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Tweeting about life in Boston since 2008. Also, founder @StrideForStride - non-profit running org that buys race bibs for immigrant, BIPOC & low-income runners.

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Thank you @CBSNewYork for having me on to talk about Running with CKD, Stride for Stride, and the NYC Half on Sunday. Video below. https://t.co/wOCzBOVf9p
17 Mar, 2023 - 03:58 PM UTC
Getting ready! ☘️
15 Mar, 2023 - 10:13 PM UTC
New speed restrictions have been added to the Red, Orange, Blue, and Green lines, @MBTA announced late tonight. Reduced speeds go into effect immediately. https://t.co/dIQ1KyO4Gb
10 Mar, 2023 - 04:56 AM UTC
Bova’s in the North End will close for 5 days in March (March 20-25) for the filming of a Matt Damon and Casey Affleck movie called “The Instigators.” It’s the first time the 24/7 bakery has ever closed in its 97-year history https://t.co/sLajtFPWVF
10 Mar, 2023 - 12:42 AM UTC
The Boston City Council just approved Mayor Michelle Wu’s plans to cap annual rent hikes. @MayorWu’s rent control plan would ban rent increases of more than 6% plus inflation, with a cap of 10% in high-inflation years. https://t.co/bFrmh8sJ3q
08 Mar, 2023 - 08:20 PM UTC
$138,000 - The annual household income required to afford a house in the lowest-priced third of the Greater Boston housing market in 2022. $96,000 - that same figure one year earlier in 2021. https://t.co/sptIQtbqWT
01 Mar, 2023 - 09:57 PM UTC
Difficult Decisions at Modern Pastry
25 Feb, 2023 - 12:44 AM UTC
Drop of a pair of new socks at any J.P. Licks between now and February 28th and receive a dollar coupon towards the best ice cream in the city. New & warm socks - the most requested item at homeless shelters - benefit local homeless women at @RosiesPlace.
24 Feb, 2023 - 03:35 PM UTC
Orange Line train derailed on I-495. https://t.co/5dGJeFFlx1
22 Feb, 2023 - 05:00 PM UTC
Why is the T so slow? “For 100 feet near Fenway Station, Green Line trains have been moving at only 3 MPH since December 2020”, according to MBTA data on speed restrictions. Green Line trains travel 6 MPH at eight other spots for a distance of 1,500 feet. https://t.co/ht9aWU5yb6
20 Feb, 2023 - 02:42 PM UTC
Distance Running Map along the Charles River and the 15 Best Runs in Boston for a warm day in the city. https://t.co/yzdx6rAoJq
16 Feb, 2023 - 04:45 PM UTC
Emerson College and Trillium Brewing to partner on a new beer garden and performance space (live music, slam poetry, dance performances, live art) in the Boston Common near the Boylston MBTA station. https://t.co/3owakuaRf3
15 Feb, 2023 - 01:58 PM UTC
Liking the cool new New Balance space / store on Newbury Street.
12 Feb, 2023 - 07:04 PM UTC
The Publick House has family platters of wings and Mac n Cheese available for pick up on Super Bowl Sunday. Ordering Info: https://t.co/72IU46BFc3
10 Feb, 2023 - 03:54 PM UTC
GBH reporter @meghansmith55 visited Market Basket, Whole Foods, Star, Stop & Shop and Trader Joe’s to see who has the cheapest eggs in Boston. @GBH
10 Feb, 2023 - 01:29 PM UTC
Boston announced today the first two electric school buses for Boston Public Schools. 18 additional electric buses are expected to be in use after February vacation. https://t.co/ABgoBnVN8r
08 Feb, 2023 - 09:09 PM UTC
Artists Wanted: The City of Boston is looking to hire artists to redesign City-owned neighborhood signs. @CityOfBoston will be offering a stipend of $1000 in addition to credit to the artists for designs that are chosen. Info: https://t.co/6KNiDNvwzu
07 Feb, 2023 - 09:49 PM UTC
Thur (Feb 9): @Rare_Org and @PeabodyEssex are hosting a free virtual event - Speaking from the Heart: An Open Dialogue on Climate Action - with young climate leaders discussing creative ideas on #ClimateAction Register: https://t.co/YoYwfZJBhg #ClimateCultureBoston #RarePartner
07 Feb, 2023 - 03:10 PM UTC
45 years ago today the Blizzard of ’78 blanketed Boston and New England with 27” of snow in 30 hours - a record back then. This man, interviewed by @GBH, wasn’t too concerned about being stuck on the highway thanks to his CB Radio. via @GBHArchives
06 Feb, 2023 - 06:50 PM UTC
Sea Smoke on the Boston Harbor this morning. https://t.co/SgXebout7g
04 Feb, 2023 - 12:59 PM UTC
“If you see people experiencing homelessness out in the cold, please call 911. If residents are aware of anyone staying in a vehicle or a place not intended for living during these extreme cold temps, they are encouraged to call 911 as well.” - @MayorWu https://t.co/3fvtHRQcmP
03 Feb, 2023 - 12:48 PM UTC
Stoked 🍕 ❤️
02 Feb, 2023 - 12:00 AM UTC
Getting Brighter: During the month of February Boston will gain 2+ minutes of sunshine each day for a total of 71 minutes of sunshine this month. Our first 5pm sunset of 2023 is on Friday. 🌞 P.S. Friday evening and Saturday are going to be brutally cold. Please be careful.
