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Producer "The Sit In"; The Nation writer; Proud mom of @NoraWD. I block stupid. You know who you are.

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Joan Walsh
Also, stop covering sad Andrew Giuliani. Or start covering his sister Caroline...
06 May, 2021 - 08:08 PM UTC
Joan Walsh
All my friends have Substacks. I can't afford them all. Is there a Substack in that?
06 May, 2021 - 05:59 PM UTC
Joan Walsh
LOL...Elise, you're fronting for a man credibly accused of dozens of sexual abuses. Don't be like that.
06 May, 2021 - 05:56 PM UTC
Joan Walsh
My brother @NicholsUprising wrote this, so I didn't have to. I still remember our CNN debate 12 years ago:
06 May, 2021 - 04:09 PM UTC
Joan Walsh
Even with 37 (count ’em) nominating conventions for the VA GOP gubernatorial primary, the party shut out about 98 percent of potential GOP voters. Is this their vision for the future of voting?
05 May, 2021 - 11:24 PM UTC
Joan Walsh
Virginia Republicans Are Disenfranchising Their Own Voters via @thenation
05 May, 2021 - 01:35 PM UTC
Joan Walsh
Oh hi, we got a Peabody nomination too! I think these two masterworks fit side by side:
05 May, 2021 - 01:52 AM UTC
Joan Walsh
Joining @TheBeatWithAri to talk Rudy Giuliani, with the amazing @ProfMMurray. Just going to listen...
04 May, 2021 - 09:44 PM UTC
Joan Walsh
I am here for @NicolleDWallace today. That's all.
04 May, 2021 - 08:17 PM UTC
Joan Walsh
You SHOULD cry with pride. You helped us see what was there!
04 May, 2021 - 07:30 PM UTC
Joan Walsh
So excited that our film "The Sit In" is nominated for a Peabody award! Also thrilled to share some turf with Ted Lasso!
04 May, 2021 - 04:12 PM UTC
Joan Walsh
When the wise souls at Politico miss an obvious political joke...but I remember!
04 May, 2021 - 03:47 PM UTC
Joan Walsh
How sad that ‘The Story Of Late-Night’ showrunner apparently gets the story of MLK's appearance on the Tonight Show totally wrong. I'm almost hoping the Deadline writer got it wrong.
02 May, 2021 - 08:01 PM UTC

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Joy-Ann 😷Reid
Congrats to my Sit In sisters @joanwalsh @val_thomas and @redrubes14 — The Sit In; our tribute to the great Harry Belafonte — has been nominated for the @PeabodyAwards! ❤️
07 May, 2021 - 02:37 PM UTC
@joanwalsh There’s a song in there somewhere: 🎶 My friends all have Substacks I must make amends O Lord, won’t you you buy me ....” 🎶
06 May, 2021 - 08:55 PM UTC
David Rothkopf
Willie Mays is 90. George Clooney is 60.
06 May, 2021 - 06:23 PM UTC
Democrats should just do it. They could name people outside the government, on a bipartisan basis, and *then* vote on it. Senate GOPers might filibuster, of course. Do the Republicans really want this fight? Let's find out.
06 May, 2021 - 05:37 PM UTC
🗽 Liz Gumbinner
“The safety data we have on vaccines is staggering, and their power in saving children’s lives is unparalleled.”
06 May, 2021 - 05:36 PM UTC
Elie Mystal
People are the actual worst
06 May, 2021 - 05:16 PM UTC
Eric Levitz
Why is there no Bidenism in the European Union?
06 May, 2021 - 04:14 PM UTC
Harold Franklin, Slaughterer of Thousands
06 May, 2021 - 03:39 PM UTC
Tommy Vietor
The evidence in this piece for how Democrats “learned to love” the Cheneys includes: a Charlie Sykes column, two pieces by Chris Cillizza, a background quote from a Republican member of Congress and a Financial Times piece. Some weak nonsense.
06 May, 2021 - 01:58 PM UTC
Soledad O'Brien
Politico. As I tell you frequently. The worst.
06 May, 2021 - 08:38 AM UTC
Chris Hayes
Perfect example of my thesis that the GOP is in some ways moderating on policy and radicalizing against democracy.
05 May, 2021 - 10:59 PM UTC
Ian Millhiser
wHy WoN't JoE bIdEn CoMpRoMiSe WiTh RePuBliCaNs?
05 May, 2021 - 06:26 PM UTC
John Harwood
is it realistic that Biden might find GOP cooperation on his agenda? Senate leader McConnell: “100% of my focus is standing up to this administration. What we have is total unity, from Collins to Cruz, in opposition to what the new administration is trying to do to this country"
05 May, 2021 - 06:20 PM UTC
Elie Mystal
Republicans will threaten scorched earth reprisals for every reform Democrats make, and every criminal they hold accountable. They're not bluffing. SO WHAT? The point isn't to placate Republicans, IT IS TO DEFEAT THEM. My latest in @thenation
05 May, 2021 - 03:51 PM UTC