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Dave Morin
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended for the first time that doctors screen all adult patients under 65 for anxiety. https://t.co/feUDJfQIl9
21 Sep, 2022 - 12:43 AM UTC
Dave Morin
The RGB of smell is finally here. https://t.co/j4H82FIIp3
16 Sep, 2022 - 12:44 PM UTC
Dave Morin
“Instead of ‘going public,’ you could say we’re ‘going purpose.’ Instead of extracting value from nature and transforming it into wealth for investors, we’ll use the wealth Patagonia creates to protect the source of all wealth.” https://t.co/KSM4Cwpw1f
15 Sep, 2022 - 05:28 PM UTC
Dave Morin
Bravo to the Ethereum community on completing the merge. Great engineering always seems uneventful because it just works. An important day, a healthier environment.
15 Sep, 2022 - 12:55 PM UTC
Dave Morin
Alan Dye and team knocked it out of the park on Dynamic Island. World class design work. #AppleEvent
07 Sep, 2022 - 08:55 PM UTC
Dave Morin
“Cross-domain transmedium threats to the United States national security are expanding exponentially.”
25 Aug, 2022 - 04:01 PM UTC
Dave Morin
Who is building the app? We all need to meet each other. https://t.co/bguNtLXYhk
24 Aug, 2022 - 05:09 AM UTC
Dave Morin
RIP Issey Miyake
10 Aug, 2022 - 04:11 PM UTC
Dave Morin
Anyone working in a serious way on the science of brain health knows depression is rooted in trauma, not a "chemical imbalance." Pfizer invented that claim in 1992 in ads for Zoloft. Good to see scientific proof nonetheless: https://t.co/HT4U1PouLE
21 Jul, 2022 - 07:33 PM UTC
Dave Morin
Our love for art, design, music, invention, and culture goes deep at @offlineventures. We also believe the single most important web3 use case is bringing real assets on chain. @tmcleod3 and team at @arkivedao are innovating and leading the way. We are delighted to be onboard. https://t.co/aLBfj9MyiP
13 Jul, 2022 - 07:51 PM UTC
Dave Morin
We are not even remotely alone.
12 Jul, 2022 - 10:46 PM UTC
Dave Morin
We have been looking far and wide for a web3 social project with technology architecture that is credibly neutral with the hope of building a healthier internet. @dwr and team at @farcaster_xyz have built something new and important. @offlineventures is excited to be on board. https://t.co/LhpiGqnvf6
12 Jul, 2022 - 08:11 PM UTC
Dave Morin
Galaxies all the way down.
12 Jul, 2022 - 12:37 AM UTC
Dave Morin
Proud of San Francisco tonight. Democracy works.
08 Jun, 2022 - 06:48 AM UTC
Dave Morin
At @offlineventures we believe in the power of connection. We could not be more excited to welcome the extraordinarily creative and talented @bcimbecca as an Operating Partner to focus on our presence and community.
03 Jun, 2022 - 05:51 PM UTC
Dave Morin
"The children and parents of our country need to take the summer to organize locally, build a set of national demands, and then refuse to go back to school in the fall until Congress does something." https://t.co/6czHLpRIrc
31 May, 2022 - 07:32 PM UTC
Dave Morin
Jetpack Paramedic flies to top of mountain in 3 minutes when no other vehicle could have performed the rescue. https://t.co/YkTmVYnTrB
31 May, 2022 - 04:44 PM UTC
Dave Morin
The left calls it a gun problem. The right calls it a mental health problem. No *objective* mental health diagnostic currently exists. There is no such thing. So some ideas at the intersection:
28 May, 2022 - 09:41 PM UTC
Dave Morin
A prototype is worth 1000 meetings.
27 May, 2022 - 07:09 PM UTC
Dave Morin
If only there were a pattern we could focus on… https://t.co/UQwoYou5J4
26 May, 2022 - 12:45 AM UTC
Dave Morin
Sad day to be a parent in America.
26 May, 2022 - 12:44 AM UTC
Dave Morin
Life is only short once.
24 May, 2022 - 04:44 PM UTC
Dave Morin
Across the United States, men accounted for 79% of suicide deaths in 2020. https://t.co/fi9XTdpmCE
23 May, 2022 - 08:20 PM UTC
Dave Morin
Success in startups is directly proportional to the number of hard conversations you are willing to have.
21 May, 2022 - 04:14 PM UTC

