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Find myself building things on the fault-line between media, technology and democracy. CEO @WeAreKinzen. Founder @Storyful. Worked at @Twitter & @rtenews.

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Mark Little
Not all sound is equal …noise levels is London dropped during lockdown but noise complaints went up more than 47%, https://t.co/UFDMaizpTh
18 Sep, 2021 - 10:41 AM UTC
Mark Little
“The latest IPCC report says there is still this window open. It’s a very, very small window, that is true.” https://t.co/0BIHyUEd7l
17 Sep, 2021 - 05:39 PM UTC
Mark Little
“I like stuff that sounds like now and sometimes it sounds even better if you play it next to something that sounds like then” 👏 https://t.co/4viFTGszqf
17 Sep, 2021 - 05:35 PM UTC
Mark Little
It was a rare honour to be able to launch this wonderful interrogation of media and democracy with a Buzzcocks lyric https://t.co/AHuxwCSGol
17 Sep, 2021 - 05:31 PM UTC
Mark Little
Honoured to help kick off this project tomorrow. https://t.co/aJZlTezF6X
14 Sep, 2021 - 08:12 AM UTC
Mark Little
Heavenly morning
14 Sep, 2021 - 06:34 AM UTC
Mark Little
“The Jan. 6th insurrection at the Capitol was the logical endpoint of the 9/11 era” https://t.co/Z9sXrguDAo
13 Sep, 2021 - 10:05 AM UTC
Mark Little
What a great - and informative- thread https://t.co/UbTlwwEA1K
12 Sep, 2021 - 09:12 PM UTC
Mark Little
Flora. Fauna. Dalkey Island.
11 Sep, 2021 - 05:36 PM UTC
Mark Little
So much of the 9/11 anniversary coverage feels strangely hollow and narrow. Not this thread, and the heartfelt post at the end. https://t.co/ZtgzgeFa9u
11 Sep, 2021 - 01:24 PM UTC
Mark Little
“Sensationalizing news events to increase their entertainment value heightens conspiracy beliefs … For the benefit of us all, a boring truth is preferable to entertaining misinformation.” https://t.co/Tm0SA3pmtP
11 Sep, 2021 - 01:10 PM UTC
Mark Little
”The war was a glitch in the matrix of American exceptionalism, and Trump offered a reboot” https://t.co/CGLIC9BATC
11 Sep, 2021 - 12:48 PM UTC
Mark Little
Why the most virulent disinformation is often a perfect storm of top-down propaganda and bottom-up conspiracy thinking https://t.co/CiPcPwd7xA
10 Sep, 2021 - 03:14 PM UTC
Mark Little
The Paradox of the Techlash: our gut feelings about technology companies can potential hinder efforts to build better technology. Case in point: https://t.co/qnASuudtTi
10 Sep, 2021 - 07:36 AM UTC

Top Retweets by @marklittlenews

Rowan Barnett
Brilliantly thoughtful and powerful lecture from @marklittlenews on media, journalism and how it needs to change in order to fulfil its critical role of being a driving force in safeguarding our democracies. Well worth investing 30min - starts at 09.38 https://t.co/EroQP3Csn5
17 Sep, 2021 - 07:10 AM UTC
Roger Childs
Very thoughtful and lucid lecture from @marklittlenews at the #Schuler #Democracy Forum Launch, ranging from Barack to the Buzzcocks, Beckett to The Big Short (and that's just the Bs). Lecture starts at 09.38: https://t.co/mwxLyqEEKE via @FacebookWatch
16 Sep, 2021 - 04:21 PM UTC
'What if we were to create a media ecosystem that was wired to reward our best intentions rather than fuel our worst instincts" Mark Little, Schuler Democracy Forum Media fellow on his thought for the future of media and journalism #DemocracyForum @SchulerForum
15 Sep, 2021 - 03:40 PM UTC
Dr Elspeth Payne
This Wednesday, join the @TLRHub for #DemocracyDay and the launch of the Schuler Democracy Forum. Register for @marklittlenews's talk, 'Media for Humanity - a brief history of the future of journalism' here: https://t.co/kPWuPVm7Nn @UN #InternationalDemocracyDay #SDG16
13 Sep, 2021 - 08:08 AM UTC
Join us this Weds at 4pm for the launch of the Schuler Democracy Forum with a @tlrhub Media Fellow Mark Little, presenting a talk on 'Media for Humanity - a brief history of the future of #journalism' followed by a Q&A. @marklittlenews Booking here 👇 https://t.co/RKqzWe51T5
12 Sep, 2021 - 01:52 PM UTC
Malachy Browne
This is a major blunder, another egregious example the practice of assassinating people by drone strike that has become normalized in the 20 years since 9/11. https://t.co/yrDW93ZYom
10 Sep, 2021 - 08:27 PM UTC
"More than ever, we need a conversation about #media and #democracy that is grounded in the reality of human lives" Mark Little commenting on his new role as Trinity Long Room Hub’s Schuler Democracy #Forum Media Fellow. @marklittlenews Full article here https://t.co/jGtFzMLcI0
10 Sep, 2021 - 11:21 AM UTC
#AFG Taliban do face a socially transformed, rather connected and highly aware Afghanistan. Demonstrations in Kabul under Taliban Afghanistan becoming widespread by the day. The demonstrators are upset by the recent visit and Pakistan's interference in Afghanistan.
07 Sep, 2021 - 09:37 AM UTC
Kate Starbird
Adding this example to my slides in the section on how disinformation also flows through the center left. Though the phenomenon is not symmetric, people on “both sides” of the political spectrum are vulnerable to spreading political disinformation. https://t.co/2uCW8fLdUb
05 Sep, 2021 - 02:22 PM UTC
Jon Williams
Earlier today I was privileged to welcome the first two journalists from #Afghanistan offered international protection by #Ireland. Both fled Kabul as the Taliban seized the city. Grateful for Irish generosity & support for #PressFreedom. Óró, sé do bheatha 'bhaile.
03 Sep, 2021 - 04:20 PM UTC
Ray Nolan
Awesome Team -> Awesome result !! https://t.co/pzReE41HC5
02 Sep, 2021 - 07:48 AM UTC
emily bell
Still the unbeaten champion of newspaper corrections 24 years running (this particular correction was pinned to the walls of the ladies loos in the Guardian’s educational center ) https://t.co/PaunTlnD2G
01 Sep, 2021 - 06:01 PM UTC
Steve Rosenberg
Today my BBC colleague @sarahrainsford had to leave Russia. The authorities had labelled her a threat to national security. Outrageous, unfair & an assault on media freedom. Here’s Sarah’s report on her expulsion. @BBCNews @BBCWorld Producer @BBCWillVernon Camera/edit @mattgodtv
31 Aug, 2021 - 11:49 AM UTC
Razan Ibraheem (رزان)
I don't count my age the day I was born. I count it the day I arrived to Ireland. Today, 10 years ago, I arrived to do my MA @UL. I didn't know a single soul but soon Ireland became my new homeland. #Ireland is the best thing happened in my life. Go raibh maith agat 🇮🇪
31 Aug, 2021 - 08:16 AM UTC



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