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marlon wayans
How many brothers a about to LOC DOG this Halloween 🎃 hmmm?
26 Oct, 2020 - 08:04 AM UTC
marlon wayans
I said “USED TO BE” @TiffanyHaddish has matured and is a bonafide star and I’m proud of her.
26 Oct, 2020 - 01:17 AM UTC
marlon wayans
Fuck all y’all ... my favorite Halloween costume #happyhalloween
25 Oct, 2020 - 12:44 PM UTC
marlon wayans
Date night with the fam... watch #ontherocks on @AppleTV streaming now... Beautifully shot in the most beautiful city NYC S/O to @rashidajones for her beautiful performance
25 Oct, 2020 - 03:15 AM UTC
marlon wayans
Watch a beautiful movie #ontherocks available now on @appletv
24 Oct, 2020 - 07:17 AM UTC
marlon wayans
Marlon Wayans on His Journey to Becoming a Leading Man |
23 Oct, 2020 - 08:41 PM UTC
marlon wayans
Dope piece in @people thank you. Excited for the next level of the journey.
23 Oct, 2020 - 07:01 PM UTC
marlon wayans
#o the rocks streaming now on @appletv a movie for every father, every daughter, every husband, every couple and every generation #soproud great date night. Enjoy
23 Oct, 2020 - 09:19 AM UTC
marlon wayans
Go to fb and my Instagram @MarlonWayans to see my sister @kimwayans entire HILARIOUS sketch #missnenita #govote2020 I’m literally 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 directed by @shawn_wayans
22 Oct, 2020 - 10:38 PM UTC
marlon wayans
People say i have sadness in my eyes... i do. Got every reason to BUT i still find my smiles. I hope you do too.
20 Oct, 2020 - 10:57 PM UTC
marlon wayans
I’m sure @shawn_wayans did this to me at least once
20 Oct, 2020 - 07:28 PM UTC
marlon wayans
“Looking sharp” as my Mama used to say.
20 Oct, 2020 - 05:02 PM UTC

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Please put in living color on Netflix 😭😂
26 Oct, 2020 - 12:50 AM UTC
Donald Barrett
WHO DID THIS TO THE PATRIOTS!! 😂😂😂😂😂 Y’all Leave Cam Alone! 🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ @spiceadams @MarlonWayans @stephenasmith @FirstTake @espn
25 Oct, 2020 - 10:38 PM UTC
Almighty Chamar Rach’e
@MarlonWayans + #RashidaJones was a duo I never knew I needed🔥 #OnTheRocks @AppleTV @A24
25 Oct, 2020 - 09:37 PM UTC
Please have Marlon Wayans back on as the in-house full-hour guest. His insights and advice were both funny AND thoughtful. -E #KellyClarksonShow @KellyClarksonTV @MarlonWayans
25 Oct, 2020 - 03:51 PM UTC
Omg this toook me back “But you didn’t hear that from me”
24 Oct, 2020 - 04:24 PM UTC
Ailsa Forshaw🧢
I love @MarlonWayans so much - I hope everyone goes back and watches all of his work - is so funny, so smart! Makes me laugh, just thinking about it - lol! @netflix @NetflixIsAJoke #Naked #Marlon #Sextuplets It's a long list, you'll see it! #Search Netflix, baby! @WendyWilliams
24 Oct, 2020 - 09:22 AM UTC
Anybody has @AppleTV I wanna watch the homie @MarlonWayans new movie “ON THE ROCKS” I’ve been studying his career journey!!!
24 Oct, 2020 - 07:22 AM UTC
Tim Odom Jr
Man On The Rocks is fantastic! Sophia Coppola is in my top 10 directors now. This role was made for Bill Murray, Rashida Jones and Marlon Wayans kill it. @MarlonWayans @iamrashidajones
24 Oct, 2020 - 04:23 AM UTC
Tim Widner
@MarlonWayans just watched On the Rocks. Awesome job brother! Really, really good.
24 Oct, 2020 - 02:32 AM UTC
Lyle E Henderson
Y’all go see #MissBenita on @marlonWayans’ page and please #Vote #VoteEarly @not1voteleftbehind #not1voteleftbehind
24 Oct, 2020 - 01:46 AM UTC
#OnTheRocks started alittle bit slow but move the story along nicely. Have to say I enjoyed seeing @MarlonWayans in a serious romantic role.
24 Oct, 2020 - 01:44 AM UTC
Ms Benita I miss you.. I voted in your honor. @kimwayans
24 Oct, 2020 - 01:23 AM UTC
Patrick Butler
I am peeeing myself #laughing She's Baaaaaaaaack #MissAnita
24 Oct, 2020 - 01:19 AM UTC