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Ghanaian. Nigerian. Texan | IG @karenattiah | Muay Thai fighter | Columnist @washingtonpost | Sign up! https://t.co/INJJjHnsfU

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Karen Attiah
The deep, comedic irony of this is that Western sanctions played a huge role in ending apartheid-- the white supremacist system that put Nelson Mandela fought against -- and was imprisoned by. But go off, Vlad!! https://t.co/j1AXjD83uu
20 Mar, 2023 - 04:06 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
Last year, Lupita Nyong'o was named a De Beers ambassador. Rihanna wore De Beers diamonds while performing "Lift Me Up" from the Black Panther soundtrack. I wrote about the symbolic irony of De Beers associating itself with the stars of Black Panther. https://t.co/bIaBoo61cw
17 Mar, 2023 - 05:40 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
Taking a small personal social media break. There's a lot that's been wearing on me, and I need to take better care of my mental health. I'll still post my work. Per my contract with Artemis, I will post him. He wants to maintain his brand relevance in the cat pic market.
17 Mar, 2023 - 02:21 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
My high school graduation was my very first appearance in a newspaper, almost 20 years ago. :) Thanks for finding this from the @dallasnews vault, @msberbiage! My mom wants to know if she could have a copy :D https://t.co/CQbq8C1O8W
16 Mar, 2023 - 06:30 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
Is anyone else still feeling extra glitchy since the time change —-or is it just me?
16 Mar, 2023 - 02:31 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
Went back to the vet for a follow up. Artemis checked out fine and is back to his normal, playful self. Vet said that because his seizures are so rare (last one was last year), it’s not so urgent to put him on medication. Artemis was happy to hear that.
15 Mar, 2023 - 09:52 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
This thread is a response to the discourse that started this week after a female therapist said she was done taking male clients. The stories here are.... my God https://t.co/omk3PWk8qd
15 Mar, 2023 - 08:41 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
Quote tweet of the week, lol Love seeing women respond with flexing and lifting pics 💪🏾 https://t.co/PWtry05EpD
15 Mar, 2023 - 05:21 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
Needs to be more representation of people with glasses 🥸😡 https://t.co/SnAyA5k30l
15 Mar, 2023 - 01:07 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
Oof. I'm right in the middle of my thirties, and I feel the angst of everything in this piece. https://t.co/WzfTeCq3NS
14 Mar, 2023 - 09:57 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
What is going on with Law Roach!
14 Mar, 2023 - 06:34 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
Artemis has resumed his gravity experiments
14 Mar, 2023 - 04:55 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
Artemis update: The little guy has been back to normal, eating a lot, playing, and back to plotting his next career moves. We are going to the vet tomorrow to see about medication for his seizure and to follow up on whatever was going on Friday. Fingers crossed
13 Mar, 2023 - 07:58 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
Officially part of the glasses gang now. Also, hi.
13 Mar, 2023 - 07:33 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
This is so awful. @MHarrisPerry and the team at @TheTakeaway deserve SO much better than this, @WNYC. Inside the Cancellation of WNYC’s ‘The Takeaway’ https://t.co/h3Ey4MJYzS
13 Mar, 2023 - 04:48 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
Rushing Artemis to the ER 😭
12 Mar, 2023 - 04:18 AM UTC
Karen Attiah
I’m potting some new herbs. Artemis understood the assignment and decided to hop in… literally
11 Mar, 2023 - 10:40 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
Artemis update: My handsome little floof seems mostly back to his normal self and is eating and drinking normally. He’s enjoying (supervised) fresh air on the patio with me right now. Thanks for all your well-wishes!
11 Mar, 2023 - 10:14 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
Artemis has been staring at me like this for nearly a full minute.
11 Mar, 2023 - 01:43 AM UTC
Karen Attiah
Today is the worrrrsssttt
10 Mar, 2023 - 08:05 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
At the vet 😿
10 Mar, 2023 - 08:03 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
After my experience, long distance movers https://t.co/vYzlarXjvB
10 Mar, 2023 - 05:09 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
I wrote about the scandal around Raquel Saraswati, a prominent activist. For years, she claimed to be Arab, South Asian, and/or Latina. A few weeks ago, she was outed as being white. But that isn't the worst part of the story..... https://t.co/Jmc8QYkmJu
10 Mar, 2023 - 04:56 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
I haven't been the best cat momager https://t.co/jjVEDCrTpZ
09 Mar, 2023 - 09:32 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
A certain unemployed housecat is pressuring me to have another kitten. I'm not so sure. He says it will improve our relationship. Please advise.
09 Mar, 2023 - 09:18 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
Basic Instinct Wonder Woman The Woman King "Black Girl" by Ousmane Sembene ("Thank You For Smoking" gets an honorable mention) https://t.co/bexz9h8dZM
08 Mar, 2023 - 04:25 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
I was today years old when I learned this. Lara Croft was one of my favorite characters/video games growing up... https://t.co/9vdMPTgge6
07 Mar, 2023 - 08:00 PM UTC
Karen Attiah
In honor of Ghana's independence day, I wrote about the country's overt outreach to African-Americans who have been victims of white violence: https://t.co/5kZEgsJBpZ
07 Mar, 2023 - 07:47 PM UTC