01 Feb, 2023 - 12:10 PM UTC
8 years ago today the 2015 Boston Snow Blitz began in which Boston received 7 feet of snow in 3 weeks (Jan 26/27 - Feb 15).
27 Jan, 2023 - 02:54 PM UTC
Mayor Wu’s first The State of the City address is tonight at 7pm from MGM Music Hall at Fenway. You can watch the address live at: https://t.co/pzBjaXJ6IR
25 Jan, 2023 - 09:56 PM UTC
The Animal Rescue League of Boston @ARLBostonRescue recently rescued 70 cats from two overcrowded homes in Mass. The cats & kittens will be available for adoption soon at ARL Boston (Chandler St) and Brewster (Cape Cod). https://t.co/waMBFNE8Ny
24 Jan, 2023 - 08:32 PM UTC
If you’ve ever lived in or even walked through Beacon Hill then you probably knew Mikey - one of the friendliest and most optimistic guys I’ve ever met. I’m sad to hear of his passing. https://t.co/pq72SGaQeB
21 Jan, 2023 - 10:27 PM UTC
Love that Publick House Mac ‘n Cheese!
20 Jan, 2023 - 11:37 PM UTC
Finally got to see The Embrace in person - it’s quite spectacular and very moving.
18 Jan, 2023 - 07:00 PM UTC

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Boston Marathon
Spencer, your spirit and determination inspired us all. We'll miss you, and are proud to call you a friend and forever the Official Dog of the Boston Marathon.💙💛
21 Feb, 2023 - 09:53 PM UTC
Boston 311
@ny_flaneur @BostonTweet @MayorWu @CityOfBoston We're here, and happy to help! 👏✨
03 Feb, 2023 - 03:08 PM UTC
Justin Britton
Sunset in Boston looking crisp tonight. https://t.co/nae8fldroL
02 Feb, 2023 - 10:37 PM UTC
City of Boston
The City of Boston is expecting dangerously cold temperatures Friday evening into Saturday. For cold weather safety tips, including how to prepare for the extreme cold this weekend, visit https://t.co/fzgo31Akuk.
01 Feb, 2023 - 02:01 PM UTC
In Between Days Festival
JUST ANNOUNCED: The #InBetweenDays 2023 Lineup is HERE! Tickets are on Sale NOW. https://t.co/KJiobEpWE3 https://t.co/zyMfmQS1Tk
06 Jan, 2023 - 03:01 PM UTC
Stride for Stride’s Year in Review * Team Stride for Stride grew from 111 to 232 runners in 2022 * Team Stride for Stride ran 154 distinct races in 2022 for a total of 6,830 miles * Stride for Stride spent $43,880 on race bibs in 2022 https://t.co/Nn95mrVln4 https://t.co/WigElftF9B
08 Dec, 2022 - 04:43 PM UTC
City of Boston
Keep clothes, shoes, and textiles out of the trash by recycling them in one of Boston's textile drop boxes. And if you can't make it to a drop box, we will come to you! You can now schedule curbside pickup to make it even easier. Learn more ➡️ https://t.co/lraiEMMSMd
15 Oct, 2022 - 02:01 PM UTC
Dan Toomey
Every Massachusetts news story
20 Sep, 2022 - 12:30 PM UTC
At 5:16am the first trains departed Oak Grove & Forest Hills, officially reopening the Orange Line. After a successful 30-day closure, we’re pleased to welcome riders back to the Orange Line. Thanks to our riders for their patience & our crews for their efforts #BuildingABetterT.
