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The ASTRO crew shares our favorite news about gaming products, lifestyle & esports. // @TheCollective // #ASTROfamily //

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ASTRO Gaming
Clear, wireless ASTRO Audio with plush pads for extended comfort and access to the ASTRO Command Center for audio and microphone customization. A20 Wireless for Xbox //
08 Aug, 2020 - 01:57 AM UTC
ASTRO Gaming
Whatโ€™s your proudest gaming achievement?
07 Aug, 2020 - 06:41 PM UTC
ASTRO Gaming
Sony has confirmed that the C40 TR Controller will work with supported PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation 5, and that DualShock 4 controllers + third party controllers, including the C40 TR, will not be compatible with PS5 titles //
05 Aug, 2020 - 09:51 PM UTC
ASTRO Gaming
Blue is in our DNA ๐Ÿงฌ
05 Aug, 2020 - 07:00 PM UTC
ASTRO Gaming
Announcing the five winners from our #Saints3Clips contest with @SaintsRow! @mnduhh @saintsgodzilla @JoshSlesser27 @Corvid712 @That_Singa See their winning clips in the replies ๐Ÿ‘‡
05 Aug, 2020 - 04:00 PM UTC

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A*Star Collective
The FELT edition of The Green Room w/ @MURS is now LIVE! ๐ŸŽฅ ๐Ÿ”ด Featuring a very special guest: Slug of @atmosphere! ๐Ÿ“บ:
07 Aug, 2020 - 10:00 PM UTC
today on #theGreenRoom I will be hanging out with my best friend @MURS, talking about our favorite episodes of fragile rock. join us at @thecollective @Twitch
07 Aug, 2020 - 05:48 PM UTC
Call of Duty League
This is what glory looks like. Presenting the Call of Duty League championship trophy, awarded to the winning team of the #CDL2020 postseason. 12 professional teams begin the chase for the trophy August 19 with the start of the #CDLPlayoffs. Subscribe at
07 Aug, 2020 - 05:00 PM UTC
Call of Duty League
โ€œThe fact that this is coming from a player on the teamโ€ฆ it is an issue.โ€ - @Maven on the criticism of Chicago Huntsmen streaming their scrims Watch this weekโ€™s Contesting the Point presented by @ASTROGaming:
06 Aug, 2020 - 11:01 PM UTC
A*Star Collective
Tune in this Friday at 3PM PST / 5PM CST to THE GREEN ROOM w/ @MURS! He also has a very special guest! @atmosphere Check out there new single here ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡
06 Aug, 2020 - 03:10 AM UTC
A new #ASTROLegends champion comes out on top! Congratulations to @FusionBird_ for winning this month's $1,000 1v1 tournament on PS4! ๐Ÿ† Final Results:
06 Aug, 2020 - 12:54 AM UTC
Last chance signups for tonight's #ASTROLegends Tournament powered by @ASTROGaming! ๐ŸŽฎ @PlayApex 1v1 (PS4) ๐Ÿ•– 4pm PT / 7pm ET ๐Ÿ’ฐ $1,000 Prize Pool ๐Ÿ† Free to Enter Register and compete at
05 Aug, 2020 - 05:27 PM UTC
Treyarch Studios
Itโ€™s official. Looking forward to showing you what weโ€™ve been cooking up with @RavenSoftware!
04 Aug, 2020 - 09:05 PM UTC
A*Star Collective
Do you remember the feeling you got when you put on your first pair of A40's? @DJBluePDX
04 Aug, 2020 - 09:00 PM UTC
Bandai Namco Esports
Weโ€™re excited to welcome @ASTROGaming as the Official Audio Partner of the @TEKKEN Online Challenge & @SOULCALIBUR Online Challenge! ASTRO will be providing special edition A40 TR Headsets & Apparel for casters, champions and giveaways! Stay tuned for more to come! #ASTROfamily
03 Aug, 2020 - 03:00 PM UTC
Gears Esports
๐Ÿฅ The throwdown between @UYU and @KnightsGG is on! Who's going to take the crown for the 2019-2020 Gears Esports Major Championships? Jump into the action now on
02 Aug, 2020 - 11:45 PM UTC
Capcom Fighters
If you're interested in Street Smarts be sure to check out Episode 1, Session 1 featuring @UYUDrew and @UYUJinhee - Registration now open for Episode 2:
31 Jul, 2020 - 10:27 PM UTC
Gears Esports
Rain or shine, online or offline, our official audio partner @ASTROGaming has what you need. Hereโ€™s @ShadyG with the latest and what prizing is up for grabs. โžก๏ธ
31 Jul, 2020 - 08:20 PM UTC
Ryan ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿป
Suited up in that exclusive @ASTROGaming Season Finals merch for Day 1 of the @EsportsGears Major! Make sure you tune in and enter the giveaway to get your hands on it yourself!
31 Jul, 2020 - 01:20 PM UTC