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carla lalli music
I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you don’t have to go to a restaurant to put flaky salt on your ice cream. Or sorbet. If you’re eating sherbet I can’t help you
11 Aug, 2022 - 02:12 AM UTC
carla lalli music
We love queer people and you’re welcome 💘 cc @pineapplemedia https://t.co/n6eEfj2Idx
10 Aug, 2022 - 04:29 AM UTC
carla lalli music
If you're going to make somebody wait for something, make sure it's worth it ........ is a thing I say to myself in a self-congratulatory way every time I turn in late copy
10 Aug, 2022 - 12:21 AM UTC
carla lalli music
Rest in Purple Neon Magical Rays of Amazingness Oliva Newton-John
08 Aug, 2022 - 09:11 PM UTC
carla lalli music
House music all night long
08 Aug, 2022 - 05:00 PM UTC
carla lalli music
Wait who said we were going back to the “is it cake” videos
06 Aug, 2022 - 03:00 PM UTC
carla lalli music
They're a 10 but they cut their sandwich into two rectangles instead of on a diagonal
03 Aug, 2022 - 03:05 PM UTC
carla lalli music
So then the people who bear their rapist’s children under force of the law are compelled to interact with their abusers … forever. How is this not a form of torture? Cruel. Unusual. All of it. https://t.co/FVvx6MBnfV
28 Jul, 2022 - 03:52 AM UTC
carla lalli music
ugh Jane this is a bad take and yes it is sexist. Here's why: https://t.co/aUJScZNTPm https://t.co/H5raJniwNE
27 Jul, 2022 - 02:24 PM UTC
carla lalli music
This is a serious/non-facetious Q if anyone knows the A. If a person is raped and forced to carry that pregnancy to term, does the rapist (biological parent) become a legal parent? Would the person who gave birth have to co-parent w/ this person throughout the child's life??
27 Jul, 2022 - 02:21 PM UTC
carla lalli music
Have you ever gone to @hmartofficial to buy the big tall jar of kimchi and then put it in your car on a hot day and left it there while you did a bunch of other errands on foot for 2 hours and then came back to the car??? I did and my ride smells AMAZING
26 Jul, 2022 - 10:24 PM UTC
carla lalli music
definitely the second thing! exhausting for the person posting and the persons scrolling https://t.co/8D9MdKQYHQ
26 Jul, 2022 - 10:22 PM UTC
carla lalli music
Omw to the beach with no children— is this real life
23 Jul, 2022 - 05:32 PM UTC
carla lalli music
Just signed up to volunteer at @plannedparenthood in nyc, where they need escorts to accompany people to their appts. Feeling stoked about helping. More info: You can choose how to help, and do it on your own schedule — sign up now! https://t.co/2WlP2OtGph
19 Jul, 2022 - 05:17 PM UTC
carla lalli music
Still thinking about the person who said “I love your sun damage” in the chat during my last IG Live
17 Jul, 2022 - 07:36 PM UTC
carla lalli music
I’ve entered my block-mute-unfollow phase and it is glorious
15 Jul, 2022 - 09:52 PM UTC
carla lalli music
If you’re keeping track of time based on when BeReal says you’re late to post, you’re living in a multidimensional universe where it is all time zones all the time
14 Jul, 2022 - 01:51 AM UTC
carla lalli music
I swear to G the only thing that’s going to get us through this is stuff that makes us laugh so thank you in advance to everyone who makes me laugh. It’s all we’ve got
07 Jul, 2022 - 02:06 AM UTC
carla lalli music
the number one thing i could do for my health would be go to sleep earlier. it's free, i could start doing it immediately, it would instantly improve my quality of life, my immunity and my fitness. these are some of the things I think about at 2am while I'm looking at my phone
03 Jul, 2022 - 02:01 AM UTC
carla lalli music
Interviewing Mel Brooks was one of the single greatest work experiences of my life. https://t.co/jXKGrvVNfa
01 Jul, 2022 - 01:28 PM UTC
carla lalli music
Sam’s about to enter his cruciferous phase! Welcome! https://t.co/HHP1xuP6p7
01 Jul, 2022 - 05:24 AM UTC
carla lalli music
cold steak > hot steak FIGHT ME https://t.co/MdFDfEgb71
29 Jun, 2022 - 05:33 PM UTC
