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For all social media collab enquiries email bookinghollypeers@gmail.com Fit Trip Nerja 💪🏼 Instagram: hollyjadepeers

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Holly Peers
If you’re a Bowie fan please take a second to listen to @yungblud version of Life on Mars. It is beyond incredible 🥺⚡️🖤 what a tribute
13 Jan, 2021 - 01:07 AM UTC
Holly Peers
Ow bless my little Lilly bear! Hope @ASOS @ASOS_HeretoHelp sort this for you Char x https://t.co/WRe28xN3n1
05 Jan, 2021 - 08:53 PM UTC
Holly Peers
Just over 4K signatures now. Thanks everyone. Keep sharing. Something needs to be done about this!! https://t.co/lol9yh7BEm
01 Jul, 2020 - 02:44 PM UTC
Holly Peers
New gym set 🏋🏻‍♂️ use my code PEERS20 to get money off all orders over on https://t.co/d10iZjKDBa new men’s range online now! https://t.co/7kahGHCxQF
29 Jun, 2020 - 08:22 PM UTC
Holly Peers
After my friend found several Instagram pages containing inappropriate images of children filled with vile sexual comments from adult accounts she has started this petition to urge Instagram to change its guidelines and help get these accounts taken down https://t.co/aqJYm9cnKi
28 Jun, 2020 - 03:02 PM UTC
Holly Peers
Exciting new collab coming soon ✨ https://t.co/986ZXEu8SU
26 Jun, 2020 - 06:40 PM UTC
Holly Peers
Thank you @fanHJP for always supporting me ❤️ follow this page for updates and pics https://t.co/vNvldiO9OU
17 May, 2020 - 07:23 PM UTC

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Jeffree Star
Ya’ll need to sit down!!!! 😂🕊 https://t.co/gR774opES4
07 Jan, 2021 - 10:22 PM UTC
If only we could have seen this coming https://t.co/YHOUbdFWaI
19 Oct, 2020 - 02:46 PM UTC
Man On – #KeepGlamourAlive
Quarantining with @HollyJadePeers and @Rhianmarie would be fun... 👙 https://t.co/uQmnoFUhOx
18 Oct, 2020 - 02:32 PM UTC
Man On – #KeepGlamourAlive
🤍 Nobody wears a bikini quite like @HollyJadePeers... https://t.co/XWTQoTtxNo
12 Oct, 2020 - 06:07 PM UTC
We All Fall
You cheated on me Autumn and give me back my dog. https://t.co/RPa8HWRPMI
11 Oct, 2020 - 08:38 PM UTC
Will Taylor (UK)
@HollyJadePeers @daisydootaylor said this is you all the time 😂
10 Oct, 2020 - 02:17 PM UTC
Thank fuck for wine.
27 Sep, 2020 - 07:05 PM UTC
Did you know that if you text 85258 when you are feeling depressed or suicidal, a crisis worker will text you back immediately and continue to text with you? Many people, especially younger people, don't like talking on the phone and would feel much more comfortable texting.
30 Jun, 2020 - 04:33 PM UTC
As some of you may know I run a campaign called #ImStillAMan to help all lads come together and speak about our mental health problems.. More Awareness is needed as the male suicide rate is still so high, It doesn’t make you less of a man to speak up lads always remember that 👊🏻 https://t.co/Yw0a6Yhirf
24 Jun, 2020 - 01:15 PM UTC
‘Screaming and spitting everywhere’ has finished me. https://t.co/axb2fFiS2H
23 Jun, 2020 - 04:54 PM UTC