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Writings and podcasts on design and culture. Founded by @jessicahelfand and @michaelbierut.

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Susan Morris explores how the four film festivals, SXSW, Doc Fortnight, Full Frame, and New Directors/New Films 2022, address the theme of home. #Readmore https://t.co/Xoog5nFGW9
30 Jun, 2022 - 02:57 PM UTC
The best books on Design recommended by our new podcast host and the author of Reimagining Design: Unlocking Strategic Innovation, @kevinbethune https://t.co/ctyUIaAoNh
29 Jun, 2022 - 04:32 PM UTC
On this minisode of The Design of Business | The Business of Design @kaleena_sales + @OmariSouza discuss the value of bridging a diversity of broad experience to a design team. #Listen https://t.co/OVeq5l2dHJ
28 Jun, 2022 - 04:54 PM UTC
What do you listen to when you are in your car? When you are traveling? @moreaulee + @bobulate discuss the car radio and the sounds you are conditioned to hear. Plus @deaconpunnett Phylis Johnson, Karin Bijsterveld, @yurisuzuki + Olga Touloumi. https://t.co/MJQr70fI43
23 Jun, 2022 - 03:39 PM UTC
Season Ten of DBBD starts off with a topic close to the heart, the design of health care. Hear @kevinbethune + @DesignArnett redefine people, products, and patients with @JNJNews Chief Design Officer, Ernesto Quinteros — out now! #Listen https://t.co/LxL7JgPCnk
21 Jun, 2022 - 05:33 PM UTC
Catherine Opie, Adam J. Kurtz, Robyn Kanner, Michael Stipe, and the Indigo Girls reflect on their journeys in this special Pride episode of Design Matters with @debbiemillman 🎧⁠ #Listen 🎧⁠ https://t.co/NRWr9BU6G6
20 Jun, 2022 - 03:31 PM UTC
This season on #TheFuturesArchive health and safety meets human centered design. Subscribe so you don’t miss an episode! 🎧⁠ https://t.co/AOBlmrhLRc A big thank you to our friends @automatticdsgn (Psst, they’re hiring!)
17 Jun, 2022 - 02:38 PM UTC
Zimbabwean born designer, visual artist, and educator Nontsikelelo Mutiti has been appointed the next Director of Graduate Studies in Graphic Design at Yale School of Art. https://t.co/rzGO89LRUB
16 Jun, 2022 - 01:57 PM UTC
Extra, extra — content that is! For Season 10 of The Design of Business | The Business of Design, you’ll be hearing from @kaleena_sales + @OmariSouza in regular minisodes, where they take a deeper look at an aspect from the main show. Meet them today 🎧https://t.co/7nfNK3EAHv
15 Jun, 2022 - 03:47 PM UTC
Don’t forget to #subscribe to The Design of Business | The Business of Design podcast to hear everything from co-hosts @kevinbethune + @DesignArnett as well as our new co-hosts (who you will meet next week!) @kaleena_sales + @OmariSouza 🎧🎧🎧 https://t.co/XJE3tcy79X
10 Jun, 2022 - 05:15 PM UTC
On this episode @moreaulee + @ablerism talk designing for health + safety within the everyday context of refrigeration and the mysterious coldscape. 🧊 Plus insights from @jhrees @nicolatwilley @vps23 of @fartherfarms and @robynsmetcalfe 🎧 Listen 🎧 https://t.co/Ua65FHp4hO
09 Jun, 2022 - 04:25 PM UTC
An excerpt from Alexandra Lange’s forthcoming book, Meet Me by the Fountain: An Inside History of the Mall. https://t.co/YJCPPDuOXV
08 Jun, 2022 - 01:58 PM UTC
📣 Season ten of The Design of Business | The Business of Design is here! First, meet our new hosts @kevinbethune & @DesignArnett — your Tuesday listening just got a whole lot more interesting 💡⚡. https://t.co/NMwl7ZOfhX
07 Jun, 2022 - 03:43 PM UTC
Is it too early in the week for rock-n-roll? Nope! On this episode of Design Matters w/ @debbiemillman @JOANPOLICEWOMAN shares her musical journey from a classically trained violinist to a solo singer, songwriter, + rock star! 🎸🌟 🎧 Listen 🎧 https://t.co/hJ7vymxpy2
06 Jun, 2022 - 04:12 PM UTC
This episode of The Futures Archive addresses topics particularly sensitive in light of this week's school shooting in Texas. We acknowledge that this content may be difficult for some listeners. (1/2)
27 May, 2022 - 12:24 AM UTC

