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Tech entrepreneur 5 time unicorn founder and tech investor, father of 7, husband of @ninavars. We don’t need to agree but the conversation should be civilized.

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Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Those who advocate news without journalists. Do they propose medicine without doctors? Litigation without lawyers? Aviation without pilots? Bridge building without engineers?
24 Jan, 2023 - 10:41 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
In 1939 and 1940 Nazi Germany annexed Austria Czechoslovakia and invaded Poland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands and France. After defeating most of Europe it only had two enemies standing: UK and Russia.
24 Jan, 2023 - 09:32 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Corruption in Ukraine should be fought, especially as aid is coming from the West and we don't want it to end in the pockets of some Ukrainian criminal. But we should not fall for Russian propaganda that is trying to push this story to make us not help Ukraine.
24 Jan, 2023 - 02:24 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Great summary of the current and future state of the economy and tech by @elonmusk , @Jason , @friedberg , @DavidSacks https://t.co/WoosyZDTTF
24 Jan, 2023 - 12:27 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Inflation is both a tax on the general public through their currency ownership and to investors via capital gains that are not indexed to inflation. You may have an investment that just kept up with inflation and still owe a great deal of taxes.
24 Jan, 2023 - 09:27 AM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
I still can't get over January 6th and how few Republicans repudiate it. People died https://t.co/goUsSzXpAB I find a lot not to like about the Democratic party, example San Francisco, they ran it to the ground. But a coup in the US Congress??
23 Jan, 2023 - 07:55 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
What would you do to change the horrible state of affairs in San Francisco? https://t.co/2kLwQkgxXv
23 Jan, 2023 - 02:00 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Progress is not inevitable.
23 Jan, 2023 - 09:53 AM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Being too concerned about the wellbeing of every citizen leaves countries vulnerable to defeat by less caring, more capitalist nations. But being unconcerned about the wellbeing of people leaves countries in a state of brutal capitalism. We have to learn to navigate the center.
23 Jan, 2023 - 09:11 AM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Esta mañana en Madrid, acompañé a mi hija de 11 años a una clase de preparación de Batmitzvah, a la lección más especial y triste del año, la del Holocausto o como decimos nosotros la Shoah, cuando Hitler y sus hordas Nazis asesinaron 6 millones de judíos.
22 Jan, 2023 - 12:14 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
My favorite large cities in the world: Rome, Tokyo, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires, London, Paris, Prague, Miami, NYC. My favorite small towns: East Hampton, Aspen, Gstaad, Jose Ignacio, Ciutadella, Deia, San Gimignano, San Sebastián, Capri.
21 Jan, 2023 - 03:37 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
During a conversation with a German writer tonight in Berlin he said. “Death is normal, life is the exception. Think about the universe. So vast and so dead”
20 Jan, 2023 - 10:48 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
In Berlin today, a city that is a living proof that Nazism and Communism, can be defeated by freedom and democracy.
20 Jan, 2023 - 08:35 AM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Son: we are studying fascism and communism, if both are dictatorships, what is the difference? Me: in communism everything is owned by the state but in fascism there is private property, mostly owned by party members. Son: So why is China communist? Me: I don't know.
19 Jan, 2023 - 08:48 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
When I rarely go into @tiktok_us I see a string of videos of people who are extremely talented at one thing, an online circus show. Some are amazing, but how many people who can uncork a beer with their hair can you watch?
19 Jan, 2023 - 02:44 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
When you go shopping you see inflation everywhere... until you shop for stocks.
19 Jan, 2023 - 02:32 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
I am a happy investor in Founders Fund and glad Peter Thiel went cold on crypto at the right time. https://t.co/eaHHxAoZRO
19 Jan, 2023 - 02:06 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Best lesson USA can give to Europe “United we stand, divided we fall”
19 Jan, 2023 - 09:55 AM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
If Putin is the new Hitler, Scholz is the new Chamberlain. Great intentions but poor strategy.
18 Jan, 2023 - 07:33 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Who do you find to be the most inspiring entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter that may not be on everyone's radar? I am looking for new entrepreneurs to follow.
18 Jan, 2023 - 03:53 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
What type of watch do you wear?
18 Jan, 2023 - 01:45 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
If Putin is fighting NATO why are all the dead Ukrainians?
18 Jan, 2023 - 07:20 AM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Some European countries worry that giving weapons to Ukraine leaves them vulnerable, forgetting that the only source of vulnerability in Europe, is the enemy of Ukraine.
17 Jan, 2023 - 09:06 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Spanish passport more useful than US passport according to Forbes. https://t.co/Lc0ANMGZMC
17 Jan, 2023 - 12:13 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Resistencia Ancestral Mapuche - a terrorist indigenously organization in Argentina and Chile. https://t.co/d3iq1MA9ol
16 Jan, 2023 - 07:54 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
If you are in the Northern Hemisphere and have heating turned on. What temperature are you at right now?
