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Global Innovation Evangelist @Salesforce | 8x Best-Selling Author | Keynote Speaker | Digital Anthropologist | CH/IG @BrianSolis | https://t.co/jZHcH1ly0H

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Brian Solis
Incredible example of #healthcare and #retailinnovation coming together for the greater good. 💙 From taking blood pressure and temperature readings to monitoring the lungs, #smartclothes are changing the game...and may even save lives in the process. https://t.co/Uquw8IFQW5
19 Sep, 2021 - 04:55 PM UTC
Brian Solis
It's what you do and what you care about every day that shapes your path forward and the relationships around you...
19 Sep, 2021 - 04:34 PM UTC
Brian Solis
Just remember...
18 Sep, 2021 - 07:19 PM UTC
Brian Solis
This is a toast to true friends, coastal views, and magnificent sunsets. 🥂
18 Sep, 2021 - 04:22 PM UTC
Brian Solis
Old ways won't open new doors... 🚪
18 Sep, 2021 - 02:47 PM UTC
Brian Solis
Behind every screen, impression, click, conversion, inquiry, and abandonment, is a human being…not a consumer. Design for humans.
18 Sep, 2021 - 02:40 PM UTC
Brian Solis
It’s that time of year again… 🎃 🛹 https://t.co/DYlOytxmqg
18 Sep, 2021 - 02:34 PM UTC
Brian Solis
Trust in the universal currency 💸https://t.co/PcrrexMKwL
17 Sep, 2021 - 03:59 PM UTC
Brian Solis
Increases in online purchases provided #retailers access to a treasure trove of data & information about #consumer purchasing habits. 📊 But with new #privacyregulations right around the corner, these benefits may be short lived. Here’s what to know: https://t.co/FHsulkLDoC
17 Sep, 2021 - 03:22 PM UTC
Brian Solis
"It is never too late to be what you might have been." – George Eliot
17 Sep, 2021 - 02:49 PM UTC
Brian Solis
Abstract thinking is the gateway to creativity, new ideas, and new possibilities... 💭💡⚡️ https://t.co/C3i5GVpe4X
17 Sep, 2021 - 05:03 AM UTC
Brian Solis
Digital empathy is about humanizing the interactions we offer customers, demonstrating that we truly understand them. 🎇 https://t.co/XnuBSTOgf4
16 Sep, 2021 - 06:28 PM UTC
Brian Solis
"The mind is like a parachute in that it only functions when it is open."
16 Sep, 2021 - 06:21 PM UTC
Brian Solis
The new dynamic customer journey begins by reconnecting with the soul, essence, and cultural relevance of the brand to create modern, aspirational, and unforgettable experiences in each and every touch point.
16 Sep, 2021 - 05:45 PM UTC

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Businesses Can Hit A ‘Home Run’ In CX And Marketing By Investing In A Growth Triple Play Of Creativity, Analytics and Purpose. by @briansolis https://t.co/mfHkNnZQL7 via @forbes
19 Sep, 2021 - 01:00 PM UTC
Brian Solis
Customers don’t say, "today I’ll be digital and tomorrow, I'll be analog." Digital is just a way of life, and with it, comes new behaviors, expectations, and aspirations. The digital and offline worlds must now be reimagined as connected, intuitive, immersive, and even magical.
16 Sep, 2021 - 04:14 PM UTC
In this @Roche article, @briansolis tells that #PatientExperience is very important as #healthcare is inherently tied to emotional reactions and outcomes. https://t.co/iGlsqt0gMR #innovation #DigitalHealth
15 Sep, 2021 - 06:15 PM UTC
Jen Jones
Did you know that companies that integrate creativity, analytics, and purpose are delivering at least two times the growth of their peers? This comes as no surprise to marketers especially in these “no normal” times. More from @briansolis in @Forbes: https://t.co/YUxbMMWhkE
10 Sep, 2021 - 02:42 PM UTC
Lara Shackelford
As business #leaders seek to define the new normal in a post-pandemic world, three capabilities are instrumental in delivering growth in their companies’ #marketing and CX: 1) creativity, 2) analytics, and 3) purpose: https://t.co/3qhjfj7prC via @briansolis @Forbes
09 Sep, 2021 - 04:21 PM UTC
Antonio Gambina
#AI and #automation are linchpins for post-pandemic business success. These powerful technologies, partnered with human counterparts, can actually help businesses become more human and deliver greater value to customers. https://t.co/L3eQcMs1mm v/ @CIOonline by @briansolis
09 Sep, 2021 - 08:55 AM UTC
Challenges facing employees went beyond the strength of their wifi signal. @briansolis explains how to improve your #RemoteWork experience. 👍 https://t.co/JmWKhmBZLX via @Forbes #CompanyCulture
07 Sep, 2021 - 05:07 PM UTC
Salesforce Industries
A rapidly evolving shopper base presents many opportunities and challenges. Bo Lowery recently joined forces with @briansolis to discuss how a 360 view helped turn new shoppers into loyal customers. 💙🛍 Get your learning on 🔛 👉 https://t.co/OmsbBjCOpY
06 Sep, 2021 - 06:00 PM UTC
Rik Walters
Businesses Can Hit A 'Home Run' In CX And Marketing By Investing In A Growth Triple Play Of Creativity, Analytics And Purpose | by @BrianSolis at @Forbes https://t.co/rMbOxWoHiZ
03 Sep, 2021 - 08:26 PM UTC
New research shows that 58% of business executives listed improving #customerexperience at the top of their priorities in 2021-2022. @briansolis via @Forbes dives into what that means for modern day #marketing: https://t.co/f6wmBZ3ETD
02 Sep, 2021 - 03:03 PM UTC
Nathalie Nahai
"Soft skills that are critical, become rather hard skills that we have. They are not easy. Empathy is actually another skill that is going to need to be much more important, especially at the leadership level." ― @briansolis, from my forthcoming book #BusinessUnusual
02 Sep, 2021 - 10:06 AM UTC
Vala Afshar
To drive growth, decision-makers need to stop thinking about transformation and innovation as a cost center and instead value these opportunities as an investment in longer-term market relevance and success.  The growth playbook has 3 chapters: purpose, analytics and creativity. https://t.co/3DST9j7fFd
01 Sep, 2021 - 04:38 PM UTC
Haley Veturis
“Each business is a victim of Digital Darwinism, the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to exploit it. Digital Darwinism does not discriminate. Every business is threatened.” @briansolis
27 Aug, 2021 - 03:41 PM UTC



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