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Immutable money, infinite frontier, eternal life. #Bitcoin

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Thesis: a company should serve its shareholders Antithesis: a company should serve its community Synthesis: the community should be the shareholders
31 Jan, 2023 - 07:05 PM UTC
I am very impressed by how well Discord has executed recently. The slew of new features they’ve added — from Reddit-style forums to Substack-style subscriptions — has really leveled up the platform. It's truly a private social network.
31 Jan, 2023 - 05:39 AM UTC
Cryptographically verifiable feeds > content feeds.
31 Jan, 2023 - 04:57 AM UTC
Like companies, governments overspent. California now expects a $22B+ deficit. They will aggressively pursue residents for money. And may ask the feds to print more...
31 Jan, 2023 - 04:36 AM UTC
Replit India just launched. New servers with low latency for Indian devs. Build your portfolio here to get hired globally. Quickly becoming as important as GitHub. https://t.co/KeVLsYXh6S
27 Jan, 2023 - 04:27 AM UTC
DEI means God in Latin. Also in American.
27 Jan, 2023 - 12:34 AM UTC
Btw, this wasn't in the clip, but the original concept of the prime number maze is from Noam Chomsky. He poses it as a constraint, but it's also possible to understand it as a challenge. https://t.co/3HUDlJMTEQ https://t.co/rPwhJ3Yxaa
26 Jan, 2023 - 11:58 PM UTC
“This is not going to be one of the best tech acquisitions of the next decade...Bookmark this comment. See you in 2022.” https://t.co/RT37i4KPBr
26 Jan, 2023 - 03:59 AM UTC
The better version of everything can be found on the internet. So can the worse version.
25 Jan, 2023 - 10:10 PM UTC
IPOs are down, but acquisitions are way up.
25 Jan, 2023 - 06:32 PM UTC
It’s evidently ~5X more expensive to build a fab in the US than it is to build one in Taiwan. And fabs are already expensive to build. https://t.co/mEIL44o71w
24 Jan, 2023 - 11:24 PM UTC
Hearing rumors that Google is lobbying DC to shut down other AI efforts, by scaremongering about how unsafe they are.
24 Jan, 2023 - 07:35 PM UTC
An emerging new model for API design: smart contracts for on-chain code, NFTs for on-chain data. It’s a different way to build highly stateful applications. Instead of hitting a traditional API many times to query a hidden dataset, you see the whole thing on chain.
24 Jan, 2023 - 02:16 PM UTC
No cryptography, no sovereignty.
23 Jan, 2023 - 08:00 PM UTC
What are the best tools for web3 Discords?
23 Jan, 2023 - 05:12 PM UTC
Many things happening at the same time: - Hollywood itself is in decline - Millions of new English speakers now online - Social has decentralized distribution - AI is decentralizing creation - AR/VR is making media more immersive Even more soft power moves to the internet. https://t.co/5C0BwW0ppe
23 Jan, 2023 - 01:07 PM UTC
The statelicker is a bootlicker, but for the state
23 Jan, 2023 - 01:01 PM UTC
If you're interested in DAOs and network states, here are some good concepts to read about: - community organizing - mutual aid - dual power - shadow cabinet Media is the air game, but organizing is the ground game.
23 Jan, 2023 - 12:22 PM UTC
In the 1800s, the talented became captains of industry By the 1950s, technology favored a giant centralized state — and talent gravitated to institutions because entrepreneurship became so hard By the 1990s, talent began brain draining out of institutions & back to the market https://t.co/BRX9gSX6nS
22 Jan, 2023 - 09:56 PM UTC
Email lists are good ENS lists will be better
22 Jan, 2023 - 06:32 PM UTC
Don’t tell me about your fake conspiracy theories I want to hear about your successful conspiracy practice
21 Jan, 2023 - 09:18 PM UTC
Atomic habits = prompt engineering for humans https://t.co/c1sOfPIR1J
21 Jan, 2023 - 09:02 PM UTC
1776: we hold these truths to be self-evident 2023: citation needed
21 Jan, 2023 - 08:15 PM UTC
First, orchestrate a decade of insanity, culminating in ideological capture of the commanding heights. Then cool things down, allowing now powerless opponents to blow off steam. A little speech for the liberals, a little sanity for the technocrats. That’s how you lock in gains. https://t.co/IB1WkmJsmd
20 Jan, 2023 - 01:07 PM UTC
Today the world is divided mainly by territory. But in the past it was often divided by community. People clustered in ways that didn't make sense with respect to territorial borders. But the clusters *did* make sense with respect to community borders. For example: https://t.co/S8lmrkhvOa
19 Jan, 2023 - 10:45 PM UTC
It's not about fact checkers, it's about checkable facts.