16 Jan, 2023 - 06:30 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Fascism and communism are two faces of the same system. What is hard to achieve maintain is democracy. That is why Eastern European countries like Hungary tgo back to tyranny. Russia went from extreme left to extreme right, same system.
16 Jan, 2023 - 03:22 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Tesla stock is falling from the category of "software company" to the more reasonable category of "car company". As a result share price is adjusting way more than that of Google or Microsoft. We own two Teslas and are overall happy with them.
15 Jan, 2023 - 07:50 AM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
The UK tried Chamberlain and got Hitler. They know better now. Every European nation should send tanks to Ukraine. Ukraine has to become an impenetrable fortress for Putin. https://t.co/xbu9F6CCYY
14 Jan, 2023 - 04:56 PM UTC
Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦
Me parece muy bien que el primer ministro del Reino Unido llame al gobierno de Irán "barbárico", que no respeta a los derechos humanos de su pueblo. Espero escuchar a Pedro Sanchez decir algo similar pero lo dudo. La izquierda tiene un amor incomprensible por el regimen iraní. https://t.co/k5d3XVo1Bd
14 Jan, 2023 - 12:13 PM UTC

Top Retweets by @martinvars

Tomas Pueyo
The tiny island of Java has more population than all of Russia More than all of Japan Why? https://t.co/mrkRzU5uCx
24 Jan, 2023 - 08:49 PM UTC
Morning Brew ☕️
Amazon just announced RxPass, a service where Prime users in the US pay $5/month to get as many generic medications as they need. The chief medical officer of Amazon Pharmacy said that over 150M people in the US already take one or more of the medications offered. (@TechCrunch)
24 Jan, 2023 - 03:55 PM UTC
roula khalaf
FT Investigation: the Russian warlord and his lawyers https://t.co/5z3f6CDKak
24 Jan, 2023 - 09:29 AM UTC
Antonio Regalado
Can subsidized, easily accessible IVF help reverse population declines? Put another way, if people could give birth at any age, would there still be negative population growth in so many countries? China is one nation that *could* move the needle on mass-availability of IVF. https://t.co/wN2tp5Nf9z
23 Jan, 2023 - 06:17 PM UTC
Martín Lousteau
Es inadmisible que Argentina reciba a Nicolás Maduro. Es una vergüenza que este gobierno sea cómplice de países que violan los derechos humanos y tienen presos políticos. Debemos denunciar esos atropellos y luchar por una democracia plena en Argentina y en toda la región.
23 Jan, 2023 - 05:48 PM UTC
Andrew Gazdecki
This is what building a startup feels like.
23 Jan, 2023 - 01:39 PM UTC
Visegrád 24
Alexey Milchakov is one of the neo-Nazi commanders of the Russian neo-Nazi Rusich unit which has been to Ukraine by Putin to “de-nazify” the country. He says he is in Ukraine to kill Ukrainians so that they can’t have Ukrainian children.
22 Jan, 2023 - 03:56 PM UTC
Ecomodernist Society of North America
France. everything else is just talk. no one else has achieved this by any other means. https://t.co/MyV6GWPJjc
22 Jan, 2023 - 02:48 AM UTC
Roland Baker
Cedars-Sinai: COVID-19 Surges Linked to Spike in Heart Attacks: rates of heart attack death had increased by 29.9% for adults ages 25-44, by 19.6% for adults ages 45-64, and by 13.7% for adults age 65 and older. (H/T @outbreakupdates) https://t.co/ylhf49jffz
21 Jan, 2023 - 03:00 PM UTC
Chuck Pfarrer | Indications & Warnings |
COMPROMISED? This hirsute young politico is Olaf Scholz. In the 80’s, Scholz was a self-identified Marxist. The DDR (East Germany) then regarded him as an ‘important ally in the struggle against NATO’. Scholz is now the principal stumbling block to providing armor to Ukraine. https://t.co/bSHusoVUPv https://t.co/8srMP3PKQ1
21 Jan, 2023 - 02:11 PM UTC
Urmas Reinsalu
We, 🇪🇪 🇱🇻 🇱🇹 Foreign Ministers, call on Germany to provide Leopard tanks to Ukraine now. This is needed to stop Russian aggression, help Ukraine and restore peace in Europe quickly. Germany as the leading European power has special responsibility in this regard.
21 Jan, 2023 - 07:31 AM UTC
Ann Bordetsky
Reality of fundraising this year — You might have to kiss 100 frogs 🐸 to find your 👑 but that’s OK Don’t take it personally. It’s a numbers game at early stage, work the funnel (just like sales) 100 investors -> 10 deep diligence -> 2-3 term sheets. You only need 1 YES
21 Jan, 2023 - 04:03 AM UTC
Sheel Mohnot
Most popular car in Europe / most popular car in the US.
