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Dp high School 🐾University of Alabama All-American 2x National Champion Roll tide🐘 HaHa HERO FOUNDATION.📚👨🏽‍🎓

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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
Happy Juneteenth‼️‼️‼️💙 so much Love for the Town of Eatonville & @WESH 💙 https://t.co/yfBsyb3Gsv
21 Jun, 2022 - 12:58 AM UTC
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
No red carpet sounds like he’s headed to Alabama ‼️‼️🐘 https://t.co/YZN3dd7K55
17 Jun, 2022 - 02:04 AM UTC
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/xSSHRJ6iOO
17 Jun, 2022 - 01:52 AM UTC
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
I like it ‼️‼️‼️💥 https://t.co/dDodUXCve8
12 Jun, 2022 - 04:33 AM UTC
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
I get it but I hate paper straws.
03 Jun, 2022 - 09:09 PM UTC
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
“Make sure y’all go check out @smokinbearz the real world utilities for this project are insane.” https://t.co/3CR9XmFEsQ
31 May, 2022 - 05:43 PM UTC
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
I don’t know if sheriff can swim though. 😂 🏊‍♂️ https://t.co/zXGCO7go3O
28 May, 2022 - 07:17 PM UTC
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
Ppl who want to make a difference young men and women growing old we need to become affiliated in some way in the judicial system so we become more educated and protected for our families ourselves and loved ones. Stay strap.
28 May, 2022 - 01:49 PM UTC
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
Sign me up sergeant. I’m down. https://t.co/Z6KRXikWiB
28 May, 2022 - 01:45 PM UTC
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
My cousin has a mental illness and yesterday was scary I just want to thank the town of Eatonville first responders for the way they conducted themselves in the situation so professional and careful glad to call this place home. @eatonville_fl @MaitlandPolice
13 May, 2022 - 07:59 PM UTC
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
I know one thing you preach IDC if you play a down in the NFL get that COLLEGE DEGREE‼️‼️‼️ congrats fellas welcome to the wall of fame Burn baby Burn‼️‼️🐐 https://t.co/bK2GrhWYcG
08 May, 2022 - 01:59 AM UTC
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
BSHIPHI it’s sun me not on me. Working for the OPP https://t.co/DUIBK5QWUB
02 May, 2022 - 04:22 PM UTC
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
But we gone Eat regardless. @AlabamaFTBL
17 Apr, 2022 - 08:35 PM UTC
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
S/0 to the fans and Family who stayed through out the Game. Players need that true love and support.
17 Apr, 2022 - 08:35 PM UTC
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
Had the opportunity to work with this kid over the years dedication, consistency and effort is no doubt about it in your blood keep working hard Lukeyyyyyy‼️‼️ https://t.co/HHTT8YLODS
13 Apr, 2022 - 03:25 PM UTC

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Kenny Clark
I got a flat tire today. Then Had to wait 2 hours for a tow truck on the freeway 🤦🏾‍♂️ today was a long day
29 Jun, 2022 - 02:45 AM UTC
Raiders star Johnathan Abram built beds and then donated them to a family in need in Las Vegas this month. https://t.co/MSUk7lLMYU
27 Jun, 2022 - 05:55 PM UTC
Bergstrom Automotive
Stephannie K. at Bergstrom Chevrolet Buick GMC of Oshkosh quit smoking, got healthier and got paid! Awesome job! Stephannie made a commitment to quit and completed our 6-month program. Go Stephannie! https://t.co/2O3y6w9am7
27 Jun, 2022 - 03:18 PM UTC
logan 🫶🏽
250+ mass shootings in the US alone, and a woman’s body is more regulated than a gun. get fucking real.
24 Jun, 2022 - 02:51 PM UTC
The Bama Standard™️🐘
Former @AlabamaFTBL DB @CalebCastille walked away after winning 2 National Championships. 18 months later, he starred in Woodlawn. Now he’s the star of @NCISLA. He talks about making that decision in this short. (2:19 min) Watch: https://t.co/YCWoxsNuFU #RollTide #NCIS #NCISLA https://t.co/vguzxlskDI
23 Jun, 2022 - 12:58 AM UTC
Tony Jefferson II
💔 my young life . Love you bro https://t.co/OIe33wj94v
22 Jun, 2022 - 12:33 PM UTC
Do you listen to music while you mow? #Ariens is creating a #Spotify playlist with your song recommendations! Comment ⬇️ your favorite song(s) 🎧🎵 #MusicAndMowing #ZeroTurn #LawnCare
21 Jun, 2022 - 08:23 PM UTC
akiem hicks
Some pretty fun plays in this lil clip✊🏾 https://t.co/OVyCPatEFt
21 Jun, 2022 - 04:57 PM UTC
Orange County Sheriff's Office
#Juneteenth is a time to remember one of the most important days in U.S. history--when all slaves were finally free. Take a moment today to honor those who struggled, sacrificed & suffered & to celebrate the righting of a horrific wrong. From all of us at OCSO, #HappyJuneteenth
19 Jun, 2022 - 03:45 PM UTC



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