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Pigeon Fancier
The most frustrating part of Squid Game isn’t the ending. It’s when Joon-Ho tries repeatedly to text multiple large attachments at once
14 Oct, 2021 - 06:54 PM UTC
Pigeon Fancier
The other half of my comedy fashion EMPIRE is having her DEBUT ALBUM RECORDING and I am very excited & proud https://t.co/Y8XhULjYrC
13 Oct, 2021 - 06:51 PM UTC
Pigeon Fancier
If we use “self-made millionaire” then we need to normalize saying “dad-hired millionaire” or “grandpa’s trust millionaire”
13 Oct, 2021 - 06:23 PM UTC
Pigeon Fancier
I am begging you all to remember that Megan Fox is recently divorced and has temporary horny insanity
12 Oct, 2021 - 07:03 PM UTC
Pigeon Fancier
as a child I could watch horror movies without feeling sorry for the protagonists because their houses were too nice. Katie has her own bathroom?! When a working class slasher killer eats her skin that’s praxis
11 Oct, 2021 - 02:56 PM UTC
Pigeon Fancier
I miss Heatherette
10 Oct, 2021 - 04:31 PM UTC
Pigeon Fancier
This absolutely cements the fact that gifted programs suck because they produce egomaniacal adults with completely off the charts level cringiness who think they are mummy & daddy’s special genius baby https://t.co/T4IP15wVkF
09 Oct, 2021 - 09:10 PM UTC
Pigeon Fancier
My sweet friend has a sweet dog & they both need a hand right now. Please help out if you can💕 https://t.co/HdN1Jjxb9e
09 Oct, 2021 - 01:46 AM UTC
Pigeon Fancier
A love story for the ages
08 Oct, 2021 - 03:46 AM UTC
Pigeon Fancier
Fruit - 0 Vegetables - 0 Protein - 0 Frosted Mini Wheats - 500000 Water - 0 Can a nutritionist help me budget this my body is dying
08 Oct, 2021 - 01:44 AM UTC
Pigeon Fancier
90 Day Fiancé has weaponized the use of the word “babe”
07 Oct, 2021 - 04:40 PM UTC
Pigeon Fancier
The best thing about being young is knowing that getting old is something that only happens to old people
05 Oct, 2021 - 04:09 PM UTC
Pigeon Fancier
Tfw you almost escape
05 Oct, 2021 - 12:14 AM UTC
Pigeon Fancier
“I hope Facebook is gone forever,” whisper millions of hopeful people who will dutifully return to it when it resurges
05 Oct, 2021 - 12:04 AM UTC

Top Retweets by @isabelzawtun

Hi, it's an Abbarition. Yep
If you were in a hypothetical situation, what would you do?
13 Oct, 2021 - 02:11 AM UTC
Jennifer McAuliffe
The dermatologist tells me it’s not a new mole, it’s a tiny Banksy. She holds up a magnifying glass to reveal a businessman kicking a cabbage. She regretfully informs my shoulder is getting gentrified and I can no longer afford it
12 Oct, 2021 - 01:52 AM UTC
Alex 🦇
I think of this every time I see someone say something along the lines of “bet you don’t know these OLD songs!!!” https://t.co/9XOToZrgUl
10 Oct, 2021 - 03:47 PM UTC
Ginny Hogan_
I want to date someone funny but NOT fun. i want him to make dark, witty jokes under his breath while sitting miserably in the corner of a party
06 Oct, 2021 - 11:39 PM UTC
jordan • they/them 🏳️‍🌈
here’s your daily reminder to #boycottkelloggs! Kellogg workers nationwide are going on the biggest strike the company has seen to demand fair wages and benefits for their labor. Don’t cross the picket line. Reject these brands for a week or two.
06 Oct, 2021 - 03:59 PM UTC
A.J. Packman
Having been raised on Thomas the Tank Engine, I'm unwilling to set foot on a train unless I can see a huge still face on the front of the train showing that it's happy, or at least grimly resigned to punctually fulfilling its obligations set out in the train schedule.
05 Oct, 2021 - 05:50 PM UTC
Before the invention of hats you had to hope your head got landed on by a cool bird
05 Oct, 2021 - 04:56 PM UTC
Mary David-Snow (Crazy Bunny Lady 🇺🇸)
04 Oct, 2021 - 04:54 PM UTC
what did i fucking say
02 Oct, 2021 - 10:55 PM UTC
If you want my two cents, you can pry them from my cold dead eyes.
02 Oct, 2021 - 03:46 PM UTC
I was out riding my bike this morning and I accidentally inhaled a moth. But then I sneezed and out popped a bee. So I have questions
20 Sep, 2021 - 11:07 AM UTC
🇻🇨 sharlizard ✨
Oh my god take my money https://t.co/K1lLnj18J2
16 Sep, 2021 - 06:49 PM UTC
Uncle Duke
I’ve got you now, Mike.
16 Sep, 2021 - 05:55 PM UTC
A.J. Packman
Trying to scare birds away from my home by putting a carved owl on my roof, so that the birds will know I own a knife.
16 Sep, 2021 - 05:48 PM UTC
Absolute Idiot
Jeremy Pope was out there wearing a cotton picking sack as a train but we're still talking about plain white outfits that just wrote their point on them, might as well make balloon guy poet laureate
14 Sep, 2021 - 04:45 PM UTC



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