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We fund tech companies before product market fit. Early investors in @Coinbase, @Instacart, @Cruise, @Flexport, @Rippling + more β€” $100B+ in market value.

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Initialized Capital
Considering how much more we play games and talk about NFTs than in 2019 when @SkyweaverGame first launched, this is a no-brainer. πŸŽ‰ https://t.co/6X4oREurD2
29 Jul, 2021 - 08:45 PM UTC
Initialized Capital
"What we’ve seen over time is an expansion of the sustainability focusβ€”folks who are excited about really giving back to the environment, choosing to shop used and adding to the circular economy.” - @RFagiri on @AptDeco's customer evolution. https://t.co/ZTVrzAX5vY
29 Jul, 2021 - 08:33 PM UTC
Initialized Capital
We never get tired spotting new πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„ and especially ones that help you search. Congrats @algolia on your Series D funding and $2.25B valuation! πŸŽ‰ https://t.co/KjmJDiHkrz
28 Jul, 2021 - 09:36 PM UTC
Initialized Capital
We're looking for a Sr. Funding Accountant: πŸ—„ 3+ years of experience in private equity/venture fund accounting 🀝 Strong written and verbal communication skills πŸ“Š High proficiency in Excel πŸ’ͺ Strong work ethic, diligent and reliable https://t.co/TPw7EXDQQp
28 Jul, 2021 - 03:26 PM UTC
Initialized Capital
"In 2019 alone, the NCAA's annual revenue accumulated more than $1.1 billion." 😳 CapWay shares how some of the biggest names in college sports are (finally) cashing in. https://t.co/Ugz6hPAIpF
26 Jul, 2021 - 08:41 PM UTC
Initialized Capital
πŸ”Š Podcasts to listen to this week so you feel smarter featuring @kimmaicutler and @AldaLeuDennis πŸ‘‡
26 Jul, 2021 - 06:55 PM UTC
Initialized Capital
πŸ”₯πŸ“ˆπŸ”₯ https://t.co/Lm1ASz7zbh
26 Jul, 2021 - 04:13 PM UTC
Initialized Capital
A good backer doesn't only fund your endeavors, they also do it with style. https://t.co/2u06gsJJWW
23 Jul, 2021 - 09:16 PM UTC
Initialized Capital
3.2 million people retire every year. @garrytan recently spoke with @join_papa's Andrew Parker about the economic and human value of creating services for this increasingly lonely community. https://t.co/lwJZ4y8iKq
22 Jul, 2021 - 06:29 PM UTC
Initialized Capital
☺️ Why thank you, Oliver! Your endorsement means a lot. https://t.co/J088q1ZEMj
22 Jul, 2021 - 01:11 AM UTC
Initialized Capital
This should help some tech teams take a breather πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ (or pick up another side hustle). @BisonTrails' new Query and Transact Node helps developers build products and services on the Solano blockchain. https://t.co/3dpIyrt12n
21 Jul, 2021 - 07:50 PM UTC
Initialized Capital
Meet Hyper. A new fund inspired by the @ProductHunt community and includes @garrytan as an investor and advisor. Learn about its 8-week founder program, product distribution plans, and more in @TechCrunch πŸ‘‡ https://t.co/zICq4Pdokt
20 Jul, 2021 - 06:55 PM UTC
Initialized Capital
All the data in the world doesn't matter if there isn't an easy to access it. Thankfully, there's @askiggyapp to help us navigate the world of geographic and location data APIs. https://t.co/Bkr1QLAmzY
19 Jul, 2021 - 09:42 PM UTC
Initialized Capital
We're looking for an βš™οΈEngineer Associateβš™οΈ to help with research and technical diligence. Apply here πŸ‘‡https://t.co/U6BdMz0Q1w
19 Jul, 2021 - 08:34 PM UTC

