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I am Jon Lajoie, I am the band Wolfie's Just Fine, I was Taco on The League. I make music and I make funny.

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Official Jon Lajoie
This may be a silly question, since I was on a football-themed show for 7 years, but some of the details of the game are still a little confusing to me... Is it the team with the most or least points that wins?
08 Feb, 2021 - 02:08 AM UTC
Official Jon Lajoie
Merry Christmas Exclamation Point to all, and to all, a Merry Christmas exclamation point.
25 Dec, 2020 - 06:28 PM UTC
Official Jon Lajoie
Some of the most important leaders in our lives may not even consider themselves leaders, but holy sh#t we’d be F-ed without them. Thank an #EverydayLeader in your life by sharing their story here, & they’ll be in the running for some cool thank u gifts!
15 Dec, 2020 - 12:59 AM UTC
Official Jon Lajoie
I ❤️my adoptive country, & my very American wife. And if marriage has taught me anything, it’s that “winning” an argument is never the end goal, and when it is, the marriage suffers. No matter how this goes today, friends, we are in a relationship & all live under the same roof.
03 Nov, 2020 - 06:11 PM UTC
Official Jon Lajoie
Wolfie’s Just Fine - Trying to Sleep I wrote a song from the POV of a Graboid from the 1990 movie “Tremors” and I don’t have enough characters here to explain why. But I love that movie & made this because I have WAY too much time these days.
29 May, 2020 - 12:13 AM UTC
Official Jon Lajoie
I released this Wolfie's Just Fine song/video exactly two years ago today. I didn't know it at the time, but it's a pretty prophetic depiction of my mental state after two months of quarantine. Starring the great Xander Berkeley as my fragile psyche.
18 May, 2020 - 05:18 PM UTC
Official Jon Lajoie
Fred Willard in A Mighty Wind. Genius. Thank you for all the laughs, Mr. Willard, you will be missed.
16 May, 2020 - 07:43 PM UTC
Official Jon Lajoie
If you enjoyed The League, its co-creator and his brother created a new @NetflixIsAJoke show called #BrewsBrothers. There are lots of funny people in it, and it’s about beer. What else do you need to know? Get off of MyFace and check out the trailer:
08 May, 2020 - 09:05 PM UTC
Official Jon Lajoie
This is awesome album art made by my friend the talented @mcclainiac7 for my silly Too Old for Tik Tok song and dance I put out on Friday. The album art is way too good for the actual song, and really makes me want to play Mortal Kombat 2.
04 May, 2020 - 05:42 PM UTC
Official Jon Lajoie
And they say Tik Tok’s for teenagers...
01 May, 2020 - 06:10 PM UTC
Official Jon Lajoie
I feel like my entire life I’ve been acting like we’re in the middle of a pandemic where the virus spreads through emotional closeness.
11 Apr, 2020 - 08:11 PM UTC
Official Jon Lajoie
This is the song I go to when I need to find my heart. It’s kind, gentle, loving, compassionate, empathetic, wise, incredibly moving, and life-changing. Just like it’s songwriter. It is a sad day.
08 Apr, 2020 - 02:34 AM UTC
Official Jon Lajoie
Needed to get out of the house, taking a quick stroll. Learned how to make my homemade mask from a how-to video Sam Raimi made. Works great!
07 Apr, 2020 - 08:59 PM UTC
Official Jon Lajoie
Love this. So sweet. Jesse Thom (& puppets) - "Sending Love" (A Covid-19 Isolation Song) @jessethomtweets
06 Apr, 2020 - 04:35 PM UTC

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Canadian Armed Forces
On this day, Canadians pause in a silent moment of remembrance for those who have served, and continue to serve our country during times of war, conflict and peace. Join us in honouring them today and every day. #RememberThem #RemembranceDay #CanadaRemembers #LestWeForget
11 Nov, 2018 - 01:30 PM UTC
The Royal Canadian Legion
Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended the First World War. We remember the sacrifices so many made so we can enjoy the freedoms we do today. Wear your Poppy as a pledge to never forget. #Armistice100 #GetYourPoppy #CanadaRemembers
11 Nov, 2018 - 12:00 PM UTC
Paste Magazine
Exclusive: Jon Lajoie (@jonlajoiecomedy) releases latest song as Wolfie's Just Fine (@WolfiesFine), "Save the World":
14 Jun, 2018 - 06:01 PM UTC
Brandon Dermer
🚨new music video🚨 please enjoy Wolfie’s Just Fine “Break My Back” directed by @jonlajoiecomedy and I. starring @xanderberkeley @WolfiesFine
18 May, 2018 - 07:03 PM UTC
For you & your inner child: Watch @WolfiesFine's amazing love letter to #FridayThe13th Pt.5!
07 Jul, 2016 - 02:25 AM UTC
Stop what you're doing and watch this music video now.
06 Jul, 2016 - 03:06 AM UTC
Bloody Disgusting
NSFW: Wolfie’s Just Fine Channel ‘Friday the 13th’ in “A New Beginning”
27 Jun, 2016 - 08:50 PM UTC
We had the awesome @wolfiesjustfine on our balcony recently. You might recognize him as @jonlajoiecomedy. Watch...
20 Jun, 2016 - 04:41 PM UTC
Ones To Watch
What do you do when you have 2 actor-slash-singers in the office? ...Have them interview each other, obviously. 💀:🌮
08 Jun, 2016 - 02:33 AM UTC
A New Beginning: An #Interview with Wolfie's Just Fine's Jon Lajoie (@jonlajoiecomedy).
20 May, 2016 - 02:45 PM UTC
Canadian Musician Magazine
Listen up @jonlajoiecomedy and @stateofSATE fans - amazing interviews - tune in tonight
20 Apr, 2016 - 02:31 PM UTC
Consequence of Sound
Stream Jon Lajoie’s debut album as Wolfie’s Just Fine, I Remembered But Then I Forgot:
06 Apr, 2016 - 08:10 PM UTC
Prelude Press
ALBUM REVIEW: @WolfiesFine's new album, "I Remembered but Then I Forgot" earns 5/5 stars!
05 Apr, 2016 - 08:40 PM UTC