19 Jan, 2023 - 10:19 PM UTC
After the Russian Revolution, Lenin eased up a bit. He allowed some capitalism with the New Economic Policy. This took the fight out of the remaining Russian anti-communists and gave the Bolsheviks breathing room to consolidate power. Then they resumed. https://t.co/3HXYGOBkgX
18 Jan, 2023 - 09:11 PM UTC
Win off Twitter to win on Twitter.
18 Jan, 2023 - 08:52 PM UTC
Adjacents are often allied, diagonals don't get along.
13 Jan, 2023 - 12:26 PM UTC
This is correct within the span of 280 characters. And we need both. Both the sovereign individual and the public good. The right-and-left libertarian coalition against the surveillance states. https://t.co/W3noXMU65n
13 Jan, 2023 - 12:06 PM UTC

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Last Contrarian
so amazing that - the universe gave us an infinite energy glitch - the US decided to use it to power giant underwater Gods (Ohio class submarine), enough to power it straight for 30 years - then entire society collectively chose not to use this energy source for anything else
31 Jan, 2023 - 03:56 PM UTC
Laurence Ion
I'm super thrilled to announce VitaDAO has raised a $4.1M funding round led by strategic contributors including @pfizer @ShineCapitalNYC @balajis This empowers VitaDAO to continue pushing the boundaries of longevity research and further our mission to extend healthy lifespan. https://t.co/ISfZ2NV2GZ
30 Jan, 2023 - 11:32 AM UTC
VitaDAO 💛
🤩 We are excited to announce that we've closed a $4.1m fundraising round🌱 from strategic members including: • @pfizer Ventures • @ShineCapitalNYC@L1Digital_@beakerdao@SpaceshipDAO@balajis@bettslacroix and many more 🧵 https://t.co/vjPKmAP3Wh
30 Jan, 2023 - 11:12 AM UTC
Today, we learned that Skiff has been banned in Russia. There is an urgent need for more privacy-respecting communication tools. In 7 months since we launched Skiff Mail, we're lucky to count over half a million users 💌
25 Jan, 2023 - 11:44 PM UTC
I wonder how many parents would vote to continue giving that $20k or so per student per year to the system vs. controlling it themselves. https://t.co/giek82imN0
25 Jan, 2023 - 03:25 AM UTC
Warren Rhea 🌐
Great chart from @spargles containing considerations for each of the four contenders of the age. https://t.co/HZL1ozsKWy
24 Jan, 2023 - 05:52 PM UTC
Mike Solana
it is impossible to change the world for the better without a compelling story about a better world. tech bros: you need to be culturemaxxing. https://t.co/0sWkIKSuTR
24 Jan, 2023 - 03:57 PM UTC
One hypothesis about what's wrong with America right now is that we collectively lack a purpose. I've been thinking a lot lately about community, purpose, & mission, & I have a proposal -- not for everyone, but for some of us: https://t.co/WtClq8PbnV
23 Jan, 2023 - 10:52 PM UTC
1/ Introducing AI-first image editing to Playground—a way to instruct an AI to synthesize spectacular yet subtle edits Try it here: https://t.co/ox9QV94A7O We are blown away by the creative possibilities with this. Example: "Make it summer" (More examples in a thread)
23 Jan, 2023 - 10:32 PM UTC
Tom Emmer
Crypto is here to stay. I will keep advocating for policies that advance crypto innovation and adoption in the United States because crypto is more than a financial investment: it’s about restoring liberty and choice to individuals. https://t.co/XpAgqcZHpH
23 Jan, 2023 - 08:28 PM UTC
patrickwstanley.1btc e/acc
Have an idea I’m playing around with called “.1btc” It’s a namespace reserved for Bitcoin fullcoiners only Could be interesting to have a network of pseudonymous BTC fullcoiners…who value signal rather than virtue signal…with their own gated chat, names, and avatars… Wdyt? https://t.co/T1JryG8Vt6
22 Jan, 2023 - 09:57 PM UTC
Ethan Mollick
I think we haven't fully absorbed the fact that careful academic papers have found ChatGPT clearly passes some of the most challenging American professional exams: 🩺United States Medical Licensing Exam 🎓MBA-level Operations exam 🧑‍⚖️The Bar Exam (based on typical exam questions) https://t.co/SIEAVWdf9j
22 Jan, 2023 - 09:17 PM UTC
Noor Siddiqui
