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We're the Electronic Frontier Foundation. We defend your civil liberties in a digital world.

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Californians: if you are tired of relying on big, private providers that prioritize Wall Street investors over your local community’s needs—and are motivated to figure out a solution at home—this new infrastructure law had YOU in mind. https://t.co/3arpGuFmbL
19 Sep, 2021 - 12:01 AM UTC
Survivors of domestic abuse need to be able to remove their cell phone plan and information from the control of abusers. The Safe Connections Act would let them. Tell Congress to pass the Safe Connections Act. https://t.co/I9Kgvdts2r
18 Sep, 2021 - 11:20 PM UTC
You can support EFF's work by becoming a member and grabbing some of EFF gear when you donate! Spread the word with our new Stay Golden t-shirt. https://t.co/a5MQPJhJc0
18 Sep, 2021 - 10:45 PM UTC
A password manager is a tool that creates and stores passwords for you, so you can use many different passwords on different sites and services without having to memorize them. Which do you use? https://t.co/ikST4k7JGo
18 Sep, 2021 - 10:23 PM UTC
Information can have a long life and it’s hard to know who will control the filing cabinets, computers, or databases next. Learn from history: If information in the wrong hands can be used to do harm, it’s best not to collect it in the first place.
18 Sep, 2021 - 09:27 PM UTC
WhatsApp is raising the bar, and Apple and others should follow suit. https://t.co/9WnNcvxpZy
18 Sep, 2021 - 08:01 PM UTC
Big Tech doesn’t protect our national security or promote innovation. If anything, tech innovation will take off if giant companies weren’t buying up all the new entrants. https://t.co/ZTlSXRMn97
18 Sep, 2021 - 07:20 PM UTC
Major social media platforms should adopt a human rights framework to be more accountable for censoring users’ speech. But laws that violate the First Amendment are not the way to get there. https://t.co/xyLAVbyvtT
18 Sep, 2021 - 06:18 PM UTC
The Electronic Frontier Alliance is an information-sharing network of grassroots groups around the country promoting digital rights in their respective communities. With over 70 groups across 25 states, the network is always growing, find allies near you. https://t.co/VJ2GaUF6aj
18 Sep, 2021 - 05:16 PM UTC
Movements have forced companies to cut back on price gouging prisoners’ phone calls. Now these firms have moved on to make a profit off of surveilling those calls. https://t.co/SjfkRvLtxU
18 Sep, 2021 - 03:56 PM UTC
Online security veteran? Check out our advanced guides to enhance your surveillance self-defense skill set. https://t.co/r05GLOsujE
18 Sep, 2021 - 02:23 PM UTC
California's new broadband infrastructure law enables any local player to be part of the solution to the digital divide, rather than rely on large national private ISPs. https://t.co/3arpGunLkd
17 Sep, 2021 - 08:31 PM UTC
Show your support for digital privacy and security on your device with a pack of our "I Do Not Consent to the Search of this Device" stickers! https://t.co/OMJx5yDAOD
17 Sep, 2021 - 07:52 PM UTC
صديقنا @alaa أمضى وقتاً طويلاً وراء القضبان، ومن دون أيّ اتّصال بالإنترنت. ومع ذلك، لا يزال الأمل يصدح في كتابات #FreeAlaa https://t.co/J9KqlHIWuG
17 Sep, 2021 - 07:17 PM UTC
What’s worse than one First Amendment-violating social media law? Two. https://t.co/xyLAVbyvtT
17 Sep, 2021 - 07:04 PM UTC

