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(she/her) 💻writer⁣ 🍿accidental influencer 🗣 podcasting @goodinfluencegs 🕶 i make sunglasses! 🌻 @MQmentalhealth ambassador ✉️ repped @gleamfutures

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Gemma Styles
HILARIOUS but to officially correct this narrative, he was waving at someone behind me… and has receipts 😂😂 Don’t worry though earlier that evening I actually did wave at someone who wasn’t waving at me so, all is still awkward in the world https://t.co/1Q35NEtuSu
20 Jun, 2022 - 08:53 PM UTC
Gemma Styles
My friend who lives next door to Wembley:
18 Jun, 2022 - 03:20 PM UTC
Gemma Styles
This week has only felt about 18 hours long but somehow I’ve sneezed 2836394 times
17 Jun, 2022 - 12:14 PM UTC
Gemma Styles
The pink cowboy hats at the shows — who can explain this evident trend to me
15 Jun, 2022 - 07:04 PM UTC
Gemma Styles
Quite happy with how my social media use must be going right now given that 70% of my explore page is just people wearing gingham
13 Jun, 2022 - 09:02 AM UTC
Gemma Styles
Rec for anyone after an easy watch (but NSFW) comedy this weekend https://t.co/laV8tKdz6F
04 Jun, 2022 - 06:16 PM UTC
Gemma Styles
Literally took you longer to send this tweet than it would to add pronouns just FYI 🥰 https://t.co/0W4LSNxxoa
04 Jun, 2022 - 11:33 AM UTC
Gemma Styles
Adore seeing screenshots and the like of people listening to my podcast - but why is there something so amazing and real world about seeing it in someone’s car? 🥹 @GoodInfluenceGS https://t.co/L6E1EUHYvY
30 May, 2022 - 02:07 PM UTC
Gemma Styles
Can I just say what a nice crowd that was — from start to finish really working with the venue staff (who had also been misting and fanning people 🙏🏻) and passing water around to reach everyone
24 May, 2022 - 11:09 PM UTC
Gemma Styles
For anyone else watching The Chris and Rosie Ramsey Show — are you okay right now
23 May, 2022 - 08:31 PM UTC
Gemma Styles
FINALLY a member of the Styles family is on the radio, it’s about time
22 May, 2022 - 08:27 PM UTC
Gemma Styles
People in the UK want an affordable energy supply that doesn’t put our climate at risk. @beisgovuk - approving new fields like Jackdaw would be a disaster for our energy bills and the climate. It's time to pick a side: @Shell or everyone else. #StopJackdaw @KwasiKwarteng
20 May, 2022 - 04:49 PM UTC
Gemma Styles
Are you sitting exams at the moment? I'm delighted to be hosting @classicfm’s Revision Hour for the next two weeks! Join me for an hour of relaxing classical music and top tips from @thestudentroom 📚 Listen Sunday night 9-10pm or catch up through the @globalplayer app.
20 May, 2022 - 03:12 PM UTC

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Jack Monroe
History tells me that I have a 100% track record at surviving my worst days, and so do you. This too shall pass. 🙏🏼
20 Jun, 2022 - 05:33 PM UTC
✨ M O L L I E
PSA to everyone who “doesn’t know what to say” to someone who is grieving. Say something. It’ll always be better than nothing.
18 Jun, 2022 - 11:40 PM UTC
Grace 🌿
It’s hot. And every single person regardless of size or any “differences” from the “norm” should be able to wear short sleeves, crop tops and shorts - without stares, glares & whispers. Do not be a dickhead. People really struggle with their body image, especially during summer.
15 Jun, 2022 - 08:21 AM UTC
“Y’ello? You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel."
13 Jun, 2022 - 10:07 PM UTC
Good Influence with Gemma Styles
In this week’s episode I’m speaking to Prof Rory O’Connor about Suicide and Prevention @suicideresearch 🤍 We look at what research seeks to understand, how we try to prevent suicide deaths and discuss just some of the complex feelings we might experience https://t.co/gQwCOIw9hf https://t.co/9ErCx9YLAg
13 Jun, 2022 - 07:31 AM UTC
soul nate
me, garfield’s vet: feeding him WHAT
12 Jun, 2022 - 06:51 PM UTC
cats being weird little guys
06 Jun, 2022 - 12:55 AM UTC
Tyler McCall
Bennie AND the Jets?! In THIS economy?!
03 Jun, 2022 - 03:37 PM UTC
Good Influence with Gemma Styles
Today’s new episode: Sexism with #LauraBates 🎧 (please be advised that this episode features discussion of severe sexual and physical violence) https://t.co/stgcIESPCg https://t.co/MmwQzW4Xhk
30 May, 2022 - 07:40 AM UTC
The Student Room
Currently sitting your exams? Need some motivation to revise? 📚 @ClassicFM have got you covered with their Revision Hour - every Sunday 9-10pm 📻🙌 Make sure to tune in tonight to hear @GemmaAnneStyles play relaxing classical music accompanied by some top study tips from us 🎵
29 May, 2022 - 03:00 PM UTC
emily 🌷
OMGGG the podcast that got me through high school🙌🏼 now taking this into university with meee! beyond happy to have you back @GemmaAnneStyles @GoodInfluenceGS https://t.co/Mxe0ggOcIH
23 May, 2022 - 03:25 PM UTC
maría celeste 🍇🧃
making my mondays better again, i missed this! thank you ✨✨ @GemmaAnneStyles https://t.co/g0kjLIHhid
23 May, 2022 - 02:58 PM UTC
Good Influence with Gemma Styles
⭐️ Grace Victory on Self Care ⭐️ listen now wherever you get your podcasts @GraceFVictory https://t.co/Q5yB1FLW4s https://t.co/NwJIqxrBCB
23 May, 2022 - 06:28 AM UTC
Lucie Mcelwee
Can’t complain @GemmaAnneStyles getting me through revision https://t.co/CDuFWJLy9y
22 May, 2022 - 08:41 PM UTC
Classic FM
Tonight, we welcome podcast host and writer @GemmaAnneStyles to Classic FM’s Revision Hour! 📚🎶 Join her at 9pm for the best classical music to study to, and tips on how to make every second count as deadlines descend. Listen on @GlobalPlayer 👉 https://t.co/jCTnCnRvWM
22 May, 2022 - 02:51 PM UTC



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