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Khaya Dlanga


Retired YouTuber. Bestselling author of These Things Really do Happen To Me & To Quote Myself (Shortlisted for the Sunday Times Alan Paton Prize)

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Khaya Dlanga
Your crush is dreaming about someone else. Lala wena.
21 Apr, 2021 - 11:12 PM UTC
Khaya Dlanga
Of which it is fine
21 Apr, 2021 - 10:56 AM UTC
Khaya Dlanga
Damnit, the greatness that is @ElsaAngel19 was at my birthday on Friday but we were having so much fun forgot to take pictures.
21 Apr, 2021 - 06:25 AM UTC
Khaya Dlanga
I said what I said. Guilty.
20 Apr, 2021 - 09:08 PM UTC
Khaya Dlanga
This chap is guilty. I am going to sleep.
20 Apr, 2021 - 08:46 PM UTC
Khaya Dlanga
Des van Rooyen lasted longer than the European Super League. #SuperLeagueOut
20 Apr, 2021 - 07:31 PM UTC
Khaya Dlanga
Why haven’t you asked your crush out yet?
20 Apr, 2021 - 05:06 PM UTC
Khaya Dlanga
A glass of wine is warranted.
20 Apr, 2021 - 02:38 PM UTC
Khaya Dlanga
IPHC leader's wife told that she is 'dead'
20 Apr, 2021 - 11:55 AM UTC
Khaya Dlanga
This car was so ugly that it was the world’s least stolen car when it came out.
20 Apr, 2021 - 11:51 AM UTC
Khaya Dlanga
What’s the best thing you heard after someone said, “Fine, ingabina msebenzi”?
20 Apr, 2021 - 09:24 AM UTC

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Andrea Nattrass
A publisher's (and authors') plea: ask staff to assist if you are looking for a particular title and don't see it in their bookstore. It might be on a special display or behind the counter or tucked away in a corner. Don't assume it's not there and walk away without checking.
19 Apr, 2021 - 12:26 PM UTC
Shoot your shot ladies, ungasabi. 😊
16 Apr, 2021 - 03:10 PM UTC
Dark skinned Queen 👑
Shudu di post. You guys are just looking for reasons to hate on her😒
14 Apr, 2021 - 12:21 PM UTC
Golden Princess Day 1/27 🎂🎉
Unpopular opinion, but this wasn’t as terrible as Twitter said. I actually enjoyed it.
14 Apr, 2021 - 02:15 AM UTC
Bonginkosi Linda Nkosi
No one: Absolutely no one: People who wear All Stars in winter:
13 Apr, 2021 - 06:32 PM UTC
Ntsundu ❁
You need a LOGO for your business? DM me now😊
12 Apr, 2021 - 05:53 PM UTC
I realised it’s beyond a “content creation” exercise for me - but actually a social duty. So I’m releasing the first video of a session with me & my therapist. I put it all together in a matter of minutes, it’s not the best quality - but I need brand decision advice: red or green
12 Apr, 2021 - 02:24 PM UTC
Maiah 🌞
I watched this last night it was so good
11 Apr, 2021 - 05:11 PM UTC
A thread about Depression -I’m not a medical health professional but this is my experience Firstly, there are different forms of depression & different ways that they manifest. Personally I suffer from manic-depression. This is the most difficult to identify - and why people
11 Apr, 2021 - 02:53 PM UTC
What do they put in Savanna to warrant such?🤔
11 Apr, 2021 - 08:08 AM UTC
Tessa Dooms
@khayadlanga - Supply chain issues - Limitations on the efficacy of most vaccines on the dominant strain in SA - We are locked into contracts with a Pharmacuetical that has not completed its processes
11 Apr, 2021 - 07:51 AM UTC
Dimakatso 🐇
Vulnerability isn't a crutch, it's a strength.
11 Apr, 2021 - 07:34 AM UTC