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My children are Jesse & Jaime. Jaime was murdered in the Parkland school shooting. My life is dedicated to saving lives fighting for gun safety in America.

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Fred Guttenberg
The only thing that matters about what DeSantis says is that his actions & purposeful inaction have destroyed the homeowners insurance market in Florida leaving many storm affected Floridians without insurance. Everything he says is a diversion from that. https://t.co/iduN8eF2P6
04 Oct, 2022 - 10:20 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Permitless Carry is dangerous and will result in more deadly gun violence. We now have proof that the states passing it are seeing deadly spikes. https://t.co/4ohnZc2ivp
04 Oct, 2022 - 04:42 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
This series of headlines reinforces how fortunate we are to have @JoeBiden as @POTUS & a Congress under the leadership of @SpeakerPelosi & @SenSchumer. Without responsible, honest, & strong leadership this could be going very differently. If you agree, VOTE ONLY DEM IN 2022.
02 Oct, 2022 - 06:30 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Thank you @KatiePhang for helping to bring attention to @BCross052422 and the other Uvalde families seeking justice. I truly appreciate you my friend. https://t.co/yKjYIktMAa
02 Oct, 2022 - 01:16 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Nothing in this reporting is surprising to me. Senator Rubio has always gone where the money is. He would not even address gun violence because he received money from the NRA. If you have had enough of Marco, the choice is simple. VOTE FOR @valdemings https://t.co/hwDC5Hjh1k
02 Oct, 2022 - 12:38 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
I remember when Senators Rubio & Scott said no to help for others & am disgusted that Fl members of Congress are saying no now. We all know this is needed & the right thing to do. VOTE @valdemings & DEM ONLY TO MAKE SURE WE ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING. https://t.co/BzZfwabJ7j
02 Oct, 2022 - 12:29 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
The @Uvalde_CISD are cowards. Stop fighting accountability. What @BCross052422 is doing is heroic and because of what you allowed to happen to his child. Instead of hiding, acknowledge his decency and his loss and speak with him. He is not the problem here, you are. https://t.co/miMSGcCMy5
01 Oct, 2022 - 05:12 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Sending this to friends @MSNBC & @CNN. Can you cover this story with Uvalde parent @BCross052422. I'd appreciate it. They are building a fence to keep him out. @KatiePhang, @NicolleDWallace, @Acosta, @AlisynCamerota, @Morning_Joe, @morningmika, @JoyAnnReid, @allinwithchris. https://t.co/PIVIK7YoFA
01 Oct, 2022 - 05:04 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Anyone who follows me knows that I have been trying to redirect people from paying attention to the DeSantis red meat antics and BS and to pay attention to what he caused to happen to our property insurance market. I am glad that people are finally paying attention. https://t.co/Ck0o5lXa8p
01 Oct, 2022 - 04:39 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
And DeSantis is back to being an asshole who will make the work of our first responsers harder. Bringing the risk of gun violence into the recovery efforts is the last thing Floridians need. Vote for @CharlieCrist. https://t.co/HT8WroTrg6
01 Oct, 2022 - 01:41 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
I'm glad to see DeSantis behaving in this moment. In spite of the way he treated others following natural disasters, they are better than him & will help. However, his past behavior should not be forgotten & that is why I will vote for @CharlieCrist. https://t.co/u5KhGBTPry
01 Oct, 2022 - 12:48 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
I am not sure what the "Jump The Shark" moment is for @CPAC, but this now deleted tweet may be it. They just embraced Russia and Putin and this is simply as anti American as a tweet can be.
01 Oct, 2022 - 12:37 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
The squeaky and whiny little b--ch @TuckerCarlson is not even pretending to hide his hatred of America. He now blames it for the Nord Stream gas leak, to the delight of his Russian comrades. Why is his squealing voice infecting our air waves and generating advertisers?
01 Oct, 2022 - 12:30 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Today would be a good day for DeSantis and all Florida Republicans who started a fight with Disney to announce it was Dopey to do so and to fix that relationship and to work together for the benefit of the state and all Floridians.
