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“Washed-out hag who f***** her way up.” https://t.co/mTTIihkUmt https://t.co/LQoEr1mS6Q

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Hilary Barry
Same sentiment, different year. Go Jock! https://t.co/ATdDFTZE4n
22 Jan, 2022 - 06:10 AM UTC
Hilary Barry
Trolling my son by watching “Sex and The City” on his streaming profile so he can “continue watching.”
15 Dec, 2021 - 10:43 PM UTC
Hilary Barry
I love Facebook commenters who take the time to reply to a post with, “Who cares?” I do, you dickhead. It’s why I put the fucking post up.
01 Dec, 2021 - 06:44 AM UTC
Hilary Barry
This moon thingie is very cool.
19 Nov, 2021 - 09:02 AM UTC
Hilary Barry
I see a lot of parents unsure about whether to send their kids to school next week. Follow your heart. Follow your gut. If it's not the right thing for you then don't. If it is, then do. There is no right answer. You're a good parent either way.
14 Nov, 2021 - 05:07 AM UTC
Hilary Barry
How to piss off already pissed off Aucklanders. https://t.co/d3TwoUIFKI
12 Nov, 2021 - 11:24 PM UTC
Hilary Barry
Throwback to November 2014 in the TV3 makeup room. I’m now looking forward to a re-enactment at TVNZ. Love me a ⁦@JohnJCampbell⁩ ⁦@SachaMcNeil⁩ sandwich. ❤️
11 Nov, 2021 - 10:55 PM UTC
Hilary Barry
Amazing!!!! @BLACKCAPS !!!!!!!!!!!
10 Nov, 2021 - 05:33 PM UTC
Hilary Barry
This is just the tonic. Go @BLACKCAPS !!!!! 21 needed from 14!!!!
10 Nov, 2021 - 05:23 PM UTC
Hilary Barry
I signed this too just for the laughs but it didn’t help them get any traction. 😂 https://t.co/lferFtFe3R
06 Nov, 2021 - 07:59 AM UTC
Hilary Barry
I’ll let the screenshots speak for themselves. 😂
01 Nov, 2021 - 07:29 PM UTC

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Te Whānau O Waipareira
#630AM #CatherineStVaxCentre Mōrena! We are NOW OPEN! Pop on down and see us at our Catherine Street Vax Centre. We are open 6.30am to 6.30pm and vacccinating for all of the whānau - 5yr olds and up. 😊 1st Vaccinations, 2nd Vaccinations and Boosters. NO BOOKING NEEDED. 😊
23 Jan, 2022 - 05:46 PM UTC
Cate Owen 💉💉💉
Rules for dressing at 40 1. Have a 40-year-old body 2. Put clothes on it.
09 Jan, 2022 - 11:26 PM UTC
Te Whānau O Waipareira
Come on down whānau! As our @Hilary_Barry says!! It's all happening, this weekend on Saturday 11th December, 10am - 4pm at our Waipareira Catherine St Vax Center. 1st Vax, 2nd Vax and Boosters! Loads of fun and giveaways!! #fightforyourwhakapapa #getvaccinated
07 Dec, 2021 - 08:04 AM UTC
Rev. Frank Ritchie
To journalists at protests today - you've done well. You've dealt with aggression & abuse. You have reported well. Thank you. If you feel rattled by today's events, feel free to get in touch with me, or flick us a message to talk to one of our chaplains. https://t.co/85zfkukwnA
09 Nov, 2021 - 01:18 AM UTC
David Slack
they took away our freedom to kill people on the roads they took away our freedom to post anthrax to someone they took away our freedom to sell food with bacteria in it and now they want to take away our freedom to spread a deadly disease WHERE WILL IT END?
29 Oct, 2021 - 11:33 PM UTC
Doctors Stand Up For Vaccination
Here we are. Here are our names. Here are our photos. We are proud to stand up and support you. We did this ourselves, no one asked us to. We support vaccination for #covid19nz and 6535 NZ doctors want you to know. https://t.co/2WPqc4amrR
15 Oct, 2021 - 07:26 PM UTC
Taika Waititi
I'm very sad to hear my new buddy, Jemima Gazley, passed away last night after her battle with brain cancer. She was a radiant soul who will be sorely missed. She also has her own fundraising operation (link below), should you be interested. ❤️ https://t.co/yagIpHOhzv
12 Oct, 2021 - 09:15 PM UTC
St Matthew's
We have a new billboard
11 Oct, 2021 - 10:51 PM UTC
Jin Russell
This clip is just gorgeous. In which fav Prof Rod Jackson says delta cases are like flamethrowers in a forest, and vaccines are like personal sprinkler systems. Then fav @Hilary_Barry holds up a copy of Rod’s T-shirt and makes this face https://t.co/KhlvX6AQg6
07 Oct, 2021 - 06:30 PM UTC
Leonard Craig Kendrick 💉💉💉
I'll put in a way that Hillary has more class than me to say. Hillary doesn't have time for your Antivax Bullshitery. https://t.co/MPm2GHm4nd
19 Sep, 2021 - 06:45 AM UTC



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