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Kevin Bethune (kevinbethune.eth) ☮️🕊
If Reimagining Design has resonated with you, please consider leaving a positive rating and review on your marketplace of purchase. Available now: https://t.co/EQ0DSdirVs Thank you for your support. 🙏🏽❤️✨ https://t.co/wPhwylZNSs
02 May, 2022 - 01:42 PM UTC
Gary Hustwit
New Yorkers: I'm hosting a release party for @kevinbethune's new book "Reimagining Design" for @NYCxDESIGN. w/special guests @johnmaeda & @jessicapellien. Friday, May 13th, 5 to 6:30pm Vitsoe NYC (17 West 8th Street) Drinks/snacks/books See you there: https://t.co/n84u67zLr1
28 Apr, 2022 - 02:51 PM UTC
State of Black Design Conference
Excited to share this news with you all! This season Kaleena Sales @kaleena_sales and I will be joining as hosts/contributors for season 10 of the “The Design of Business | The Business of Design” series from @DesignObserver series. https://t.co/bMlDupDXYF
26 Apr, 2022 - 05:21 PM UTC
Don Whelan 🇺🇸🇺🇦
It's #OpeningDay, and what Bill Drenttel wrote in 2008 is still true now: Any Baseball is Beautiful https://t.co/qmcUVboyLu via @DesignObserver
07 Apr, 2022 - 02:05 PM UTC
Kevin Bethune (kevinbethune.eth) ☮️🕊
Since my career never fit neatly in any one box … Reimagining Design doesn’t fit neatly in one box either (no surprise) ... There’s something for everyone: (a thread 🧵)
29 Mar, 2022 - 06:52 PM UTC
MIT Press 🏳️‍🌈
"Health design thinking is an approach to generating creative ideas and solutions that enhance human well-being." Learn more in this excerpt from Health Design Thinking by @BonKu and @ellenLupton for @DesignObserver: https://t.co/IWyVfpaoTG
17 Mar, 2022 - 08:46 PM UTC
Kevin Bethune (kevinbethune.eth) ☮️🕊
My parents received their signed copy of Reimagining Design 😭🥺🙏🏽❤️✨ … love them and so proud to be one of their children. There would be no story to tell without their sacrifices and faith. 🙏🏽❤️✨ https://t.co/jGtVjmkhsg
03 Mar, 2022 - 01:17 AM UTC
Jessica Helfand
Revisiting ‘Powers of Ten’ 45 years later https://t.co/rqvcDyEr7O
04 Jan, 2022 - 11:54 PM UTC
Automattic Design
Getting down to the itty bitty with The Futures Archive as we examine the mask, microbes, and our microbiomes. Thanks @DesignObserver and @moreaulee. https://t.co/CafDsXO5Ph
16 Dec, 2021 - 08:41 PM UTC
Kevin Bethune (kevinbethune.eth) ☮️🕊
I am very excited to reveal the cover art for my upcoming book, Reimagining Design: Unlocking Strategic Innovation (@mitpress, releasing 3/1/22). Special thanks to Emily Gutheinz (Sr. Designer) at The MIT Press. PREORDER NOW - https://t.co/4rtJSPdfne Thanks for your support. https://t.co/n4fzmXJ0PV
02 Dec, 2021 - 07:38 PM UTC
Jessica Helfand
Painters painting, sculptors sculpting. So many beards. (And cigarettes!) https://t.co/D2WsypyrYj
26 Nov, 2021 - 02:00 PM UTC
Adobe For Education
TOMORROW don't miss this special #live event in partnership with @DesignObserver discussing the importance of teaching human centered design: https://t.co/aeRTPAQpnI https://t.co/MqOXfjeBmK
16 Nov, 2021 - 07:00 PM UTC
Adobe XD
As the education partner for The Futures Archive, a podcast from @DesignObserver, we'd like you to join us Wed, Nov. 17 for Meet the Makers! Examine what can be learned when you stop to explore an everyday object with a human-centred design approach: https://t.co/JMoJ9r8Ar8
15 Nov, 2021 - 05:05 PM UTC



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