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Parul Singh
In life, you have to find your why In startups, you also have to find your who 🦑
29 Jul, 2021 - 05:43 PM UTC
Ever wish you had someone (in a plum-colored power suit) to magically solve your HR & IT woes? Well, you do now. #workmagic
28 Jul, 2021 - 04:32 PM UTC
Parul Singh
Founder stuff no one tells you: One of the hardest parts of being a founder is constantly grappling with how much stuff *isn't* working & getting to where you can keep attacking it anyway, day after day πŸ‘πŸ½ https://t.co/vWyBdna2yP
27 Jul, 2021 - 03:08 PM UTC
Ruben Harris - IG: @rubenharris
Over 300 people have applied for the People Ops Generalist Role @Career_Karma and we want to hire the best person for the role! If you know someone that has worked on a global team, ideally remotely, we want to hear from you! https://t.co/9jZMIFLnpf cc https://t.co/OmfU9gUkTc
26 Jul, 2021 - 08:12 PM UTC
From changes in VC to addressing the ongoing housing crisis , we cover it all with @kimmaicutler on the latest pod with @kitun. @Initialized #proptech 🎧 https://t.co/46mjJEYVJ9
26 Jul, 2021 - 06:20 PM UTC
Zack Walker
I started @askiggyapp to make access to location data super easy. Today we're launching on Product Hunt and starting that journey! https://t.co/QiR8gwVLr3
26 Jul, 2021 - 03:56 PM UTC
Thanks @businessinsider for the feature! Proud to be included in the mix of Optum's 18 biggest investments for 2021. We say this a lot but it stays true, we're just getting started. Great work to our team! https://t.co/xgIbjJaPL9
22 Jul, 2021 - 07:07 PM UTC
Garry Tan ι™ˆε˜‰ε…΄ 🌐
Startup stages are radically different at seed, Series A, and growth stage. This is the #1 thing first timers under-estimate. Catching lightning in a bottle is a completely different set of skills than holding on to it. Wisdom from @parulia
21 Jul, 2021 - 06:25 PM UTC
Feels like a good time to drop this post again ... If the falling market has you filled with FUD, it might help to read up on strategies you can follow to keep the value in your portfolio, avoid emotional trading, and lose less sleep. We got you πŸ‘‡ https://t.co/HFVipeoKkg
20 Jul, 2021 - 05:56 PM UTC
Garry Tan ι™ˆε˜‰ε…΄ 🌐
Our newest @initialized partner @parulia talent-spotted over $1B worth of startups in 5 years at @fcollective We're a service profession Founder + market = magic at early stage Key q: Would WE go work there? Full vid: https://t.co/2WhYZdKkik
19 Jul, 2021 - 07:19 PM UTC
Garry Tan ι™ˆε˜‰ε…΄ 🌐
I’m proud to announce Parul Singh (@parulia) as the newest partner at @Initialized She is a founder, software engineer, and talent spotter for over $1B worth of startups. The honey badgers are getting stronger 🍯🦑 https://t.co/IT45P3FHrN
15 Jul, 2021 - 02:31 PM UTC
How it started β†’ How it’s going: 11 years ago we got excited about Bitcoin pizza and now we're celebrating the sale of a $12.3M diamond. We're proud to facilitate @Sothebys groundbreaking auction and help the cryptoeconomy evolve. Learn more β†’ https://t.co/hdyVxOQ3ql
14 Jul, 2021 - 06:54 PM UTC
CNBC interviewed CoinTracker's Head of Tax Strategy (@TheCryptoCPA) to learn more about how the IRS is ramping up compliance efforts on cryptocurrency https://t.co/W4QWZSGiRq
14 Jul, 2021 - 04:47 PM UTC
Catherine Walker
Next Tuesday 7/20 @aarieff will moderate a conversation with Bay Area leaders- @adrianfine @alexlofton @cbracy @jainkiranc - to expand the definition of growth to realize the New Civic Vision. Thanks to @kimmaicutler and @Initialized for supporting! Want to join? Message me!
13 Jul, 2021 - 07:34 PM UTC
ASU+GSV Summit
Join @rubenharris, Co-Founder and CEO of @Career_Karma & Co-Host of Breaking into Startups, at the summit! Career Karma recently closed a $10 million Series A led by @Initialized. Fun fact: Ruben has been playing the cello for 30 years. 🎻
09 Jul, 2021 - 11:57 PM UTC



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