30 Sep, 2022 - 02:34 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
(1,2) “Ted is one of my favorite people on earth. Because of what happened to my family in the Parkland shooting, Ted Deutch and his amazing wife, Jill, became a part of our family. My wife and I love them dearly,” Gutenberg said. “Congress will be worse https://t.co/9ioOSEyMWE
30 Sep, 2022 - 01:31 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
.@BCross052422 is a dad and he is a hero. He is doing this now so that it doesn't happen to you next. He needs your support. https://t.co/mHSa4kMs6o
30 Sep, 2022 - 01:26 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Why are @GovRonDeSantis campaign advertisements still happening during the aftermath of Ian. They need to stop!!!
30 Sep, 2022 - 12:33 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
"No technology advances more quickly in our society than the technology of killing.” https://t.co/SJazoFSMvW
30 Sep, 2022 - 12:13 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
(1,3) This headline perfectly sums up why I have grown to so completely dislike @RonDeSantisFL. As a Floridian, we benefit from the generosity of other states and the federal government. In spite of him and his divisiveness, the blue states will be here https://t.co/WCbzJU9qC1
30 Sep, 2022 - 11:40 AM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Only weeks ago, @MaryPeltola shocked Alaska and the nation. However, we need to help her finish. Any amount helps. https://t.co/MjB4XA8Pod
30 Sep, 2022 - 02:28 AM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Thank you @WalshFreedom for continuing to put Democracy first. You give me hope my friend. https://t.co/Le9reMlkdL
29 Sep, 2022 - 08:45 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
As I watch @POTUS @JoeBiden discussing the support that the Federal Government is sending to Florida, I simply want to say thank you and remind everyone how lucky we are that we have a President that does not care about petty attacks like the Brandon stunts organized by DeSantis.
29 Sep, 2022 - 05:06 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
As a Senior Advisor to @Brady_PAC, I am honored to join in this endorsement of @RobMenendez4NJ. https://t.co/saJDMezfuW
29 Sep, 2022 - 03:12 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Thank you @MikeLevin. You have been one of my heroes in Congress. I will continue to stand with you to make sure we get this done. Let's send my friend Mike Levin back to Congress. VOTE!!! https://t.co/s0wRAxfHpm
29 Sep, 2022 - 02:40 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
I grew up in NY & still have friends & family in NY. I remember when @marcorubio did not want to help after Hurricane Sandy. Unlike Marco, New Yorkers will help in Florida. This is only one more reason to be clear as to why we should fire Marco & vote for @valdemings.
29 Sep, 2022 - 12:39 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Anyone who looks behind the stunts of the DeSantis administration knows that the property insurance markets have collapsed under his leadership. As we see the wreckage in Florida today from Ian, the financial consequences of it will become much more significant for Floridians.
29 Sep, 2022 - 11:44 AM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Hum, could the rumors be true? https://t.co/D5alNE7TXs
29 Sep, 2022 - 01:33 AM UTC

Top Retweets by @fred_guttenberg

Kaivan Shroff
NEW: Dana Loesch confesses what we’ve long known about Republican forced-birthers. All they care about is controlling people. They have no actual values. “I don’t care if Herschel Walker paid to abort endangered baby eagles. I want control of the Senate.” https://t.co/rduNpuux8e
05 Oct, 2022 - 12:17 AM UTC
Renato Mariotti
This is a very questionable move by Trump’s team. DOJ’s appeal was very narrow, seeking only to use classified documents it lawfully obtained. The Court of Appeals ruling was well-reasoned. I would be very surprised if the Supreme Court reversed the Court of Appeals. https://t.co/forlU6Lr3H
04 Oct, 2022 - 08:07 PM UTC
Bryan Dawson
BREAKING: NATO issued an intelligence warning indicating the Russian Belgorod nuclear submarine has been mobilized somewhere in the Arctic Sea. It may test its "Poseidon" drone torpedo - Russia's “doomsday” nuclear weapon that creates massive, 1,500-foot radioactive tsunamis. https://t.co/jwSSwRDaBb
04 Oct, 2022 - 08:06 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Permitless Carry is dangerous and will result in more deadly gun violence. We now have proof that the states passing it are seeing deadly spikes. https://t.co/4ohnZc2ivp
04 Oct, 2022 - 04:42 PM UTC
Alex Wall
NEW from @amprog: States with extreme MAGA gun laws that expand permitless carry are seeing a SPIKE in violent crime. 29%📈in violent crimes with guns 13%📈in homicides with guns Don't let Republicans twist this: More MAGA gun laws = MORE violent crime. https://t.co/OzCDNy8U5a
04 Oct, 2022 - 04:35 PM UTC
Newtown Action Alliance
It's been 10 years since 20 first graders & 6 educators were killed with an assault weapon in Sandy Hook. This is not normal! 89% of Americans are concerned about school shootings.  Take action. Call your Senators at 202-224-3121 to urge them to ban weapons of war.