Top Retweets by @davemorin

Dan Romero
Commenting system sort of like Disqus using Farcaster I didn't know @colinarms was building this until he pinged me today. Permissionless innovation ftw! https://t.co/Ch3NLu3YOQ
03 Oct, 2022 - 10:00 PM UTC
Dan Romero
September was the first month where the Farcaster protocol averaged >1 cast per minute. https://t.co/nGcmkWqBLb
02 Oct, 2022 - 05:22 PM UTC
Zach Klein
Dwell now makes houses. 😊
20 Sep, 2022 - 05:42 PM UTC
Steve Jobs Archive
“What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them."—Steve Jobs, 1994 Welcome to the Steve Jobs Archive. Let's make something wonderful. https://t.co/CzrW2CxnR9
08 Sep, 2022 - 02:58 AM UTC
Taylor Swift
Midnights, the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life, will be out October 21. Meet me at midnight. Pre-order now: https://t.co/jjqUNkphuG
29 Aug, 2022 - 04:01 AM UTC
Colin McCarthy
Models are continuing to double down on a severe, prolonged heatwave for California and surrounding states in early September. European model now suggesting the development of a 600 dm ridge which, if occurred, could bring all-time record high September heat. Stay tuned. #CAwx
28 Aug, 2022 - 07:19 PM UTC
Somebody just flew over Spa 😳 (via @avoidingtmrw)
27 Aug, 2022 - 11:41 AM UTC
Natalie Batalha
Our JWST Transiting Exoplanet Early Release Science Team is proud to report on the detection of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere of the exoplanet WASP-39b. Press release and a thread 🧵 ... https://t.co/XpAxZMg4PG https://t.co/nFCMT3jVBZ
25 Aug, 2022 - 02:05 PM UTC
Christopher Michel
Happy birthday to the amazing @bcimbecca!
24 Aug, 2022 - 02:51 AM UTC
Erik Torenberg
New episode with Dan Romero (@dwr)—we discuss: - The future of decentralized social - What the Arab Spring moment could be for Farcaster - What will social media look like over the next decade https://t.co/ngPQn5CCfn
23 Aug, 2022 - 06:22 PM UTC
Carolyn Porco
Magnetized fluids are not like the neutral fluids you and I are made of. They behave in strange but spellbinding ways. https://t.co/H8HINuVeZ8
22 Aug, 2022 - 06:23 PM UTC
Dan Romero
Cool permissionlessly-built Farcaster app directory https://t.co/KIRz7YEztQ https://t.co/XtWPG5fcyh
22 Aug, 2022 - 02:33 PM UTC
Mike L
The Beastie Boys fought to secure this right long ago. https://t.co/6rVa6yFo0K
21 Aug, 2022 - 11:58 PM UTC
DALL-E 2 vs Midjourney vs StableDiffusion mega thread: photography, illustration, painters, abstract these image synths are like instruments - it's amazing we'll get so many of them, each with a unique "sound" 🤯 rules: same prompt, 1:1 aspect ratio, no living artists
20 Aug, 2022 - 03:55 PM UTC
Using the #picotron code editor to edit itself. https://t.co/XofjzNRYhA
12 Aug, 2022 - 03:12 AM UTC
Interesting pivot. Intimacy is the new social. Actually always has been. Path was ahead of its time. Private Discords are also part of this trend. Good luck, Paul and Rohan. https://t.co/J12DgV2wG7
04 Aug, 2022 - 06:11 PM UTC
Andrew D. Huberman, Ph.D.
A consistent effect of alcohol is that, even low to modest consumption disrupts the hypothalamic-adrenal axis and predisposes to more stress (lower stress threshold). No judgement on drinking here… but it makes people less resilient overall.
04 Aug, 2022 - 05:05 PM UTC
Paul Davison
Big news :) @clubhouse is splitting up… into many clubhouses. It’s a huge evolution of the app that @rohanseth, the team and I have been working on for months. Beta is here! https://t.co/dN0e2qyjaT Why the change?….
04 Aug, 2022 - 05:01 PM UTC
Paul Graham
Startups usually take a while (often a year or two) to figure out exactly what their business is. The biggest preventable cause of failure is spending too much money, by hiring too many people, during this period.
24 Jul, 2022 - 06:40 PM UTC
UFC Europe
Watch. Listen. Talk. Paddy Pimblett ladies and gents 👏
24 Jul, 2022 - 11:50 AM UTC
Victoria Carr
Found a tool that converts any scientific jargon to plain English built on GPT-3. Having a play around and it's pretty good! https://t.co/u8TYuu4XSO https://t.co/UDdW2VE0j4
19 Jul, 2022 - 04:19 PM UTC
Nate Bosshard
As a hardcore collector of music, art, and niche cultural ephemera my entire life it's been a continual point of frustration with how gatekept and opaque the industry is. Then one day @tmcleod3 came to our office and asked, "What if the Smithsonian was owned by the internet?"
13 Jul, 2022 - 06:44 PM UTC
Zach Klein
A story about Dwell evolving, in two parts. Part 1:
13 Jul, 2022 - 04:59 PM UTC
David Sacks
If this year proves anything, it’s that there can be no security without energy independence.
13 Jul, 2022 - 04:48 PM UTC
NASA Webb Telescope
🌟 A star is born! Behind the curtain of dust and gas in these “Cosmic Cliffs” are previously hidden baby stars, now uncovered by Webb. We know — this is a show-stopper. Just take a second to admire the Carina Nebula in all its glory: https://t.co/tlougFWg8B #UnfoldTheUniverse
12 Jul, 2022 - 03:20 PM UTC
Jason Short
I had to make a before and after to really appreciate how good the James Webb Telescope really is.
11 Jul, 2022 - 10:45 PM UTC
Matt Mullenweg
Details matter. Details matter! Take some time today to look around your spheres of influence — your team, your time, your work, your desk — and do something to raise the quality bar. Hold yourself accountable to make it a daily habit. The impact will ripple and compound.
08 Jul, 2022 - 03:12 PM UTC
zeynep tufekci
Large study. Reinfections much less severe on average: compare flat blue line to red. "Effectiveness of primary infection against severe, critical, or fatal COVID-19 reinfection was ~97.3% irrespective of the variant of primary infection or reinfection.. no evidence for waning." https://t.co/GJbr4nCae7
08 Jul, 2022 - 02:30 PM UTC
Gavin Newsom
California is going to make its own insulin. It’s simple. People should not go into debt to get life-saving medication.
07 Jul, 2022 - 07:09 PM UTC



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