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In @louisvuitton’s 2021 Men’s Summer collection.🌹✨ More story coming on @elleindonesia’s May issue 📹: @luddyocra Styled : @sidkysyah Styling Assistant : @ghinarizqi Fashion: @louisvuitton by @virgilabloh Music: M.I.A by yours truly
15 Apr, 2021 - 12:37 PM UTC
I had a chance to talk about the story and process behind ‘if i don’t have your love’, go check it out on @applemusic
12 Apr, 2021 - 08:03 AM UTC
Makes me really happy reading this! Thank you!!
10 Apr, 2021 - 07:23 AM UTC

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One of Indonesia's biggest R&B stars @afgan___ undertakes the Blindfold challenge in our latest content piece where he taste tests tacos, gummy worms, falafel & more 😋🍽 Hit the link below to peep ⬇️ 📺:
15 Apr, 2021 - 09:52 PM UTC
Just heard all tracks from #wallflower. The album just amazing. @afgan___ really gave us something new n fresh. Musiknya 'berisi' ga kekurangan , byk referensi musik western dari yang lg trend, R&B hingga pop 00'an. Good Job broo 😍😍 congrats @EMPIRE niat banget buat album
10 Apr, 2021 - 05:50 PM UTC
Who else have got @afgan___ ‘s new album #wallflower on repeat??!! Absolutely love it! ❤️❤️❤️
10 Apr, 2021 - 04:36 AM UTC
Ga sia" ajak duet jackson. Mereka jg mulai suka sama suara afgan. Congratss bro for the release of #wallflower @afgan___ ! @EMPIRE @TrinityOptimaP
10 Apr, 2021 - 02:52 AM UTC
One of Indonesia’s biggest stars @afgan___ lets loose his new, full length album #Wallflower filled to the brim with vibes & anthems 🌺💝
09 Apr, 2021 - 09:44 PM UTC
🇺🇸 Eric C 🇮🇩 Boba Lova🧋
@afgan___ debut English album has exceeded my expectations, I say it’s worth checking it out
09 Apr, 2021 - 08:27 PM UTC
Maurice Fontilio
Afgan - If I don’t have your love @afgan___ @AfganFan
09 Apr, 2021 - 07:54 PM UTC
@afgan___ this whole album man ˢʰᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉˢʰ
09 Apr, 2021 - 12:02 PM UTC
#Butter 🧈
hari ini afgan live di instagram sambil memperkenalkan lagu lagu terbaru nya di album #Wallflower @afgan___
09 Apr, 2021 - 11:52 AM UTC
O álbum do Afgan saiu, vamo lá conferir e dar amor a M.I.A também !! #JacksonWang @JacksonWang852 #MIA @afgan___
09 Apr, 2021 - 09:14 AM UTC
.@afgan___ 's "if i don't have your love" is featured on Spotify's "New Music Friday Vietnam"🔥 @EMPIRE @TrinityOptimaP
09 Apr, 2021 - 04:53 AM UTC
.@afgan___ 's "if i don't have your love" is featured on Spotify's "New Music Friday Malaysia"🔥 @EMPIRE @TrinityOptimaP
09 Apr, 2021 - 04:53 AM UTC
.@afgan___ 's "if i don't have your love" is featured on Spotify's "New Music Friday US" Playlist with over 3.7 Million Followers! 💥 @EMPIRE @TrinityOptimaP
09 Apr, 2021 - 04:35 AM UTC
Ong Jia Yong
The way I'm gonna actually listen to the #Wallflower album by @afgan___ tonight at midnight. Super excited. Like I can't even remember when was the last time I felt this excited to an album released by an Indonesian artist. Kinda bizzare but I love it.
08 Apr, 2021 - 03:40 AM UTC
NME Asia
.@afgan___ will release his new album this Friday
06 Apr, 2021 - 07:45 AM UTC