19 Sep, 2022 - 09:54 AM UTC
Two Wins for the team today at the Cambridge Fall Classic; one for the largest team (51 runners), and another for first place finisher (Antonio @ 00:16:03). Congrats team. It was a great 5K! https://t.co/xngjuZ3772
18 Sep, 2022 - 07:52 PM UTC
Marshmallow Fluff was invented 105 years ago in 1917 by Archibald Query at his home in Union Square, Somerville. The 17th annual What the Fluff Festival is tomorrow (Sept 17) in Union Square. 3-7pm https://t.co/Jy4UYXG5KP
16 Sep, 2022 - 12:57 PM UTC
WBZ | CBS Boston News
I-Team sources: Package that exploded at Northeastern was in Pelican case, contained note railing against virtual reality and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg https://t.co/D2s65nJisl
14 Sep, 2022 - 03:21 AM UTC
Matt Shearer
Thinking about the people of Stow, MA during this difficult time. @wbznewsradio
12 Sep, 2022 - 12:29 PM UTC
Walter Wuthmann
I watched sparks explode from the top of this @MBTA Green Line B train at Park street right before 3 pm. People screamed and evacuated the train while smoke poured onto the platform. More sparks and explosions right after I took this video @WBUR
11 Sep, 2022 - 07:11 PM UTC
This tree in the Boston Public Garden was seeded from the 9/11 Survivor Tree at Ground Zero, and given to the City of Boston from the National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center. The tree today, and….
10 Sep, 2022 - 05:01 PM UTC
This fall, Dunkin’ and Harpoon are releasing their Box O’ Beer with three new beers in addition to Dunkin’ Pumpkin; * Dunkin’ Cold Brew * Dunkin’ Hazelnut * Dunkin’ Coffee Roll, and * Dunkin’ Pumpkin
09 Sep, 2022 - 10:28 PM UTC
Silhouette Lounge Allston
Moving sucks - who needs a drink? #AllstonChristmas https://t.co/MmLNtZZrel
01 Sep, 2022 - 06:42 PM UTC
Michelle Wu 吳弭
On the 34 bus to Forest Hills to the southern Orange Line shuttle to the Green Line to City Hall🤞
22 Aug, 2022 - 12:35 PM UTC
Patrick Maguire
Looking forward to launching #WalkingBoston on 8/16 to Support @StrideForStride. Please consider donating to this awesome community non-profit founded by @BostonTweet. Thank you, #Boston. https://t.co/XTZe9VaUem
13 Aug, 2022 - 01:14 PM UTC
Jascha Franklin-Hodge
Amazing #OpenStreetsBoston on Blue Hill Ave today. Roxbury showed up despite in the heat. Each neighborhood is unique, but the feeling of joy and community is the same.
06 Aug, 2022 - 06:32 PM UTC
Take a stroll around Jamaica Pond, and enjoy new temporary park furnishings! Built sustainably using the distinctive spruce pole fence that wraps around the @NatlParkService Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site. #olmsted200 https://t.co/fnvAd9PLvq
05 Aug, 2022 - 05:18 PM UTC
A ride on the Orange Line in Boston's South End... in 1977. Elevated. #TBT (🎞 via @GBHArchives)
04 Aug, 2022 - 12:53 PM UTC
Elizabeth 💙💛
Orange line reinforcements heading our way #MBTA https://t.co/apud8lbquz
03 Aug, 2022 - 02:03 PM UTC
The Rat City Arts Festival is on Saturday! Head out to @AeronautBrewing Allston and enjoy amazing neighborhood artists and vendors! Food and beverages will be available for purchase. 🍻 🎙 🐀 Make sure you spend your Saturday celebrating the rats! 🐀 https://t.co/nZhqlUS6aK
29 Jul, 2022 - 08:21 PM UTC
Chris Faraone
My latest about how if @CharlieBakerMA had to ride the train on Friday they would have it fixed by Thursday ... https://t.co/mP6xl8Rgh4 #Massachusetts #MBTA #MBTAfail
27 Jul, 2022 - 12:35 PM UTC
List of Upcoming Road Races in Mass & NY. Run with us! https://t.co/6fkaHF2ezm
26 Jul, 2022 - 03:10 PM UTC
NWS Boston
Update: Boston reached 100°F as of 2:25pm. The previous 100-degree day or greater was June 30th, 2021 with a high of 100°F. Once again, this surpasses the daily record high of 98°F which was set in 1933 #MAwx https://t.co/4wVzxrVrXK
24 Jul, 2022 - 06:45 PM UTC
Boston Lights is back, and as always it’s absolutely beautiful - here’s a glimpse into outer space. #BostonLights: A Lantern Experience presented by #NationalGrid runs nightly until September 25th at @ZooNewEngland’s Franklin Park Zoo. Tix: https://t.co/tL86tWuy3N #FPZoo
22 Jul, 2022 - 12:52 AM UTC



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