04 Oct, 2022 - 04:17 PM UTC
Charlie Crist
Ron DeSantis won't protect your right to an abortion, lower your home insurance premiums, or take on the utilities to lower your rates. I will.
04 Oct, 2022 - 04:15 PM UTC
At the Milwaukee Rotary Club today, @RonJohnsonWI was an immense insurrectionist apologist—seeming proud of them for figuring out how to use flagpoles as weapons, but then denying they were armed. He even implies they were following the rules. Vote this traitor out! #WIsen
04 Oct, 2022 - 04:08 PM UTC
Lindy Li
There is a 7 HOUR LONG gap in the White House phone logs on Jan 6 Now we know why Trump might have stolen them, too We also know that someone in the White House called a Jan 6 terrorist as the attack was underway Connect the dots. Trump stole the records to cover his own ass
04 Oct, 2022 - 06:18 AM UTC
Tristan Snell
It wasn’t just classified documents. It wasn’t just nuclear documents. Trump may also have stolen the White House call logs from January 6 — and hidden them at Mar-a-Lago.
04 Oct, 2022 - 01:08 AM UTC
Val Demings
Last week Marco Rubio skipped a vote to fund disaster relief efforts. If you don’t show up for work when Florida needs you most, you deserve to lose your job.
03 Oct, 2022 - 10:12 PM UTC
Mike Levin
When Rick Scott proposed putting up Social Security for renewal every five years, it wasn’t coming from some random Senator. He’s the guy Trump wants as GOP Leader and is in charge of re-electing Senate Republicans. We must #ProtectOurSocialSecurity!
03 Oct, 2022 - 07:55 PM UTC
Andrew Weissmann 🌻
BREAKING: Trump tape by NYT. ⬇️ https://t.co/SxoIis5X6P
03 Oct, 2022 - 05:24 PM UTC
Christine Pelosi
With dozens dead, millions devastated and billion$ in destruction from #HurricaneIan, Democrats delivered urgent disaster relief but EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN FLORIDA CONGRESSPERSON + Medicare fraudster Senator Rick Scott VOTED NO. Vote accordingly! https://t.co/1NzLPov7Xi
03 Oct, 2022 - 05:20 PM UTC
Thomas Kennedy
Under Ron DeSantis, Floridians have the highest property-insurance rates in the nation and a crumbling insurance market. The average premium is $4,231 — nearly triple the U.S. average of $1,544. Six property insurance companies (and counting) have gone under in Florida. https://t.co/Xb9CDBxxp3
03 Oct, 2022 - 03:46 PM UTC
Nate Lerner
Republicans are out on the campaign trail right now taking credit for everything in the Inflation Reduction Act — lower prescription drug prices, expanded medicare, and millions of green energy jobs — when every single one of them voted against it.
