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Aaron Epstein

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Partner @YCombinator. Previously co-founder @CreativeMarket.

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Aaron Epstein
Definitely could’ve used something like @send_dots at @CreativeMarket back in the day to simplify integrating multiple payment and payout options https://t.co/ZEdv5bbkPQ
22 Jul, 2021 - 10:27 AM UTC
Aaron Epstein
Love this clip from Will Smith about hard work and what it takes to be the best: "I'm not afraid to die on a treadmill." https://t.co/UzK4AK0acU
13 Jul, 2021 - 07:59 PM UTC
Aaron Epstein
I’ve been using @cloverappco for the last few months, and it's quickly become my daily note-taking, sketching, and organization tool. It's like Notion + Figma in one, highly recommended! https://t.co/98TLCVj5rq
13 Jul, 2021 - 05:12 PM UTC
Aaron Epstein
Excited to welcome @sdianahu and @calvinfo as Visiting Group Partners this batch! https://t.co/3XVxG8zgvY
24 May, 2021 - 04:13 PM UTC
Aaron Epstein
Cool new tool from @secondfret and @KelleyJ_ to find time to hang out with friends https://t.co/ExZavL0CXR
23 May, 2021 - 06:01 PM UTC
Aaron Epstein
Congrats to the entire @ycombinator W21 batch on all the hard work, today is your day!
23 Mar, 2021 - 04:15 PM UTC
Aaron Epstein
The deadline to apply to the @ycombinator summer 2021 batch is tonight at 8pm PT. If you’re considering it or on the fence, just apply! https://t.co/LbMDEQWjGU
19 Mar, 2021 - 07:28 PM UTC
Aaron Epstein
For my designer friends, this is pretty awesome. https://t.co/nuOh60lxTI
16 Mar, 2021 - 09:01 PM UTC
Aaron Epstein
Excited for Runway to launch, making it way simpler to manage mobile app releases https://t.co/3zunI9mE0h
10 Mar, 2021 - 07:52 PM UTC
Aaron Epstein
Pretty cool demo of @sbxrobotics teaching robots to see by using 3D models to generate tons of training data https://t.co/XFsSZ22HyN
05 Mar, 2021 - 03:32 PM UTC
Aaron Epstein
Your story was inspiring, thanks for being so real about what the journey’s really like. https://t.co/NfTQVOpn2U
20 Feb, 2021 - 03:30 AM UTC

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Farza 🇺🇸 🇵🇰
🚀 Launching something new today :). BuildSpace -- project-based course for developers that don't suck. Pick up new tech by joining live sessions led by awesome instructors + by actually writing code and shipping to prod. https://t.co/6f8qmq0Xae
27 Jul, 2021 - 06:45 PM UTC
James Martinez
Exciting news: Mergent (YC S21) has left private beta and is now open for all developers! You can now deploy nearly any backend on serverless (even frameworks like Ruby on Rails!). https://t.co/WjM6MYswSZ What's changed since the private beta? (spoiler: a lot!) Read on. 👇
20 Jul, 2021 - 03:19 PM UTC
Nicolas Dessaigne
Have a look at what a great @algolia alumni is building! PaletteHQ: Calculate and pay sales commissions automatically https://t.co/NWWhjCeHgv Congrats @jeanedern_ and team 🎉
07 Jul, 2021 - 09:04 AM UTC
David Siegel
🎉Today we're launching Glide 2.0, with an all-new design, tablet layout, custom actions, team collaboration, apps for work, and 50+ other amazing new features. https://t.co/1neDJJrIqV
29 Jun, 2021 - 01:43 PM UTC
Eric Migicovsky
After 4 years at YC, I'm totally jealous of all these founders building amazing startups. Time to give in to the urge and join the fun! I'm now working 24/7 on https://t.co/4iQJPU3znP. The idea is simple: messaging today is painfully fragmented. We're going to fix that.
16 Jun, 2021 - 09:12 PM UTC
Paul Graham
Jessica and I just talked to the summer 2021 YC batch. We told them focus is what grows startups. https://t.co/Ic6uXxfyG4
14 Jun, 2021 - 05:29 PM UTC
Happy Earth Day! Our CO2 direct air capture cost is the world’s lowest at $36 per ton. For the story behind these stats, check out: https://t.co/TlBNMm51rD #electrofuels #carbonremoval #fuelfromtheair #EarthDay2021
22 Apr, 2021 - 04:01 PM UTC
Alex Bouaziz
I’m so proud & excited to finally share that @deel has raised its Series C of $156 million led by @ycombinator Continuity & co-led by @a16z + @sparkcapital. That’s 🦄 status, captain!!! https://t.co/9uaqdbBywi
21 Apr, 2021 - 01:11 PM UTC
Kesava Kirupa Dinakaran
We’ve been quietly building @DigitalBrain with a strong early customer base (with an unannounced large enterprise on DB 👀) and a product and customer obsessed team. We’re now growing our team of 4 to push in all angles!
25 Mar, 2021 - 06:24 PM UTC
Y Combinator
Today, we updated the YC directory dedicated to highlighting companies founded by women. Discover new companies and data, including combined valuation and total amount raised. https://t.co/no4WIDZiob
08 Mar, 2021 - 09:53 PM UTC
Holly Liu
After interviewing hundreds of founders at YC and now doing mock interviews, here is my most repeated advice. 4 questions investors are trying to answer: 🧵
16 Nov, 2020 - 06:36 PM UTC
Dalton Caldwell
You should always take young people seriously. On September 23, 2010 a young @ivolo chatted me up at my MIT career fair booth and sent the attached. He wasn't looking for a job but had questions about startups. 10 years later, his startup @Segment sold for $3.2B to Twilio.
12 Oct, 2020 - 04:04 PM UTC
Kesava Kirupa Dinakaran
We are 20-year-old immigrants who had zero network. We can't be more excited to announce @DigitalBrainApp's 3.4 million seed round 🚀 We’re just getting started but wanted to share our journey so far 👇🏾 https://t.co/ukfISzcQWt
07 Oct, 2020 - 06:05 PM UTC
Sara Khatami Seumae McAllister
Kudos to @ianmcall for having the vision for this wonderful program! $215 million donated to charities through AmazonSmile https://t.co/76A1Aq4ibE
02 Oct, 2020 - 09:47 PM UTC
Y Combinator
YC W20's @PerfectRecallHQ lets you take video notes during your Zoom calls: https://t.co/Jj9NbaapMI
24 Sep, 2020 - 05:35 PM UTC



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