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Channing Frye


Emmy nominated co-host of #NBATwitterLive. Newest member of the Turner Sports family. Podcasts: Talkin' Blazers on @nbcsnorthwest and @RoadTrippinPod.

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Channing Frye
Doug you do look “suspicious”
21 Apr, 2021 - 06:50 PM UTC
Channing Frye
Our 18’ @ChosenFamWines Pinot is available to the newsletter. get it while you can
10 Apr, 2021 - 02:59 AM UTC
Channing Frye
That felt good to say didn’t it!!!
03 Apr, 2021 - 03:49 AM UTC
Channing Frye
I have never been so nervous for a game I’m not in, in my life!
03 Apr, 2021 - 03:30 AM UTC

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“Who’s absolutely putting this league on notice? Stephen. Wardell. Curry.” 🔥 @channingfrye talks the MVP race and Steph’s unreal tear on #Handles Best of the Week!
22 Apr, 2021 - 04:56 AM UTC
Jack Murphy
I found a great applicant for Coach Lloyds staff! But may be too expensive!!! #theBest
21 Apr, 2021 - 11:37 PM UTC
Also this week. A new Eat Pray Dunk with somebody who we’ve been waiting a long time to bless us with his presence..
21 Apr, 2021 - 10:03 PM UTC
NBC Sports Northwest
On the recent Talkin' Blazers podcast, @channingfrye talks about the One Barrel Challenge and helping more people into the wine business Full podcast and detail are here:
19 Apr, 2021 - 09:44 PM UTC
Christian Siméon
"Steph Curry is taking his game higher and higher and higher." 👏 @channingfrye talks Steph, Luka and more on #Handles Best of the Week!
18 Apr, 2021 - 11:09 AM UTC
“Kyrie does moves just because he can.” 🤷‍♂️ @channingfrye is back with a new edition of #Handles Best of the Week
08 Apr, 2021 - 03:40 AM UTC
Our 2019 Pinot Noir from @LangoloEstate is almost ready for release. The 19’ vintage in the Dundee Hills of Oregon was beautiful & this world class wine reflects just that. Elegant, well balanced and surely a crowd pleaser. Make sure you’re on our mailing list for first access!
06 Apr, 2021 - 09:04 PM UTC
Road Trippin’ Show🎧
Who is your Mt. Rushmore of the #wnba ⁉️ @Arike_O has... 🏆 @S10Bird 🏆 @sherylswoopes22 🏆 @Candace_Parker 🏆 @DianaTaurasi 🏆 @De11eDonne
06 Apr, 2021 - 07:19 PM UTC
Joe Black Wolf
150: Arike Ogunbowale via @YouTube @RoadTrippinPod be killing it with amazing guests ! Shout to to @Rjeff24 @channingfrye @RealAClifton keep it coming !
05 Apr, 2021 - 03:19 PM UTC
“Russell Westbrook has put the NBA back on notice.” 😤 @channingfrye breaks down Brodie’s latest performances on #Handles Best of the Week!
01 Apr, 2021 - 09:00 PM UTC
Brian Fuhs 🎶 🌎 😃
This is the MOST real take on the @Pacers this year. And I’m a @Pacers fan. Preach @channingfrye @jasonterry31!!! @NBATV
01 Apr, 2021 - 03:18 AM UTC
Shoshy Ciment
Sports card marketplace @dibbs_io has raised $2.8 million in seed funding to blend traditional sports card trading with NFT technology powered by @WAX_io
31 Mar, 2021 - 06:02 PM UTC
Road Trippin’ Show🎧
Do NOT get it twisted. There’s BIG #bosslady energy happening on and off the court. How can we support the growth of the @WNBA and hardworking women in general? @angel_35 of the @LVAces has some ideas for us… 🔺 💰 #roadtrippin is powered by @fanduel
30 Mar, 2021 - 09:21 PM UTC
ADIA BARNES COPPA 🐻⬇️🌵👨‍👨‍👧‍👦❤️💙
I am so damn proud of this team!!
30 Mar, 2021 - 04:55 AM UTC
dibbs | A New Era Of Collecting
#dibbsdrops tomorrow. 10:00 am PST. You know the drill.
29 Mar, 2021 - 09:00 PM UTC