03 Oct, 2022 - 03:34 PM UTC
Simon Rosenberg
Whether this ends up being a legal headache or not DeSantis showed profoundly bad judgment here, and was politically and operationally reckless. Raises enormous questions about his executive ability, maturity and zealotry. https://t.co/XkcQdeib2n
03 Oct, 2022 - 03:31 PM UTC
Greg Sargent
The unmasking of "Perla" creates new problems for Ron DeSantis. Lawyers for migrants suing him tell me they will name Perla as a defendant, seeking discovery and a deposition under oath. "What exact instructions were given to Perla?" one lawyer asks. https://t.co/CWysH5gsZI
03 Oct, 2022 - 03:27 PM UTC
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell
We knew it wasn’t a matter of “if” but “when” a catastrophic storm like Ian would hit our state. @GovRonDeSantis had 4 yrs to prepare but he did nothing. He didn’t order evacuations when needed. Florida needs compassion, empathy & strong leadership not DeSantis.@MSNBC
03 Oct, 2022 - 03:11 PM UTC
Adam Cohen Lawyers for Good Government #DemCast
Florida suffered 81,000 deaths from #COVID19 But Ron #DeathSantis learned nothing He enacted bigoted laws, fought with Disney & played political games with immigrants Everything but prepare for the next disaster So more people died needlessly Had enough? Elect @CharlieCrist https://t.co/ax56t2pEFl
03 Oct, 2022 - 03:11 AM UTC
Chris Hahn
Marco Rubio being challenged for his misleading talking points over why he voted against disaster relief. Good on @DanaBashCNN for holding him accountable.
02 Oct, 2022 - 02:10 PM UTC
Katie S. Phang
It's been 117 hours and counting for @BCross052422. On May 24, his child, Uziyah Garcia, was killed during the school shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, along with 18 other children & 2 teachers. And Brett's not going anywhere until he gets the answers he deserves. https://t.co/b9O9B0F57x
02 Oct, 2022 - 09:16 AM UTC
Tristan Snell
Neither of Florida’s 2 Republican senators voted for Florida to receive federal disaster funds. Rick Scott voted no. Marco Rubio did not show up.
02 Oct, 2022 - 01:16 AM UTC
Kris Brown | President, bradyunited.org
5 years after the Vegas Route 91 Harvest shooting, a new credit card reform could prevent similar atrocities. The Vegas gunman used credit cards to stockpile guns. If these suspicious purchases had been flagged, authorities could have been notified. https://t.co/OWY4z3B86v
01 Oct, 2022 - 11:14 PM UTC
Tristan Snell
All 16 of Florida’s Republican members of the House voted AGAINST federal disaster relief for Florida yesterday.
01 Oct, 2022 - 08:38 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Sending this to friends @MSNBC & @CNN. Can you cover this story with Uvalde parent @BCross052422. I'd appreciate it. They are building a fence to keep him out. @KatiePhang, @NicolleDWallace, @Acosta, @AlisynCamerota, @Morning_Joe, @morningmika, @JoyAnnReid, @allinwithchris. https://t.co/PIVIK7YoFA
01 Oct, 2022 - 05:04 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Anyone who follows me knows that I have been trying to redirect people from paying attention to the DeSantis red meat antics and BS and to pay attention to what he caused to happen to our property insurance market. I am glad that people are finally paying attention. https://t.co/Ck0o5lXa8p
01 Oct, 2022 - 04:39 PM UTC
BoricuaDems 🇵🇷
We will VOTE and #RetireRubio because @valdemings cares about our storm-impacted communities. On the ground not from home! #MobilizeForMidterms https://t.co/f2K9eWOVl8
01 Oct, 2022 - 04:29 PM UTC
Brandon Wolf
Every day @GovRonDeSantis spent punishing Disney for having an opinion, terrorizing trans kids for existing, and shrieking about The Woke™ lurking around every corner was a day he could have been doing something about this. ⬇️ https://t.co/4LgLJ5dYZr
01 Oct, 2022 - 03:55 PM UTC
Ben Sharpe
CNN shining a light on Florida’s insurance disaster, pre-storm https://t.co/l0LfW64kiC
01 Oct, 2022 - 03:30 PM UTC



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