Top Retweets by @karenattiah

Austin J. Clements
Sadly a tale as old as time. Or at least as old as fifth-century BC, according to Herodotus’ account of the Egyptians: https://t.co/t6GLDrUlhr https://t.co/00wMqX2YBz
15 Mar, 2023 - 11:24 PM UTC
rabia O'chaudry
Oh yes. Same reason why back in the homeland there was a long-standing tradition, according to my mother, of hiring guards to protect the graves of girls and women for the first week or so. https://t.co/rAERfK4jw0
15 Mar, 2023 - 10:43 PM UTC
Atima Omara
Well good morning to everyone else who also said colorism matters when having discussions about racism in the workplace. Besides the eyes in our head, we have a study to back that up https://t.co/Svo2XlJIVE
15 Mar, 2023 - 03:06 PM UTC
👁️⃤ Mona
All of this talk about Ciara’s dress and y’all didn’t mention that it wasn’t for the Oscars, but an Oscar party themed-event “Barely there” this brings perspective.
15 Mar, 2023 - 03:30 AM UTC
Patrick S. Tomlinson
@vanguard_pod Reminder that when GOP lawyers working for DeSantis were forced to define "Woke" in a court of law, under oath, their definition boiled down to "The belief discrimination exists in America, and should be addressed."
15 Mar, 2023 - 12:43 AM UTC
Graham Moomaw
In a vote that split along racial lines, a Virginia School Board adopted a policy declaring "there is no systemic racism or bigotry perpetuated by the United States" https://t.co/m02xUBTFKw
14 Mar, 2023 - 12:02 AM UTC
Legal Defense Fund
“Every time Black people coin something that symbolizes our desire for liberation, it will be made into 'anti' whatever the sentiment is.” How did Woke go from Black to 'Bad?' Cultural experts and LDF unpack the sinister takeover. ⬇️ #LanguageisPower
13 Mar, 2023 - 09:35 PM UTC
Miss Sparkles
The first one I knew of doing this was Hilaria Baldwin... but wow... some are even worse somehow? https://t.co/g3vG0LXcXE
13 Mar, 2023 - 04:32 PM UTC
Bolu Babalola 🍯&🌶
Actually it is an ironic symbol, she is taking up space as a Black woman, whilst the white not only represents a femininity BW have traditionally not had access to but also how whiteness has obscured and obstructed paths of progress, in this essay, https://t.co/18bLPkOfBR
13 Mar, 2023 - 01:07 AM UTC
Amanda Katz
Yes, according to this reporting, you have to vacate your home within 30 days when he fires you https://t.co/UmttEYRckL
11 Mar, 2023 - 05:52 PM UTC
Abigail Disney
Well tell him to lay off the sauce! https://t.co/m1Bgs0yLn0
10 Mar, 2023 - 09:45 PM UTC
Washington Post Opinions
.@KarenAttiah looks at Raquel Evita Saraswati and the racial impostor problem https://t.co/W8HRrYDUEG
10 Mar, 2023 - 08:21 PM UTC
Eric Atcheson, aspirant to accomplished mediocrity
@KarenAttiah Several years ago a person active in academic anti-racism circles who identified as both Black and brown called me a disgrace on my genocided ancestors for not being leftist enough for their tastes. A few years later, they were outed as white. And we keep resisting real reform.
10 Mar, 2023 - 05:34 PM UTC
Alexis Grenell
"That Saraswati seems to have shifted from being a token Muslim of color in right-wing spaces to a token Muslim of color in left-wing spaces is proof of just how much White power structures blindly rely on superficial 'representation'" https://t.co/mRv22w2EJT via @KarenAttiah
10 Mar, 2023 - 05:07 PM UTC
isa watson
Someone told me “givers should set boundaries, because takers rarely do.” Bars.
09 Mar, 2023 - 06:06 PM UTC
John Edwin Mason
It's hard to imagine a more brilliant set up or a more devastating punch line. All in Du Bois' signature Victorian prose. https://t.co/iav8wUMJvl
09 Mar, 2023 - 05:34 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
Still can’t quite believe this happened 👇🏽 https://t.co/PfVJbmV50j
09 Mar, 2023 - 03:15 PM UTC
“fuck it, i’ll do it!” —black women Black women are routinely erased from public memory and historical narratives of resistance. Black women powered the civil rights movement, but rarely became its stars. #InternationalWomensDay A THREAD!
08 Mar, 2023 - 08:02 PM UTC
Janel Cubbage
A fact that has stuck with me since I’ve learned it, in part because it’s so disturbing, is that some of the first suicide prevention strategies were developed in response to African captives dying by suicide on slave ships.
07 Mar, 2023 - 07:45 PM UTC
Luke Thomas
Showtime has a documentary coming out in April on the story of 'Lightning' Lee Murray. It's arguably the most insane fighter story in MMA history, which is saying something. https://t.co/Ha9NyHRyVY
07 Mar, 2023 - 05:15 PM UTC
Washington Post Opinions
The last known survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre have found new symbolic homes — in Ghana. @KarenAttiah has the latest in her newsletter: https://t.co/aRcImGsKgC
05 Mar, 2023 - 05:14 PM UTC
Thats a good man, Savannah James
Chris Rock makes comedy for white people who have a Black friend.
05 Mar, 2023 - 04:12 PM UTC
Chris Rock said “you don’t fight in front of white people”, but had no issue calling a black woman a bitch in front of white people, negatively commenting on black women’s hair in front of white people, or letting white people use the N-word around him smh yo
05 Mar, 2023 - 03:36 PM UTC
Francisco Taveira
.@KarenAttiah: "If #Ghana’s govt were serious about building diasporic bridges, it would invest in its schools’ teaching more about colonialism and the trafficking of enslaved people, and about the challenges that Africans in the diaspora have faced." https://t.co/8UHzd9pLa0
04 Mar, 2023 - 09:35 PM UTC
colson whitehead
Being on Twitter now is like hanging out in the high school parking lot after you’ve graduated. It’s lame, but you had some good times there and you haven’t found anything better to do. “Hey, what are you guys up to…?”
04 Mar, 2023 - 05:32 PM UTC
Mayor of Cabot Cove
Tennessee is Tennesseing again. https://t.co/mtcp8sGq1J
04 Mar, 2023 - 02:47 AM UTC



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