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Journalist. Communication Practitioner. Media Leader. Debate Moderator. Environmental Governance Student. Husband. Father.

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Joe Ageyo
@kizzabesigye1⁩ all set for the exclusive interview on ⁦@ntvkenya
16 Nov, 2022 - 05:58 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
I love my job!!! One of the very few in the world, about which EVERYONE has an opinion. Humbled.
22 Oct, 2022 - 10:39 AM UTC
Joe Ageyo
This will be an important step towards fully operationalising the country’s climate strategy. The bigger focus should be on adaptation, the suffering on the ground is real. https://t.co/HQ2XJuWsX6
20 Oct, 2022 - 02:20 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Gachagua: We are looking for a long term solution to the high cost of living #gachaguaonntv @ntvkenya
18 Sep, 2022 - 06:20 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Gachagua: Things will start picking up in another two to three months #gachaguaonntv @ntvkenya
18 Sep, 2022 - 06:16 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Gachagua: We now have a president who knows what he's doing, one who listens to sound advice #gachaguaonntv @ntvkenya
18 Sep, 2022 - 06:15 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Gachagua: The economy would have shut down in six months if we had continued with fuel subsidy #gachaguaonntv @ntvkenya
18 Sep, 2022 - 06:14 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
We didn't know things were this bad, the coffers are empty #gachaguaonntv @ntvkenya
18 Sep, 2022 - 06:12 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
It is important to say it as it is. Anytime I speak, I speak the truth - #gachaguaonntv
18 Sep, 2022 - 06:11 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
I'm encouraged by the level of engagement around the article. I'm looking forward to more feedback on its contents. https://t.co/ycIi7Rerv8
16 Sep, 2022 - 04:12 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
In one of the interviews with the then DP @WilliamsRuto I asked him if he would appoint the six judges who were rejected by President Kenyatta, if he won the August 9th election. His answer was three words long 'On Day One'. #InaugurationDay2022
13 Sep, 2022 - 12:53 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Ruto: I will work hard for all the people of Kenya irrespective of how they voted #InaugurationDay2022
13 Sep, 2022 - 12:38 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Ruto: We will transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030 #InaugurationDay2022
13 Sep, 2022 - 12:36 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Ruto: Uhuru to lead Kenya's peace efforts in the region #InaugurationDay2022
13 Sep, 2022 - 12:34 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Ruto: We look forward to deepening EAC integration, special welcome to the DRC. Kenya fully committed to the implementation of EAC protocols #InaugurationDay2022
13 Sep, 2022 - 12:33 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Ruto: I have no hesitation to complete transfer of devolved functions and funds to the counties #InaugurationDay2022
13 Sep, 2022 - 12:32 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Ruto: We'll set up a ministry in charge of Diaspora and work with IEBC to expand participation of diaspora in elections #InaugurationDay2022
13 Sep, 2022 - 12:31 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Ruto: I will establish education reform task force to advise on the future of CBC #InaugurationDay2022
13 Sep, 2022 - 12:29 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Ruto: I will appoint the six judges nominated by the Judicial Service Commission #InaugurationDay2022
13 Sep, 2022 - 12:27 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Ruto: Clearance of goods to revert to port of Mombasa as promised on campaign trail #InaugurationDay2022
13 Sep, 2022 - 12:26 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Ruto: We must implement the 'Hustler Fund' to make cheaper credit readily available #InaugurationDay2022
13 Sep, 2022 - 12:24 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Ruto: 1.4M bags of fertiliser at reduced price of KES 3500 down from 6500 to be available from next
13 Sep, 2022 - 12:19 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Ruto: Fuel and unga subsidies are not sustainable, prone to abuse. We want to empower food producers instead #InaugurationDay2022
13 Sep, 2022 - 12:15 PM UTC
Joe Ageyo
Ruto: My administration will respect public service and none of its officers will be required to run political errands #InaugurationDay2022
13 Sep, 2022 - 12:13 PM UTC