20 Jan, 2023 - 02:30 PM UTC
Benjamin Tallis 🇺🇦
I only hope that Scholz, Pistorius & co read this excellent article @fromTGA on #Germany’s special historic & contemporary responsibility to #Ukraine - which it has yet to match with its response - before today’s #Ramstein meeting #FreeTheLeopards https://t.co/F97RUqpyJ1
20 Jan, 2023 - 08:42 AM UTC
Rob Henderson
I've followed @naval for years. Never knew this about his background and upbringing. From @EricJorgenson's project, The Navalmanack https://t.co/8XRhQcL2Ny https://t.co/V3L4UK3Z6c
19 Jan, 2023 - 10:17 PM UTC
Dr. Sydney Watson
So, apparently if an image of "female-presenting nipples" is posted by a female, that's prohibited. But if that same female identifies trans or non-binary, then the image is okay. 🥴
19 Jan, 2023 - 09:34 PM UTC
Reed Hastings
Ted & Greg are now co-CEOs. After 15 years together we have a great shorthand & I’m so confident in their leadership. Twice the heart, double the ability to please members & accelerate growth. Proud to serve as Executive Chairman for many years to come https://t.co/oYc0laqMXQ
19 Jan, 2023 - 09:00 PM UTC
Mohamad Safa
Who agrees with ending property tax at the age of 65 so that Seniors can finally stop being pushed out of their homes
19 Jan, 2023 - 07:29 PM UTC
Anne Applebaum
Putin tried to blackmail Europe by cutting off Russian gas. But Europe successfully found alternatives and couldn't be blackmailed. Now Russia has a lot of gas that it can't quickly sell to anyone https://t.co/ph96ASLvo1
19 Jan, 2023 - 06:49 PM UTC
Alejandra Oraa
Podrá existir una Venezuela "premium" para algunos, pero un informe de la ONU tiene una cifra lapidaria del país: cerca de 6,5 millones de venezolanos padecen hambre crónica. Les dejo los puntos más importante en el siguiente hilo:
19 Jan, 2023 - 02:02 PM UTC
Inception Fertility
Rachel Seltzer walks you through her process of choosing a sperm donor. “Every year on her birthday, I say a solid thank you to the man who we will never know, but who gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever give me.” Learn more: https://t.co/cFUPI6Em0u
19 Jan, 2023 - 02:00 PM UTC
Kaja Kallas
The government decided today to send #Estonia's biggest aid package of heavy weapons so far to #Ukraine. This takes our total military aid to Ukraine over 1% of our GDP. The package includes howitzers, grenade launchers and ammunition - what Ukraine has asked us for. 1/
19 Jan, 2023 - 08:34 AM UTC
Dina Radenkovic
Had a great time talking about our work @GametoGen on our journey of taking first iPSc derived treatment for infertility to the clinic, global regulatory landscape of cell therapies & investments in biotech in the era of programmable biology in #Davos #WEF2023 @Longevity_Inv https://t.co/ZEFHk9Mope
18 Jan, 2023 - 07:52 PM UTC
Nathan Benaich
👋 Too many generalist VCs are force feeding $ to nascent teams of pedigreed AI friends these days. These are proto-companies that are just figuring out what problem they want to tackle/testing ideas. Relax. Let them breathe. You’re doing them a disservice. It’s unhealthy. 🧘‍♂️
18 Jan, 2023 - 07:48 PM UTC
Matias Nisenson
Jack Abraham (@jackabraham), founder of @joinatomic, $HIMS, OpenStore, and more, will be joining us for a talk on the future of healthcare. Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear from a master of turning ideas into reality and scaling them into top-grossing companies.
18 Jan, 2023 - 05:40 PM UTC
Stephen King
Hey, kids! It's your old buddy Steve King telling you that if they ban a book in your school, haul your ass to the nearest bookstore or library ASAP and find out what they don't want you to read.
18 Jan, 2023 - 04:05 PM UTC
European Jewish Congress
We are shocked and appalled by the shameful comparison drawn by Russian FM Lavrov between the support of the West for Ukraine and Hitler’s persecution and murder of six million Jews in the Shoah. This is Holocaust distortion at its most basic level. https://t.co/V0ld4NArOY
18 Jan, 2023 - 02:43 PM UTC
Barter | La Comunidad Solar del Futuro
¿Te imaginas poder desplazarte con #energíasolar? 🌞🚗 En Barter lo hemos hecho posible, hemos creado la primera red de recarga ultrarrápida con energía solar de España🌌 Entra en nuestra web y descubre cómo (ENLACE WEB) https://t.co/k7Vw3GFxKO
18 Jan, 2023 - 01:17 PM UTC
The Spectator Index
BREAKING: Twitter revenue down 40% year-on-year
18 Jan, 2023 - 02:13 AM UTC



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