Top Retweets by @eff

Blacks In Cybersecurity would like to congratulate @geminiimatt of @cryptoharlem for his 2021 @EFF Pioneer Award! #CryptoHarlem #BlacksInCyber #EFF #EFFPioneerAward
17 Sep, 2021 - 01:00 AM UTC
Veronica Pedrosa 💙
How to step up your digital security in Burmese language, from the good people @EFF Pass it on https://t.co/j1ivBftN2n @cape_diamond @thinzashunleiyi @kyawwin78 @tunkhin80 @thinink @EithinzarMM @MarkFarmaner @DebbieStot @PVamplify
16 Sep, 2021 - 04:12 AM UTC
The most important message from the #AppleEvent is flying above Cupertino right now. Users refuse to have their phones scanned—and it's time for @Apple to listen up. https://t.co/ON5v2ro90y
14 Sep, 2021 - 06:27 PM UTC
Hacking//Hustling and @ReframeHJ's statement on @Stanfordio event on Apple's child-safety photo scanning: Looking at the speakers of this event, we see that the same actors and the same conversation have once again come up with the same answers. https://t.co/13xVU6z3EO https://t.co/sZERQYJ3sG
14 Sep, 2021 - 04:27 PM UTC
Runa Sandvik
I love neat little tools that help folks get started with malware analysis, like this one. Great work by the @EFF. https://t.co/OrBfHGrPu8
14 Sep, 2021 - 12:47 PM UTC
Davey Min Sun Kim
iPhone users: Apple is teetering on whether to scan all your private photos. With @EFF here in front of the Apple store in Union Square to remind them NO. #defendprivacy
14 Sep, 2021 - 01:58 AM UTC
Michael Karanicolas
On Sep. 22, @UCLATech & @C2i2_UCLA are delighted to welcome the @EFF's @evacide, for a discussion on surveillance with @ARozenshtein. The event is free and open to all. Register here: https://t.co/JH7OJgCeQP
10 Sep, 2021 - 07:18 PM UTC
ASU School for the Future of Innovation in Society
How can you keep your data safe while traveling? Join us for our Borderland Technologies speaker series "Crossing the US Border with Your Digital Devices: Protecting Your Data from Prying Eyes," presented by Bill Budington (@legind). Sept. 9 Noon-1 p.m. AZ https://t.co/p93omvsXFP
08 Sep, 2021 - 05:02 PM UTC
Your computer system is uniquely configured—and thus identifiable—even if you are using privacy-protective software. Learn more with EFF's Cover Your Tracks. https://t.co/WE04ey0uVg
06 Sep, 2021 - 02:58 AM UTC
Apple’s device scanning isn’t a slippery slope. It’s a complete system waiting for government pressure to expand. https://t.co/OnRBQUm36u
05 Sep, 2021 - 04:31 PM UTC
THREAD: In addition to the drastic restrictions it places on a woman’s reproductive and medical care rights, the new Texas abortion law, SB8, will have devastating effects on online speech. https://t.co/Ll5E0xpZko
02 Sep, 2021 - 07:20 PM UTC
Do you want to help survivors detect and prevent technology-related abuse such as cyberstalking and spyware? Cornell's Clinic to End Tech Abuse is looking for volunteers. Go do some good: https://t.co/8pjf9LSygh
02 Sep, 2021 - 06:02 PM UTC
Lina Khan
1. Yesterday @FTC imposed its first surveillance ban on SpyFone and its CEO for secretly spying on people’s phones and physical activities, selling this real-time surveillance to stalkers and abusers, and exposing devices to hackers. https://t.co/xPTOKKai4s
02 Sep, 2021 - 02:22 PM UTC
Deborah Brown
The Council of Europe Budapest Convention is often held up as a more human rights protective #cybercrime instrument than alternatives like the proposed UN treaty. So it should lead by example by strengthening privacy & data protection safeguards in its draft 2nd Protocol @txitua https://t.co/ONV6afXzW5
31 Aug, 2021 - 10:06 PM UTC
Dan Savage
New #SavageLovecast: My thoughts on OnlyFans plus tons of listener calls on the Micro. And then Corynne McSherry (@cmcsherr) from the @EFF joins me on the Magnum to talk about Apple's new privacy policies... https://t.co/hRMCrZAUWm
31 Aug, 2021 - 08:22 PM UTC



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