carla lalli music
One day you’re waiting for avocados to ripen, the next day you’re throwing rotten avocados in the trash
27 Jun, 2022 - 07:44 PM UTC
carla lalli music
Land of the free my ASS
27 Jun, 2022 - 02:41 PM UTC
carla lalli music
Where to put all this depression and despair? My mad/sad bags are already completely packed 💔🤬
24 Jun, 2022 - 04:46 PM UTC
carla lalli music
this was literally part of our pitch! if people are laughing in their cars on the way home or to the supermarket, we've done our jobs!!!! https://t.co/Okyv452YhU
21 Jun, 2022 - 11:33 PM UTC
carla lalli music
I would try a GF bread mix or other all-purpose GF blend. You can also use any GF pita, lavash, even bread that you like and grill the toppings. Grilled sweet red peppers or diced tomatoes ❤️❤️ https://t.co/HtuJB2JgMC
18 Jun, 2022 - 08:10 PM UTC

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Leslie Jones 🦋
A Bop y’all!! @madmcferrin
10 Aug, 2022 - 07:33 AM UTC
Marc E. Elias
The media is missing the really, really big reason why the raid today is a potential blockbuster in American politics.👇
09 Aug, 2022 - 12:09 AM UTC
Stacey Abrams
57 years ago, the Voting Rights Act was signed into law. But today, voting suppression is real and once again targets communities of color across the country and our state. Organize. Vote. Our fight for free and fair elections continues in the streets and at the ballot box.
06 Aug, 2022 - 12:21 PM UTC
Spotify Podcasts 🎙
Make mealtime part of your winding-down routine. Cook your favorite dish with the help of @lallimusic and Rick Martinez on Borderline Salty ⏲ https://t.co/GPxNvnjbev
24 Jul, 2022 - 05:00 PM UTC
@lallimusic casually pondering avocado’s place in a caprese salad remix: FUCK AROUND AND FIND OUT😈 When I tell you I hollered 😂 https://t.co/B0eC3E1k87
22 Jul, 2022 - 03:40 PM UTC
sad Y
⁦⁦@lallimusic⁩ important pink party cookies content https://t.co/oraRmbZBO8
22 Jul, 2022 - 02:25 PM UTC
Apple Podcasts
Solve your cooking conundrums with @lallimusic and Rick Martinez on @pineapplemedia's Borderline Salty. Listen in as they talk about planning the perfect dinner party, organizing your spice cabinet and making the most of leftovers. https://t.co/djBjZcOTQC
14 Jul, 2022 - 04:44 PM UTC
Meghan O’Keefe
Finally! Someone else says it! Raisins add so much to salads!! (Don’t yell at me, yell at @lallimusic, but why would you boo her, she’s right.)
08 Jul, 2022 - 02:29 AM UTC
Laura Bassett
One week into post-Roe America, a 10-year-old girl in Ohio was forced to travel to Indiana for an abortion, because Ohio now bans the procedure without rape exceptions. https://t.co/n9DerZ7mZl
02 Jul, 2022 - 03:26 PM UTC
Ilhan Omar
It’s not pro-life if you oppose gun violence prevention, oppose universal healthcare, oppose affordable prescription drugs, oppose the child tax credit, oppose paid leave, oppose universal childcare, oppose free school meals, and support endless wars You are just #proforcedbirth
26 Jun, 2022 - 08:42 PM UTC
Ilhan Omar
5 justices confirmed by a POTUS who lost the popular vote. 4 lied under oath. 2 credibly accused of sexual assault. 1’s seat literally stolen. 1’s spouse implicated in a coup attempt. It is not enough to tell people to vote. We need a comprehensive plan to fix this court.
26 Jun, 2022 - 04:18 PM UTC
philip lewis
Megan Thee Stallion gets crowd of thousands at the Glastonbury Festival to scream “my body, my motherfuckin’ choice”
26 Jun, 2022 - 03:10 PM UTC
Sherrilyn Ifill
Every time I re-read it I’m newly aghast. What an absolute embarrassment and betrayal of principle in judicial decisionmaking. The idea that our rights in a democracy are fixed at where they would have been in 1789 or 1868 is morally bankrupt & legally unsupportable. #Dobbs
26 Jun, 2022 - 02:29 PM UTC
Rahna Epting
There it is. ​​Griswold - Contraception Lawrence - Same-sex relationships Obergefell - Marriage equality It does not end at abortion. Republicans will not stop until they have stripped away every freedom they can’t load with bullets.
