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Flight Club
Bringing #SpaceX #Dragon re-entries to the masses! ... Except for the part with the parachutes, but that part's not really important is it
24 Jan, 2022 - 11:40 PM UTC
Flight Club
Dragon should be over the Gulf right about now, about to start the technically named hot firey part of entry https://t.co/yDRhbZksgj
24 Jan, 2022 - 08:57 PM UTC
Flight Club
Crew Dragon flying in over #Acapulco, saying hi to #CDMX and getting a great view of #Popocatépetl before doing a direct flyover of #Veracruz Centro before it's atmospheric reentry tomorrow afternoon Available soon on Flight Club
23 Jan, 2022 - 11:11 PM UTC
Flight Club
Too late for USSF-8 Too early for GOES-T Just in time to farm some likes
21 Jan, 2022 - 09:57 PM UTC
Flight Club
*** IMPORTANT MESSAGE *** A did a medium-sized doo-doo If you pay for FC using Stripe and you set your subscription to cancel at the end of this period, I accidentally just undid that. You'll need to go and cancel it again here 👇 https://t.co/qq78xhktzz
21 Jan, 2022 - 07:45 PM UTC
Flight Club
Was kind of expecting @torybruno to just appear on that video and say "yes." and then cut back to the rocket
21 Jan, 2022 - 06:52 PM UTC
Flight Club
If you are having issues on Flight Club, complaining to other people won't get it fixed, but complaining to me almost definitely will. Likely on the same day I thought that would have been pretty obvious 🙃 P.S you also have to say what's wrong, not just "it's broken" k thnx ✌️
21 Jan, 2022 - 05:52 PM UTC
Flight Club
Here's a weird bug I've just created/discovered I just deactivated my v2 /patreon API endpoint, and now the v3 endpoints are giving 404s ....
20 Jan, 2022 - 06:19 PM UTC
Flight Club
That S2 exhaust plume *swish* is so satisfying https://t.co/yech2M7NkY
20 Jan, 2022 - 05:17 PM UTC
Flight Club
v3 bugs fixed so far this morning: • Patreon API callback URL preventing Patreon logins and token refreshes • Setting location not moving camera in PT • Favourite locations not applying In progress: • Config errors not being show when trying to run sim Keep em comin' folks
20 Jan, 2022 - 04:37 PM UTC
Flight Club
Sooooo some good news I've deployed v3 and apart from a few smaller bugs I can see, the core seems to be working well! That was a long day; I'm signing off. Hopefully will wake up to a few bug reports tomorrow and can get right back to it and then be stable for USSF-8 ✌️ 🥳3⃣
20 Jan, 2022 - 01:38 AM UTC
Flight Club
hey elon u using flight club bro obvs not cause u got the transit to work 😭 https://t.co/8oPJDrkYN2
19 Jan, 2022 - 02:54 AM UTC
Flight Club
All photographers - be sure to refresh your view in Flight Club to get the new T-0! https://t.co/pQuO282tgO
19 Jan, 2022 - 12:26 AM UTC

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Austin DeSisto
Join me, @TrevorMahlmann, and @flightclubio on Friday to talk about what they do! We’ll also cover details about how photography, rockets, and physics all work together to bring you beautiful photos! https://t.co/fEvkWq8bmC
24 Jan, 2022 - 08:54 PM UTC
My image of the moon transit of this SpaceX Falcon9 Starlink 4-6 rocket. Photograph by Richard P Gallagher shot from Titusville, Fl
19 Jan, 2022 - 01:37 PM UTC
Jenny Hautmann
Starlink 4-6 lifts off at 9:02 PM ET with booster 1060 completing its 10th flight. 📷: Me for @SuperclusterHQ @elonmusk
19 Jan, 2022 - 02:40 AM UTC
Adam Bernstein
Searching… 🚀
19 Jan, 2022 - 01:08 AM UTC
Erik Kuna 🚀
@jdmillerphoto @johnkrausphotos @RDAnglePhoto @JennyHPhoto @flightclubio Shoot, if you know someone at @MacDill_AFB let me know, I could bring my telescope at get the transit at about 1 minute 20 seconds into flight from Tampa 🤣 bottom line, just get @flightclubio it’s the best app for coming up with these solutions and besides that it’s just fun!
18 Jan, 2022 - 09:49 PM UTC
Markus Deserno
May I invite you to a fun thread about a delightful quirk of relativity theory? Starting with a simple fact about rotations, I’ll hope to give you some intuition about something that’s considered wildly counterintuitive: velocity addition. Intrigued? Buckle up!
16 Jan, 2022 - 08:26 PM UTC
Michael Seeley
4/28/21: A #SpaceX #Falcon9 carrying Starlink satellites, crossing the face of the Moon. If I had to pick a favorite for the year, this is probably the shot, shown here in sequence. Big shout out to @flightclubio for helping me know where to stand.
31 Dec, 2021 - 08:01 PM UTC
TJ Hunt
Turksat 5B rides to orbit on B1067.3 @flightclubio @SpaceX
19 Dec, 2021 - 05:12 PM UTC
Michael Seeley
The @inspiration4x zero-g indicator "space puppy" found some battery-powered festive lights and came out to the beach last night for the #SpaceX TurkSat5b Falcon9 launch. It was quite a show! (📷: me, 201-sec single exposure)
19 Dec, 2021 - 02:15 PM UTC
Caught reentry burn from @SLDelta30. Congrats @SpaceX for 11 successful flights with this booster! Thanks @flightclubio for the help with the shot!
18 Dec, 2021 - 05:01 PM UTC
HKP Media Space News
Big shout out to https://t.co/M1rmSQExXO for helping me frame this shot. 3-3minute images stacked and masked. Starlink 4-4 in all it's beautiful launch and re-entry burn.
18 Dec, 2021 - 03:36 PM UTC
Translunar Hoofer (Lupi) 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
Holy shit lol, I accidentally had the lens zoomed in, not out
09 Dec, 2021 - 06:14 AM UTC
Erik Kuna 🚀
Wow! 🚀 I wasn’t expecting all that for the first time entering. Won 🥇 1st Place in the @AviationWeek 2021 photo contest in Space and 4 Editors Picks. Thanks to @SuperclusterHQ and @KelbyOne for supporting my crazy 📷 ideas and to all those who encourage the 📷 insanity too.
07 Dec, 2021 - 03:34 PM UTC
Trevor Mahlmann
the plan: the shot: #STP3
07 Dec, 2021 - 02:17 PM UTC



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