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I write @platformer, a publication about big tech and democracy. | 1/8th of #Sidechannel | casey@platformer.news | instagram: @crumbler

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Casey Newton
My joke idea for a new Facebook name has been "Whistleblowers Inc." because it would make stories about Facebook whistleblowers too confusing to follow. Anyway there’s a new Facebook whistleblower https://t.co/hJbzbzhFtJ
22 Oct, 2021 - 07:05 PM UTC
Casey Newton
Fresh details about the FB rebrand: - Move has been under discussion seriously for at least a 2 months; casually for 3+ years - The final name *appears not to be chosen*; - Some are saying Zuckerberg is now leaning *away* from Meta /metaverse branding https://t.co/UF1VoDTAFb
21 Oct, 2021 - 12:15 AM UTC
Casey Newton
A proper standalone Twitter messaging app would be dope as hell https://t.co/Xw4neGFYVW
20 Oct, 2021 - 11:19 PM UTC
Casey Newton
Just accidentally invoked Siri on my 2020 MacBook Pro for the hundredth time and smiled knowing that in a few weeks I’ll have a row of function keys and this machine will be sitting on the bottom of the ocean
20 Oct, 2021 - 06:01 PM UTC
Casey Newton
If you are a tech giant considering a rebrand please note that Evil Corp. is now available https://t.co/nyNrSv8Q0o
20 Oct, 2021 - 03:53 PM UTC
Casey Newton
Re: new Facebook name: “The web address https://t.co/qti07FBUST currently redirects to https://t.co/9rQJSCIZsS, the home of a biomedical research discovery tool developed under the stewardship of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.” 👀 https://t.co/yr8rJXwJ7h
20 Oct, 2021 - 02:26 PM UTC
Casey Newton
Let’s talk about this on Spaces https://t.co/OqpJpLiPqi
20 Oct, 2021 - 02:55 AM UTC
Casey Newton
No one has made a good joke yet about Facebook’s new name but it’s still early
20 Oct, 2021 - 02:35 AM UTC
Casey Newton
There’s a battle looming between all these new blockchain startups and incumbent platforms that want nothing to do with them. I wrote about Steam, Epic Games, and the generational divide over NFTs: https://t.co/xKATqLpBqS
20 Oct, 2021 - 12:07 AM UTC
Casey Newton
Reading the coverage of today’s Google event and the vibe is very “the Pixel 6 is certainly a phone that exists”
19 Oct, 2021 - 08:40 PM UTC
Casey Newton
Bonkers story about teen girls developing tics after watching too much tic-related TikTok content https://t.co/L6BzmGp1fO
19 Oct, 2021 - 04:50 PM UTC
Casey Newton
Wrote about the Facebook hate speech debate and how, per @samidh, a focus on what the average user sees can hide what’s happening at the extremes — or in countries where Facebook does not support the languages people speak. https://t.co/2940F6hyxD
19 Oct, 2021 - 12:39 AM UTC
Casey Newton
Internet companies: Please ask before initiating a configuration change so I can share the results of some previous configuration changes with you https://t.co/nA9z3Ml5BI
18 Oct, 2021 - 07:48 PM UTC
Casey Newton
Thank you to the @platformer IT department for immediately approving the purchase of a 14” MacBook Pro
18 Oct, 2021 - 06:22 PM UTC
Casey Newton
“First, the idea that in 2021, the top performing link post on Facebook only has 9,000 shares is, honestly, horrifying.” https://t.co/PJZEQKqYGT
15 Oct, 2021 - 05:54 PM UTC

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Matt Levine
lol what if facebook changes its name to FACEBOOK https://t.co/hQm6A1CeqK
21 Oct, 2021 - 12:37 AM UTC
Emily Birnbaum
NEW: The Facebook whistleblower has drawn some powerful behind-the-scenes help from a tech billionaire: Pierre Omidyar, who founded eBay. His financial support has provided a boost to Frances Haugen and her sophisticated PR operation. https://t.co/Lv4NNal1UP
20 Oct, 2021 - 06:53 PM UTC
neil shankar is spooked
someone (FB) has been doing a massive land grab of every "meta" domain over the past 6-8mo. several uncommon TLDs like https://t.co/ae2jyONjSz were updated in the last 1mo. it's gonna be META. https://t.co/MpB4Nh95w3
20 Oct, 2021 - 06:06 PM UTC
Stefano Maggi
digital scarcity is coming to platforms in the form of NFT, and is opening up a generational divide among them. Great point by @CaseyNewton on @platformer https://t.co/s3uVEPSkDW
20 Oct, 2021 - 01:40 PM UTC
Ina Fried
Dear Facebook: We've received your request to change your name. However, due to our real names policy, you will first need to fax us a copy of your court order and new driver's license....
20 Oct, 2021 - 03:23 AM UTC
Alex Heath
Surprise: Facebook is planning to change its company name next week to reflect its focus on the metaverse. I’m told Zuckerberg is planning a formal unveil next Thursday at Connect, the company’s annual AR/VR conference https://t.co/nYoh4PQt4Y
20 Oct, 2021 - 02:15 AM UTC
Evil Witch K𝚫ru
This is not a real language
19 Oct, 2021 - 07:28 PM UTC
Drew Hamlin
👀 “…the event of your death… coming later this year.” https://t.co/cYSGetjl4M
19 Oct, 2021 - 01:50 AM UTC
Mark Gurman
Big miss from us news/rumors folks. Didn’t see this one coming.
18 Oct, 2021 - 07:47 PM UTC
Zoë Schiffer
NEW: The trans ERG at Netflix has released a list of demands ahead of Wednesday's walkout. Taking down the Dave Chappelle special isn't one of them. https://t.co/n5n6PjwW1l
18 Oct, 2021 - 06:12 PM UTC
There are a million things I could say about this hate speech prevalence debate, but it boils down to this: it perfectly illustrates just how worrisome it is that FB's integrity efforts are managed as growth initiatives. Long 🧵 so stick with me... https://t.co/yOzwTyYfGl
18 Oct, 2021 - 02:26 PM UTC
francis wolf 🎃
pet him very softly
17 Oct, 2021 - 12:22 PM UTC
gay people always have two accounts and one is like “i am horny” and the other is like “i am so sad” and one of them will be private…but which one it is will depend on the person
16 Oct, 2021 - 05:09 PM UTC
Zoë Schiffer
Breaking: Netflix has fired the organizer of the trans employee walkout on suspicion of leaking internal metrics to the press. The employee, who is Black and currently pregnant, spoke out about the leaks internally, with fears they might hurt the walkout movement. https://t.co/z8YP9WPFep
15 Oct, 2021 - 06:42 PM UTC
Kathy Griffin
Gay alert! Casey is single, gay, ready to mingle and has a job. A paying job. YOU’RE WELCOME GAYZ https://t.co/ju9Lu6tV8D
13 Oct, 2021 - 05:41 PM UTC



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