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Kara Swisher
Correction @RMac18 aka The Fake Rock: COPIED https://t.co/ritNSbQpa1
29 Jul, 2020 - 08:42 PM UTC
Kara Swisher
I am SHOCKED that gambling is going on in this venue https://t.co/hC727huDSp
29 Jul, 2020 - 08:41 PM UTC
Kara Swisher
Hey @TheRock my new @nytopinion interview podcast coming in September and you said here you would consider a SUBSTANTIVE interview with a badass lady, which is ME. You are top on my list. Whom do I have to bodyslam to get this done? Slide into my DM (if you dare) to let me know.
29 Jul, 2020 - 07:47 PM UTC
Kara Swisher
Latest from ⁦@Moonalice⁩: Big Tech Needs To Be Regulated. Here's How. | Time https://t.co/QHNokPcVHo
29 Jul, 2020 - 06:11 PM UTC
Kara Swisher
Chatting about my latest @nytopinion column on the absurd power of tech moguls and today’s congressional hearing https://t.co/xvGvZntgzR https://t.co/Awxy46mL7N
29 Jul, 2020 - 05:23 PM UTC
Kara Swisher
Chatting about my latest @nytopinion column on the absurd power of tech moguls and today’s congressional hearing https://t.co/xvGvZntgzR https://t.co/a4l2iyn2SX
29 Jul, 2020 - 04:59 PM UTC
Kara Swisher
Well that kind of says it all. https://t.co/aaefWhuUUX
29 Jul, 2020 - 02:20 PM UTC
Kara Swisher
The gall of Mark Zuckerberg apparently has no bottom. China is a threat in many ways, but Facebook is not the answer to this or other threats by any means whatsoever. https://t.co/c3OJkUzp8I
29 Jul, 2020 - 02:18 PM UTC
Kara Swisher
Agreed. Facebook lays waste to civil public discourse in the US, so this is particularly Trumpian move. https://t.co/zfFCUFqIhx
29 Jul, 2020 - 01:49 PM UTC
Kara Swisher
In which ⁦@brooke⁩ goes all Taylor Swift: Pop Culture Mondays/7.27.20. The “Folklore” Edition | by Brooke Hammerling | Pop Culture Mondays | Jul, 2020 | Medium https://t.co/Xg2sJEXcdR
29 Jul, 2020 - 01:30 PM UTC
Kara Swisher
I always liked you better ⁦@mackenziebezos⁩. Seriously, this is how you do it: 116 Organizations Driving Change. Every one of them would benefit from… | by MacKenzie Scott | Jul, 2020 | Medium https://t.co/v1lK2e5Nfg
29 Jul, 2020 - 03:47 AM UTC
Kara Swisher
Tomorrow’s hearing better not be waylaid by GOP members chastising social media companies correctly dealing with this demon night sex cyst doctor spouting dangerous misinformation. Yet it will. Sigh. https://t.co/WaNZTGFqB9
29 Jul, 2020 - 03:35 AM UTC
Kara Swisher
A lot can happen in 100 days - and we have less than that until Election Day 2020. One thing that MUST happen is applying to #VoteByMail so we can ensure all votes are safely cast + counted by November 3. Do you part and go to https://t.co/jWu2DG5j5o https://t.co/YvazjrgpF0
28 Jul, 2020 - 08:09 PM UTC

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I feel like we need a @twitch Livestream of senate hearing of this tech execs with sideline play by play live chat commentary from tech beat journalists. I'd pay to see @kevinroose and @karaswisher tear it all down in real time @nytimes.
29 Jul, 2020 - 08:00 PM UTC
Scott Galloway
.@RepJayapal spectacular in proving Zuckerberg threatened both IG & Snap while copying them
29 Jul, 2020 - 07:58 PM UTC
Ryan Mac 🙃
Rep Jayapal: "Do you copy your competitors?" Zuckerberg: "We've certainly adopted features..." A Facebook employee who just texted me: "We’re literally copying TikTok right now."
29 Jul, 2020 - 07:51 PM UTC
Anand Giridharadas
Mark Zuckerberg said he wants to get rid of all the world’s diseases. Idea: Start with the plague that is Facebook.
29 Jul, 2020 - 06:34 PM UTC
Casey Newton
NEW: Here are the documents the House obtained about Facebook’s purchase of Instagram — including Zuckerberg’s discussion about “neutralizing a competitor” https://t.co/NrXDkLzxcn https://t.co/BopG0IrW9P
29 Jul, 2020 - 06:09 PM UTC
Andrew Feinberg
OMG, Jim Sensenbrenner asked Zuckerberg about Donald Trump Jr getting suspended from — wait for it — Twitter. We're doomed
29 Jul, 2020 - 06:08 PM UTC
Amber Benson
Somebody yield their time to @profgalloway and @karaswisher to question the tech companies. Pretty please?
29 Jul, 2020 - 03:46 PM UTC
Katie Hill
.@replouiegohmert is, to put it kindly, a dumbass, crazy, and a jerk. Everyone on the Hill knows that. This proves it. Prayers for all the people he’s been breathing on. https://t.co/MJKzBmOXjm
29 Jul, 2020 - 02:32 PM UTC
Jennifer Senior
Thanks for joining me (and my new haircut, revealed at the end, done by my intrepid spouse.) Please tune in Wednesday at 1pm to chat with my colleague @karaswisher ... https://t.co/YJlVwJyHHr
28 Jul, 2020 - 05:51 PM UTC
Cassie Ruggiero
Can't wait to hear @karaswisher @profgalloway dissect this one on @PivotSchooled this week... https://t.co/eShhu4uEQv
28 Jul, 2020 - 05:36 PM UTC
Brian Prezgay
Thanks for the laughs to start my day @karaswisher and @profgalloway Holy Moly! Zuck with a copy of Knitting Weekly :) @JeffBezos should be in a hot top using a stack of Benjamin’s as a coaster for his #Cristal martinis! #pivot
28 Jul, 2020 - 01:46 PM UTC
New York Magazine
.@karaswisher and @profgalloway predict what will happen during this week's antitrust hearings as the CEOs of Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon all head to Washington. Listen to the #PivotPodcast: https://t.co/rpH452nIil https://t.co/hln7j6PImH
28 Jul, 2020 - 08:29 AM UTC
Jim Lanzone
@karaswisher Interesting? I sense the aviators pulled down, looking at me.
28 Jul, 2020 - 07:21 AM UTC
Jeffrey Swisher, MD
@IamSuzanneCryer @karaswisher Do you remember the bunny in Monty Python's Holy Grail? That's our mom. https://t.co/prfz0tJDUo
27 Jul, 2020 - 06:18 PM UTC