Top Retweets by @jageyo

What a Man! Thank you Mo for being such human. Sadly , we don't hear stories of superheroes like Mo narrated often. Totally missing or footnoted in our history books and curiculas. Mo Amin was such a giant. #MemoriesOfMo @DuncanKhaemba @ntvkenya
27 Nov, 2022 - 07:05 PM UTC
Ouya 🇰🇪
Watching @ntvkenya #memoriesofmo is just heart wrenching.. Huruma Sana @MarkMasai
27 Nov, 2022 - 07:04 PM UTC
David Mutua
#MemoriesOfMo Mo Amin will forever be a legend. Glad to have intereacted with his images and work when I did. He was one hard worker and was famously known to live by the mantra,"You rest when You die."
27 Nov, 2022 - 07:01 PM UTC
NTV Kenya
Saturday, November 23rd 1996, holidaymakers in the Indian Ocean islands of Comoros capture an Ethiopian airline’s flight ET 961 Boeing 767 crashing into the sea #MemoriesOfMo @DuncanKhaemba
27 Nov, 2022 - 06:49 PM UTC
What a pleasure to learn more about the famous photojournalist Mohamed Amin on #MemoriesOfMo . First time to learn of him was from @ElijahKanyi and @catevacemuema . His legacy lives on!
27 Nov, 2022 - 06:47 PM UTC
Mike Mūrīmi
This has reminded me of a self-made photojournalist in Embu county. At my high school we called him 'Ngumbuka.' Any event allover the county, he will be there. #MemoriesOfMo
27 Nov, 2022 - 06:46 PM UTC
Charlie 🇰🇪
Kenya's greatest photographer of all times Mohammed Amin #MemoriesOfMo with @DuncanKhaemba now showing on @ntvkenya 🫡🇰🇪 https://t.co/UUe90bGJfA
27 Nov, 2022 - 06:41 PM UTC
The #MemoriesOfMo brainstorms tragic... The Ethiopian flight was running out of fuel also before it crash in Indian Ocean. @ntvkenya @MarkMasai @DuncanKhaemba
27 Nov, 2022 - 06:33 PM UTC
Ben Kitili
NTV SPECIAL REPORT | Catch the intriguing story of Africa's greatest photographer, Mohammed Amin, TONIGHT. #MemoriesOfMo with @DuncanKhaemba on @ntvkenya at 7PM and 9PM
27 Nov, 2022 - 01:28 PM UTC
Julians Amboko
#MemoriesOfMo on @ntvkenya with @DuncanKhaemba Sunday 27th November, 2022 7:00pm & 9:00pm https://t.co/ypAmuVIuQ8
26 Nov, 2022 - 05:04 PM UTC
NTV Kenya
Chronicles From Qatar: Every person I'm meeting is sober ~ NMG's Charles Nyende on the alcohol question in Qatar. #FIFAWorldCup #NTVTonight @BernardNdong
24 Nov, 2022 - 07:47 PM UTC
@ntvkenya @MarkMasai it's really sad seeing fellow Kenyans dying because they don't have food and water,kindly @WilliamsRuto do something #StarvingNorth
23 Oct, 2022 - 06:56 PM UTC
Symon Sawe (ssawe)
It's sad to see such yet we have a government in place , let them have all boots on ground to safe the situation #starvingNorth
23 Oct, 2022 - 06:55 PM UTC
Herbert Azizo
@ntvkenya @Rosiewangui #starvingNorth There's so many blessings that we take for granted. May God see them through
23 Oct, 2022 - 06:54 PM UTC
NTV Kenya
A survey conducted by the County Department of Health and aid agencies classifies that 1, 239 children are severely malnourished and need urgent treatment to avoid further deterioration of their situation #StarvingNorth @Rosiewangui
23 Oct, 2022 - 06:53 PM UTC
Wilson08, MD.
Painful to watch. What's the use of raising a Kenyan flag in a school with pupils starving??? What's the govt priority NOW? #starvingnorth
23 Oct, 2022 - 06:52 PM UTC
J wyre
#starvingnorth just a simple arthrimetic,let all primary schools have a borehole. It will feed the whole community. @MarkMasai @ntvkenya . @WilliamsRuto @rigathi need swift action.
23 Oct, 2022 - 06:50 PM UTC
You watch such saddening reporting as #StarvingNorth and everything else that GoK does that isn't aimed at salvaging this situation seems like sideshows.
23 Oct, 2022 - 06:48 PM UTC
This is so sad #StarvingNorth The government needs to strategies and give provide immediate help and also develop long term mitigation for the perenial sufferings in this country
23 Oct, 2022 - 06:46 PM UTC
@ntvkenya @Rosiewangui Watching the story of #StarvingNorth, one wonders what work the local leaders have been doing have been doing over the years.
23 Oct, 2022 - 06:45 PM UTC
ossy ngumbau
@ntvkenya @Rosiewangui #StarvingNorth this story is really sad our leaders, hope they are watching this!
23 Oct, 2022 - 06:31 PM UTC
Sad stories pale NTV....gava inafaa kuwa inajishughulisha na vitu important ka hizi #StarvingNorth
23 Oct, 2022 - 06:29 PM UTC
A very sad situation... #StarvingNorth
23 Oct, 2022 - 06:26 PM UTC
Heartbreaking 💔 scenes pale #StarvingNorth
23 Oct, 2022 - 06:24 PM UTC



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