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Wife, mother, sister, daughter. Advisor to POTUS on job creation + economic empowerment, workforce development & entrepreneurship. Personal Pg. Views are my own

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Ivanka Trump
This afternoon, I gratefully received my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Getting fully vaccinated is the best way to end this pandemic and protect ourselves and one another. ♥️
05 May, 2021 - 07:40 PM UTC
Ivanka Trump
Today, I got the shot!!! I hope that you do too! Thank you Nurse Torres!!! 💙
14 Apr, 2021 - 08:48 PM UTC
Ivanka Trump
19 Jan, 2021 - 11:47 PM UTC
Ivanka Trump
Today, our Farmers to Families 👩‍🌾 Food Box program will roll out Round 5 adding $1.5 Billion of new funding. Created to fed hungry Americans during the pandemic, F2F has fed over 3.3 Billion families in need nutritious, locally-sourced food fresh from America’s small farms. 🇺🇸
19 Jan, 2021 - 01:21 PM UTC
Ivanka Trump
Today, we honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits." -MLK, Jr. #MLKDay
18 Jan, 2021 - 01:31 PM UTC
Ivanka Trump
In 2018, we launched the #PledgetoAmericasWorkers and the National Council for the American Worker to reinforce employers both at home and abroad to invest in the training + education of our US workforce.
18 Jan, 2021 - 03:24 AM UTC
Ivanka Trump
POTUS’s pro-growth policies prioritized access to high-quality workforce training for Americans too long marginalized and left behind.
18 Jan, 2021 - 12:28 AM UTC
Ivanka Trump
Prior to the pandemic, POTUS signed into law the largest EVER expansion of childcare funding to states (increased from $2.8 billion to $5.9 billion), eliminating or reducing waitlists in 17 states!
17 Jan, 2021 - 09:19 PM UTC
Ivanka Trump
Since POTUS took office, 8 Million more Americans have access to Paid Family Leave! #FightingforAmericanFamilies   https://t.co/2K8Ys0Ba8B
17 Jan, 2021 - 04:08 PM UTC
Ivanka Trump
Nearly 40 Million American families have benefitted from the Child Tax Credit (CTC), which we fought to get doubled in the 2017 Tax Cuts legislation, receiving an average benefit of $2,200 - for a total benefit of $85 billion. | @USTreasury https://t.co/KUzeWAbkqx
14 Jan, 2021 - 09:24 PM UTC
Ivanka Trump
“This moment calls for healing and reconciliation. We must revitalize the sacred bonds that bind us together as one national family.” @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/96PGjKwl0r
08 Jan, 2021 - 12:28 AM UTC
Ivanka Trump
No. Peaceful protest is patriotic. Violence is unacceptable and must be condemned in the strongest terms. https://t.co/GwngZTqzTH
06 Jan, 2021 - 08:29 PM UTC

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Avi Berkowitz 45 Archived
It has been an honor to serve my country that I love 🇺🇸. Thank you to President Trump, Jared Kushner and the entire (peace 🕊) team. Thank you to the many allies and partners that helped us create the Abraham Accords. Peace is a beautiful thing. 🇺🇸🇮🇱🇦🇪🇧🇭🇸🇩🇲🇦
19 Jan, 2021 - 03:56 PM UTC
Matthew Barnett
I can honestly say this program has been so vital and has been on our front line food program. These food boxes are amazing. https://t.co/jBQRjdj1w4
19 Jan, 2021 - 03:39 PM UTC
Avi Berkowitz 45 Archived
Extremely proud of the Abraham Accords and to be on the team that helped make peace.
19 Jan, 2021 - 01:59 PM UTC
Avi Berkowitz 45 Archived
Thank you to President Trump and Jared Kushner for the opportunity to work on the Abraham Accords and to promote peace in the ME. 🇺🇸🇮🇱🇦🇪🇧🇭🇸🇩🇲🇦 https://t.co/V8zhmvZ5pI
17 Jan, 2021 - 12:10 AM UTC
Paul Bedard
Team Trump wins rare recognition: @jaredkushner, @aviberkow45, @Scavino45 receive Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service and Kushner & Berkowitz special awards from Morocco for peace deals. https://t.co/A2T3VUUGCn
17 Jan, 2021 - 12:03 AM UTC
Avi Berkowitz 45 Archived
The @washingtonpost story about Jared and Ivanka today was a lie. The story never made sense, and was simply not true. Now the Secret Service has even denied the story. Please read the below.
15 Jan, 2021 - 02:38 AM UTC
Newt Gingrich
Ivanka Trump continues to impress in the 2nd year of her global women’s development program. Reaching her halfway goal of aiding 24.8 million women worldwide to “provide for their children” & “start businesses and become job creators” by 2025 @IvankaTrump https://t.co/KxLypXx3oE
14 Jan, 2021 - 10:17 PM UTC
Lindsey Graham
Congratulations to President @realDonaldTrump and his team led by Jared Kushner and Avi Berkowitz in ending the dispute between Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations.
05 Jan, 2021 - 08:08 PM UTC
The Hill
.@IvankaTrump: "It's so great to be back in Georgia with this warrior, my father, the People's President!"
05 Jan, 2021 - 05:45 PM UTC
Arab News
#WATCH: The Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani arrived at #Alula where he was greeted with an embrace by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman ahead of the #GCCSummit41, just hours after the two countries agreed to reopen their boarders https://t.co/ArynqCvIW4
05 Jan, 2021 - 09:39 AM UTC
The Hill
.@IvankaTrump: "It's so great to be back in Georgia with this warrior, my father, the People's President! He is a tireless -- a tireless -- champion for all of you and he will never stop fighting."
05 Jan, 2021 - 03:45 AM UTC
New York Post
Saudi Arabia to end feud with Qatar in Jared Kushner-brokered deal https://t.co/TMuchRstjj
04 Jan, 2021 - 10:19 PM UTC
David Perdue
Looking forward to having you back, @IvankaTrump! Let’s keep freedom alive, Georgia. VOTE! https://t.co/qpbAGcWoZI
04 Jan, 2021 - 03:16 PM UTC
David Perdue
.@IvankaTrump is right — America is counting on us, Georgia. GO VOTE TUESDAY. https://t.co/NIfeRmEn56
03 Jan, 2021 - 01:01 AM UTC



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