Pretty absurd that chatGPT has passed the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). Today, it takes 4 years of med school and 2+ years of clinical rotations to pass. It tests ambiguous scenarios & closely-related differential diagnoses https://t.co/oGdKXhEnUt
22 Jan, 2023 - 04:17 PM UTC
Eliezer Yudkowsky
Government in the modern era functions primarily as a way of preventing people from helping themselves. With narrow exceptions, it's illegal to build houses, illegal to move, illegal to make food and sell it, and god help you if you try to prevent your store from being looted. https://t.co/nEfRmQWz29
22 Jan, 2023 - 02:57 PM UTC
Blake Scholl 🛫
Yup, we had supersonic jets, lunar landers, and nuclear reactors in the 1970s. But we lost our way—and for half a century we didn't build much of them. We need fast airplanes, vacations on the Moon, and clean atomic power—in big, sustainable ways that improve our lives. https://t.co/OerZShkc1j
20 Jan, 2023 - 09:29 PM UTC
wen network state? soon enough, maybe a couple of years
10 Jan, 2023 - 10:25 PM UTC
Ryan Rzepecki
I'm excited to announce the launch of Spectra, an open-source project to build cities for the future. After 18 months of quietly building, today we launch our website, VR scenes, and library of CC0 assets. The project was developed in partnership with @andreeavr and @numenavr. https://t.co/UAqEiWvS49
10 Jan, 2023 - 09:02 PM UTC
Austen Allred
Calling it now: SpaceX is going to be one of the biggest companies of all-time, and almost nobody realizes how big it will be. Short version: Best team of all-time Biggest market of all-time Deepest moat of all-time Fastest-growing revenue of all-time.
09 Jan, 2023 - 07:11 PM UTC
Omar Wasow | @owasow@mastodon.social
“It seemed absolutely crazy. The idea that an Iowa housewife, equipped with the cutting-edge medical tool known as Google Images, would make a medical discovery about a pro athlete who sees doctors and athletic trainers as part of her job?” https://t.co/iELohgpQHH https://t.co/kIQH6ip8nA
07 Jan, 2023 - 06:42 PM UTC
Narendra Modi
Infra ⬆️ Empowerment ⬆️ Development ⬆️ https://t.co/giU2tiRyoq
05 Jan, 2023 - 02:51 AM UTC
Marc Randolph
Blockbuster laughed us out of their offices. We were crushed, desperate and out of options. But sometimes, the only way out is through.
04 Jan, 2023 - 06:39 PM UTC
Last Contrarian
the degrowthers are the true racists in disguise — masquerading their disgust for third world countries under pseudo-scientific “peer reviewed” literature. the real twist ofc is that Delhi/Bangalore today are much nicer/safer than parts of SF run down by drug addicts. https://t.co/B2CwCQRPzD
04 Jan, 2023 - 06:01 PM UTC
Brian Chau
Part one of my review of THE NETWORK STATE by @balajis is here: https://t.co/i2X1R7UNyV
04 Jan, 2023 - 04:43 PM UTC
patrickwstanley.1btc e/acc
I’ll give $1000 in BTC for the best 140 second film about Satoshi Nakamoto using AI. Submit your vid in the replies. Best video wins. 1/31/23 midnight PDT submission date.
03 Jan, 2023 - 06:41 PM UTC
Jenny Chase
Over the last decade, India has increased the proportion of its population with access to electricity from 80% to 99%. I hadn't realised it was quite that dramatic! https://t.co/LgWlqQhLL4
30 Dec, 2022 - 10:49 AM UTC
Matthew Green
The NSA maintained a $250m/year “SIGINT Enabling Project” that inserted vulnerabilities into US cryptographic technology, and we only learned about it because an IT contractor downloaded all their PowerPoint decks. https://t.co/wSqCdX8CnI
29 Dec, 2022 - 05:44 PM UTC
Sergey Litvinenko
3/Why is it important? Take a look at this video where a robot performs the task of “bring me the rice chips from the drawer” - https://t.co/GAJx2hIHxW. This robot has NEVER seen this kitchen before. Isn't it mind-blowing?
28 Dec, 2022 - 11:06 PM UTC
@elonmusk On what true science is, by @balajis "Everybody's optimizing citations. What you actually want to optimize is independent replication. That's what true science is. It's not peer review, it's physical test." cc: @PierreKory https://t.co/NlrYh1mWpe
28 Dec, 2022 - 07:10 PM UTC
Most people don’t realize that construction in California isn’t 10% slower than the state of the art, but more like 100X slower. https://t.co/HEKa4savhU
18 Oct, 2022 - 04:43 PM UTC



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