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Actress. Playwright. Activist. Artistic Director of https://t.co/jEt7tvtMo7. Founder of #LoveOurGirls (https://t.co/NP0sFhffwu). @UN_Women Goodwill Ambassador.

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Danai Gurira
A man of immeasurable talent. It was my pleasure to participate in a project that honors him. Chadwick Boseman: Portrait of an Artist is now on @Netflix.
19 Apr, 2021 - 12:31 PM UTC
Danai Gurira
Nobody wants to be in #Pandemica. Join @ONECampaign and help ensure every country has equal access to #COVID19 vaccines. Visit https://t.co/LkXSzSHZJb
25 Mar, 2021 - 11:08 PM UTC
Danai Gurira
Today's the 5th year of LOG. This month we highlight incredible young women changing the 🌍: Amanda Gorman, Vanessa Nakate, Naomi Osaka & Girl Be Heard. Bc of young women like these, the future is bright. On my birthday, I'm thankful for that & for them. https://t.co/rhQzCuvyod
14 Feb, 2021 - 11:22 PM UTC
Danai Gurira
“It is time to take greater, targeted measures to overcome the approaches & attitudes that deny women their rights. No more tinkering at the margins. We need wholesale change.” -- @antonioguterres on his priorities for 2021. https://t.co/3l3Bfh6G7L
01 Feb, 2021 - 06:45 PM UTC
Danai Gurira
In this month’s LOG we highlight how women around the world define good governance with the integrity they believe the world needs. The women who boldly put forth a vision that allows for true progress and inclusion, for stability and well-being. https://t.co/fKEHCtUVIZ
27 Jan, 2021 - 08:58 PM UTC
Danai Gurira
“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me. And I’m feeling good.”
21 Jan, 2021 - 03:32 AM UTC
Danai Gurira
Welcome Madam Vice President! And Thank You! https://t.co/vRNSDsDuD1
20 Jan, 2021 - 10:09 PM UTC
Danai Gurira
It may be a pandemic but we can still celebrate the historic inauguration of @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris safely from home! Tune in at https://t.co/bARiuegcn3 on January 20! #InaugurationDay @BidenInaugural
19 Jan, 2021 - 10:08 PM UTC
Danai Gurira
Our country is getting younger, more progressive, and more diverse. Our elected leaders should be as well. On National Run for Office Day, be the change you want to see in local politics: run for office. https://t.co/9uab9HXr3j #NationalRunforOfficeDay @runforsomething
19 Jan, 2021 - 10:05 PM UTC

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Fair Fight
As temperatures rise this summer, we’re turning up the heat and calling our Senators every 👏🏾 single 👏🏾 day 👏🏾 to demand they pass the #ForThePeopleAct. Grab a phone and a friend; it's time for 🔥 #HotCallSummer 🔥#S1 #HR1
08 Jun, 2021 - 02:26 PM UTC
Michelle Obama
It’s been a year since those horrifying 8 minutes and 46 seconds stole George Floyd’s life. Today, I am thinking of this clip of his daughter Gianna, and all the young people out there who have seen so much, but refuse to give up hope.
25 May, 2021 - 03:31 PM UTC
Unstereotype Alliance
Award winning playwright & actor @danaigurira will join @gdigm's @madelinedinonno to discuss representation & role models in storytelling. This unmissable, open-access keynote conversation airs 26 May at 9:50AM EDT. 🔗 https://t.co/qxdTun2WvB Password: UN2021 #AccelerateImpact
24 May, 2021 - 03:35 PM UTC
Stacey Abrams
From passage of the #SB202 voter suppression bill targeted at Black and brown voters to the arrest of a Black legislator who was advocating for the voting rights of her constituents, today was a reminder of Georgia’s dark past. We must fight for the future of our democracy #gapol
26 Mar, 2021 - 01:48 AM UTC
Vice President Kamala Harris
Get vaccinated. Save lives.
29 Jan, 2021 - 03:47 PM UTC
Barack Obama
On a day for the history books, @TheAmandaGorman delivered a poem that more than met the moment. Young people like her are proof that "there is always light, if only we're brave enough to see it; if only we're brave enough to be it."
20 Jan, 2021 - 08:50 PM UTC
Stacey Abrams
GEORGIA: Watch and Share! I am counting on YOU to vote today between 7AM and 7PM. Your votes are critical to elect @ossoff and @ReverendWarnock. Go to https://t.co/lClnYYPro6 to confirm your assigned polling location. Questions? Call 888-730-5816. Let's get it done!
05 Jan, 2021 - 12:21 PM UTC
Fair Fight
GEORGIA VOTERS: Tomorrow is Election Day! Have you made your voting game plan? 🏀 Are you dropping off your ballot at a drop box in your county or your county elections office, or are you voting in person? Visit https://t.co/6FfvLzXmx5 to make your plan NOW. #gapol #gasen
04 Jan, 2021 - 04:52 PM UTC
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
That was a damn hoot! Great to see the gang! And @YNB is absolutely the greatest. Love love love
20 Dec, 2020 - 10:06 PM UTC
Barack Obama
If you're in Georgia, make sure you and everybody you know is registered to vote by Monday, December 7. And if you turn 18 by January 5, you're eligible to vote in the runoff. Get registered right now: https://t.co/cb19SHEChF
03 Dec, 2020 - 09:46 PM UTC
Today marks #WorldAIDSDay, and we’re exploring two crucial questions: how can lessons learned from HIV/AIDS help in our fight against #COVID19? And how can we prevent this pandemic from undermining decades of progress tackling HIV/AIDS? https://t.co/PRIlwrJNfJ
01 Dec, 2020 - 09:02 AM UTC
Georgia Democrats
Voting by mail is a completely safe and secure way to cast your vote in Georgia's Senate runoff race. Request your ballot online right now and be sure to ask 3 loved ones to do the same. #gapol #gasen https://t.co/FcUWd5rYIr
30 Nov, 2020 - 04:00 PM UTC
Reverend Raphael Warnock
I am glad that Senator @KLoeffler is listening to my sermons. One of my favorite sermons is entitled ‘Love your neighbor’. That means you don’t get rid of your neighbor’s healthcare in the middle of a pandemic.
17 Nov, 2020 - 07:04 PM UTC
Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II
Lindsey Graham trying to get GA’s Sec of State to not count legal votes is not a surprise. Graham has supported voter suppression tactics for years. Election rigging is real, but it doesn’t suppress the Republican vote. It’s of Black, brown, Native American, & poor voters.
17 Nov, 2020 - 05:32 PM UTC
New Georgia Project
January 5th, 2021 is right around the corner and we’ve got TWO Senate seats and a critical Public Service Commissioner race on the ballot. Make your voice heard by requesting your absentee ballot TODAY. Link in bio to get it done online. #gapol #georgia #georgiavoter
15 Nov, 2020 - 05:57 PM UTC



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