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I rap computers and make hack music. he/him

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Oh how far we've come. The left is the first hard drive I bought when I went to college, it has lasted 12 years of almost constant power on - torrenting Linux distributions and making them available on Plex. The right cost only marginally more than the left did.
18 Jan, 2022 - 03:20 AM UTC
Thank the angry owl for streak freezes so I could get this memeable milestone
13 Jan, 2022 - 01:31 AM UTC
New book has arrived. Pretty excited for this one.
21 Dec, 2021 - 09:49 PM UTC
log4cxx is logforks i don't make the rules https://t.co/rbUcPiahJE
15 Dec, 2021 - 02:11 AM UTC
It's a damn good day to not work at Oracle anymore
10 Dec, 2021 - 05:14 PM UTC
Just me trying to like @Esquiring 's tweet
10 Dec, 2021 - 12:30 AM UTC
Suppose I should get out of bed. My boss is tweeting and probably sees me tweeting and we have a meeting soon.
08 Dec, 2021 - 05:22 PM UTC
Infosuck love to spout the importance of devices not having default passwords and then when someone rightfully points out that this is a security problem, even though it's one we've all known, infosuck love to make fun of it as not important. "It's bad but it's our bad" Foh
08 Dec, 2021 - 05:18 PM UTC
Anyone hiring devs fresh out of bootcamp? Python / Django / MERN experience from bootcamp, no prior dev experience. Remote friendly is preferable due to family obligations, but relocation can be discussed if the opportunity is good. Asking for a friend.
08 Dec, 2021 - 02:09 AM UTC
Picked up all the zines from @b0rk. Bonus stickers!
03 Dec, 2021 - 08:52 PM UTC
I feel like Twitter for Android is now consistently extremely slow, and as a result, I spend a lot less time doomscrolling. Finally Twitter did something right by making their product worse.
03 Dec, 2021 - 08:39 PM UTC
Let's violate some eulas
01 Dec, 2021 - 12:06 AM UTC
It would be cool if you could use yubikeys as a 2FA for macOS login. Yeah I know you can do smart card login, but this replaces password login and I want to supplement.
30 Nov, 2021 - 09:07 PM UTC
Cool cool cool cool cool
30 Nov, 2021 - 09:44 AM UTC
Today I am thankful that infosec twitter hasn't yet noticed that Signal soft launched a cryptocurrency wallet and payments integration yesterday, which will surely incense many of you. Happy Thanksgiving 😏
25 Nov, 2021 - 06:56 PM UTC

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Lorin Hochstein
As a software developer, you may be called upon to perform some of these tasks in your career. How well a CS degree prepares you for these tasks (and whether it even should prepare you for these) is left as an exercise to the reader. 🧵 1/
27 Dec, 2021 - 05:27 PM UTC
Come hang out with @Laughing_Mantis @syndrowm & myself! Let’s talk about getting breathing room within #log4j, community impact, the future, etc. For orgs of all sizes! #Log4Shell https://t.co/8oJwt1c8dH
15 Dec, 2021 - 01:47 AM UTC
Marcus Hutchins
Luckily due to the many eyes auditing open source software this CVSS 10.0 vulnerability didn't go unnoticed for 7 years, causing one of the most major security incidents of recent time.
14 Dec, 2021 - 03:17 AM UTC
Katie 🎊 Moussouris (she/her)
If your tech employer isn’t giving you a big raise *just to cover historic inflation*, you should be looking for a new tech job. Moving companies is the fastest way to increase your base pay. You won’t live forever. Don’t confuse their wage theft with your strong work ethic.
13 Dec, 2021 - 10:05 PM UTC
DM of Engineering
Your party is resting in the forest. Suddenly the log you are sitting on bites you. Roll for initiative and cancel everyone’s PTO.
11 Dec, 2021 - 09:13 PM UTC
Dare Obasanjo
Keanu Reeves' reaction to this question about NFTs is priceless.
10 Dec, 2021 - 11:33 PM UTC
Joe Fitz
@Raspberry_Pi @aallan I urge you to reconsider. If you honestly believe RPI is a production-worthy device, then you should be taking this seriously. The vulnerability is privilege escalation. Ignoring it means you're OK with *any* process on the system escalating it's privilege. https://t.co/PTNqWJjFuE
09 Dec, 2021 - 09:45 PM UTC
Marcus Hutchins
@0xdade @_MG_ Very Protective Nation
03 Dec, 2021 - 08:31 AM UTC
in hiber-nat-ion
smh an advent calendar is when you open up a little door and get a godiva chocolate or smth. wtf is 'advent of code'? "it's december 3rd, your gift for today is... a hackerrank interview"
02 Dec, 2021 - 03:28 AM UTC
danielle tcholakian
look i just think you can either get shit done before 3 p.m. or after 3 p.m. but not both. you have to choose
01 Dec, 2021 - 07:57 PM UTC
i’m not a brat but when daddy says you can’t be the dog, i find it hard to resist thinking, oh yes, i can absolutely be the dog. just out of spite, a dog with absolutely no ideas, the doggiest copy paste dog. woof
25 Nov, 2021 - 11:16 AM UTC
Idk who allowed me to have photoshop honestly
23 Nov, 2021 - 07:01 PM UTC
The Soviet Onion™ (they/them)
thinking of Him as black friday draws near🥴
23 Nov, 2021 - 10:41 AM UTC
Jamon ⛄️
Bots being passive-aggressive with each other.
23 Nov, 2021 - 01:24 AM UTC



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