24 Jun, 2022 - 02:45 PM UTC
Charles Leroy Smith
Clearly Carla is front loading videos for those of us starting CSA season. With all the 🌞,🌧 & 🥵 #tomatoseason should be epic. Party B.L.T. 🥓🥬🍅🍞| Where Cooking Begins https://t.co/2scXZcHQhp via @lallimusic #Foodie #foodies
08 Jun, 2022 - 08:12 PM UTC
Caroline Orr Bueno, Ph.D
One of the Uvalde moms who lost a child just testified before Congress and said the thing that haunts me: “Somewhere out there, there’s a mom watching, thinking ‘I can’t imagine her pain’ — not knowing that one day it will be her reality if we don’t do something about guns.”
08 Jun, 2022 - 02:56 PM UTC
Hakeem Jeffries
Every single Republican voted against protecting our children from weapons of war designed to slaughter human beings. They are too extreme to govern.
03 Jun, 2022 - 04:01 AM UTC
Lynda Carter
I didn't write Wonder Woman, but if you want to argue that she is somehow not a queer or trans icon, then you're not paying attention. Every time someone comes up to me and says that WW helped them while they were closeted, it reminds me how special the role is.
01 Jun, 2022 - 06:25 PM UTC
Ilhan Omar
You literally killed the bill to do this. https://t.co/irxkAcPfW7
31 May, 2022 - 08:46 PM UTC
Susan Sternberg
@drewharwell @SilviaElenaFF @Cat_Zakrzewski @NaomiNixWrites *38th paragraph* of this multiple-byline piece, which is buried in WaPo's technology section, not page 1: "Researchers have documented that a history of violence or threats toward women is a common trait among gunmen in mass shootings,"
28 May, 2022 - 11:34 AM UTC
Indivisible Houston
#BREAKING: Several hours after #NRAconvention, Indivisible Houston board member @TheBenjaminHdz challenges Ted Cruz to support background checks & other measures during a dinner break at Uptown Sushi. #TedCruzHasBloodOnHisHands #TedCruzChildMassacre #TedCruzLovesDeadKids https://t.co/NL5GAkKZ80
28 May, 2022 - 04:33 AM UTC
Joaquin Castro
State authorities have provided the public with conflicting accounts of how the tragedy in Uvalde unfolded. I’m calling on the @FBI to use their maximum authority to investigate and provide a full report on the timeline, the law enforcement response and how 21 Texans were killed.
26 May, 2022 - 07:19 PM UTC
Rushdi Abualouf
The closest video of the #Israeli police suppressing the funeral procession of Shireen Abu Aqleh as the coffin was leaving the French hospital towards the cemetery
13 May, 2022 - 02:02 PM UTC
Nina Turner
49-51, codifying Roe fails in the Senate. No Manchin. No Collins. No Murkowski. 70% of Americans want Roe upheld. This is undemocratic.
11 May, 2022 - 08:31 PM UTC
Pineapple Street
No salt in the pasta water?! A borderline tragedy. Check out the latest episode of #BorderlineSalty, hosted by @lallimusic and #RickMartinez. Out now 🧂 https://t.co/jSprizz7BK
10 May, 2022 - 06:56 PM UTC
Spotify Podcasts 🎙
Our top picks for April are here 🎙️ What were yours?
29 Apr, 2022 - 10:40 PM UTC
Josh HD
"If you treat everyone with singular attention and give them the love and the independence that they need, they're all gonna be perfect. Together, they will be just a group of perfection." ❤️ @lallimusic https://t.co/eW6oYEdAue
14 Apr, 2022 - 02:10 AM UTC
Pineapple Street
Ready to become a better, smarter, happier cook? Chop it up with the experts. On our new podcast #BorderlineSalty, hosts @lallimusic and #RickMartinez take your calls and answer your questions to boost your confidence in the kitchen 🍽️
12 Apr, 2022 - 04:25 PM UTC
Pineapple Street
Welcome to the world of Borderline Salty, where cookbook authors and chef extraordinaires @lallimusic and #RickMartinez bring you the simple but important steps to level up your cooking game 🌯 New episodes weekly, beginning 4/12.
07 Apr, 2022 - 05:59 PM UTC
Want to support our efforts to #UnionizeConde? Sign our petition to tell @CondeNast to voluntarily recognize our union: https://t.co/GFRa18QygA https://t.co/M1qwOJfBPc
29 Mar, 2022 - 07:14 PM UTC



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