real shame if someone....turNED TANGLED INTO A BROADWAY MUSICAL STARRING CHER AND AMANDA SEYFRIED https://t.co/ZJ6Sa4osnf
14 Aug, 2018 - 06:06 AM UTC
Alexsa Dietrich
14 Aug, 2018 - 02:23 PM UTC
fresh start
This is the 3rd cancer free post I have seen today. Whatever is in the air needs to keep spreading https://t.co/vcfGbMGLxg
11 Aug, 2018 - 02:15 AM UTC
met a bunch of guys from Harvard yesterday and I kept pretending like I never heard of that school just to piss them off...one of them legit turned red when I said, “Harvard? Is that like a local community college?” LMAOOOOOO
12 Aug, 2018 - 09:59 PM UTC
i posted it on snapchat already but twitter deserves this video of Lilo 😂😂 https://t.co/66ls05Vd8h
15 Aug, 2018 - 06:18 PM UTC
映画泥棒のCMを再現してみた #C94 #C94コスプレ #映画泥棒 https://t.co/WHelcIvCm1
13 Aug, 2018 - 10:58 AM UTC
rose 🌹
Me: I’m tir- An adult I didn’t ask: WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE I HAD 8 JOBS, 11 kids, I was double majoring in Math and Med and DJ-ing at the disco every weekend! I never even took a nap until I was 26, girl catch up!
11 Aug, 2018 - 01:32 AM UTC
Esme 🕷
Me looking for Kim’s missing earring to pay for college and a new life https://t.co/JnqFKaQE7f
10 Aug, 2018 - 05:06 PM UTC
when u get out of the shower on ur period & it’s a race between you, time, and gravity
11 Aug, 2018 - 01:25 PM UTC
Girls who take their makeup off when they're absolutely plastered after a night out are the kind of girls who would get away with murder
13 Aug, 2018 - 12:59 PM UTC
my dumbass thought it was trapped in an iceberg https://t.co/kO9S2xnrvW
14 Aug, 2018 - 05:10 AM UTC
i love when dudes from high school hit me up like "i don't know why we didn't talk when we were younger" because y'all bullied me, next
10 Aug, 2018 - 02:08 PM UTC
Probably the ghost of Avril haunting you, Melissa https://t.co/ssQZrvdT1R
10 Aug, 2018 - 12:01 PM UTC
it's so damn attractive when someone can respond to your sarcasm, with sarcasm instead of getting butthurt or offended
12 Aug, 2018 - 04:40 AM UTC
Hayley Fact
yeah sex is cool but have you ever heard hayley williams' vocals in still into you by paramore? https://t.co/VRKWeZ3FyD
15 Aug, 2018 - 01:47 AM UTC
Oregon I.T. not IT ⚾
Baby discovers echos https://t.co/HpkmTuAtt5
11 Aug, 2018 - 05:39 PM UTC

Top tweets of the month last 30 days

Chad Nelson
A fence can’t stop my two-year-old from playing with his new best friend. https://t.co/9QBuaq4Ee2
18 Jul, 2018 - 10:51 PM UTC
In this world you either crank that soulja boy or it cranks you
26 Jul, 2018 - 04:43 PM UTC
you know there was no way I’d come all the way to Seoul without seeing these guys. 👼🏼 can’t wait to see them play Staples center!!! I’m HELLA proud. 💗💖💗 @BTS_twt https://t.co/RF4vqE9G0J
07 Aug, 2018 - 07:24 AM UTC
oh, whats occurrin'?
at the gym i said subscription instead of membership and the girl replied with 'lol this isnt a pharmacy'. bitch thats a prescription were both stupid
15 Aug, 2018 - 08:09 PM UTC
#BTS #방탄소년단 #VLIVE channel hit 10 million followers! 천만 구독자 달성 기념 축하 메시지가 네이버 그린팩토리 외벽에 게시되었습니다! V❤️BTS 천만! #BTS_VLIVE_10million https://t.co/WECPlX58EC
27 Jul, 2018 - 11:39 AM UTC
Jon Christian 🕵
Bless this doggo who stole a GoPro https://t.co/tZwVdniJoQ
29 Jul, 2018 - 01:15 AM UTC
Heard a big ass crash in my bedroom.... https://t.co/X39rUkU1nc
20 Jul, 2018 - 01:56 AM UTC
Jailene 🌸
Luna’s still scared of showering but she’s ready 😂😫💖 https://t.co/1JOx75tD6n
02 Aug, 2018 - 08:38 PM UTC
not to be confused with award winning actor Leonardo DaVinci https://t.co/ODOpurNgj3
23 Jul, 2018 - 10:32 PM UTC
flight departure: 5:00pm my parents at 8:58am: https://t.co/WU9X5HVa2T
25 Jul, 2018 - 12:03 AM UTC
my cousin went to pride years ago and threw up on someone on a ferris wheel- fast forward 10 years, him and his husband were talking about pride and his husband told him a story about when he was thrown up on at pride- my cousin threw up on his husband 5 years before they met
04 Aug, 2018 - 02:01 PM UTC
Ava Breaux
so my brother and stepsister decided to order pizza and put a sign on the door that said “scream ‘Shannon your pizza is here.’ Don’t ring the doorbell or knock, our grandma is sleeping upstairs.” https://t.co/K9pegYKqBm
23 Jul, 2018 - 02:06 AM UTC
bro my coworker starts crying bc her boyfriend broke up w her (thru text) & my manager gon say “that’s why we stay off our phones @ work” LMFAAAAOOOO shordy ain’t shit 😭
14 Aug, 2018 - 04:09 AM UTC
trot wrecker
24 Jul, 2018 - 04:08 PM UTC
18 Jul, 2018 - 10:26 PM UTC
how is august next week?! september is basically tomorrow. it’s already 2019. happy new year.
23 Jul, 2018 - 04:20 PM UTC
Harry Styles.
Wow, Eight years has passed. Thank you for all the love, thank you for all the support. Thank you for everything. I love you. H
24 Jul, 2018 - 08:00 AM UTC
*using Ouija board* "hello, is there anyone there" *Y* *O* *U* *U* *U* *U* "ah damnit this is a Soulja board*
20 Jul, 2018 - 07:29 PM UTC

Top tweets of the year last 365 days

Barack Obama
ME: Joe, about halfway through the speech, I’m gonna wish you a happy birth-- BIDEN: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! ME: Joe. Happy birthday to @JoeBiden, my brother and the best vice president anybody could have. https://t.co/sKbXjNiEjH
20 Nov, 2017 - 07:02 PM UTC
LeBron James
U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain't going! So therefore ain't no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!
23 Sep, 2017 - 03:17 PM UTC
Bailey Sellers
My dad passed away when I was 16 from cancer and before he died he pre payed flowers so i could receive them every year on my birthday. Well this is my 21st birthday flowers and the last. Miss you so much daddy. 💜 https://t.co/vSafKyB2uO
24 Nov, 2017 - 07:35 PM UTC
chris’ real name is christopher
lemme bless y’all with this video https://t.co/lwUIY3rwPj
22 May, 2018 - 07:59 PM UTC
My sister snapped me this, but I feel like it deserves to be seen by so many more 😭 https://t.co/p5QqXgjVPt
21 Mar, 2018 - 02:41 AM UTC
You will never look at a calendar the same way after you watch this https://t.co/YN1MXBxkGe
08 May, 2018 - 10:20 PM UTC