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Host, @mehdihasanshow on @MSNBC & NBC's @peacockTV. New York Times best-selling author. Order my new book: https://t.co/qGY4mV7rN8

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Mehdi Hasan
Have the IRS commented yet on why they reportedly showed up at the home of Matt Taibbi? I mean, I know it's the Journal, and I know Republicans are already losing their minds, but it doesn't look good, for sure. https://t.co/IX0bJpzSl1
28 Mar, 2023 - 05:39 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
‘Either Imran Khan exists or we do’ What on earth is this, from the Pakistani interior minister? This is the kind of demonizing/dehumanizing rhetoric that precedes civil war; that can lead to repression and genocide. It needs to be condemned globally. https://t.co/LThpHIZReP
28 Mar, 2023 - 05:31 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
“The secret list of Twitter VIPs getting boosted over everyone else” Oh the hypocrisy. And the ridiculous far-right account ‘Catturd’ is part of this? You cannot make this stuff up. https://t.co/cHirJLWBMa
28 Mar, 2023 - 11:02 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
‘Yes, my Italian-American rival would be working in a… pizza parlor, if it wasn’t for my generosity’ https://t.co/Uax24ggfPV
28 Mar, 2023 - 10:41 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
“I’ll Walk Away From Anything”: Kara Swisher Calls the Shots | Vanity Fair https://t.co/e2OZ9DZOZl
28 Mar, 2023 - 10:39 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
Fox News Fires Abby Grossberg, the Producer Who Accused the Network of Coercion - The New York Times https://t.co/GJ3tLdRpRP
28 Mar, 2023 - 10:23 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
MSNBC's Mehdi Hasan: You need "rhetorical judo" to challenge the far right | https://t.co/ikehD3VLSC https://t.co/4CfqMdfKl5
28 Mar, 2023 - 04:54 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
Opinion | Yes, TikTok is a threat to America. But so are U.S. social media companies. - The Washington Post https://t.co/A99cH33rE4
28 Mar, 2023 - 04:52 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
But it's still so much fun and so reminiscent of his Jack Bauer days... https://t.co/58Fj2gmFpo
28 Mar, 2023 - 03:04 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
The gun lobby's interpretation of the 2nd Amendment "has been the subject of one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, on the American public by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime." - former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger
28 Mar, 2023 - 02:46 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
"What about the Palestinians? Israelis have been protesting to save their democracy - a democracy that has never existed for millions of Palestinians...There is no saving of Israeli democracy without freedom for the occupied Palestinians." My commentary:
28 Mar, 2023 - 02:13 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
Going live on @msnbc guesthosting @allinwithchris for the next hour. Join me! 😉🙏🏽
27 Mar, 2023 - 11:59 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
“If we refuse to understand…that democracy cannot, by definition, coexist alongside a regime of occupation, apartheid…not only will we…find ourselves again struggling against a dictatorship, but next time, that dictatorship will be far more violent” https://t.co/CxRvZ5ACKl
27 Mar, 2023 - 09:20 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
Tonight, I'll be guest-hosting @allinwithchris on @MSNBC, live from 8pm Eastern. Much to discuss - from Trump legal troubles to another horrific school shooting to Israel's historic protests. Join me live from 8!
27 Mar, 2023 - 08:22 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
Many more, as long as Republicans in Congress continue to block the will of 90% of Americans. https://t.co/4DTPLouyGb
27 Mar, 2023 - 07:38 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
Predicted and predictable. He’ll ‘pause’, try and wait for the energy of the protesters to dissipate, and then still try and ram it through when everyone’s ‘moved on’. https://t.co/sjZb73aLo1
27 Mar, 2023 - 04:36 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
Humza Yousaf says he's 'luckiest man in the world' to be new SNP leader | ITV News https://t.co/sMPsjGURLs
27 Mar, 2023 - 03:26 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
“After he made a comment during a televised debate highlighting Mr. Green’s Muslim faith, the incumbent accused him of stoking religious tension and stormed out” Erm…🤔…any more details on this ⁦@nytimes⁩ & ⁦@npfandos⁩? What was the comment? https://t.co/GYHUyN4fA2
27 Mar, 2023 - 11:07 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
“Ludicrously capacious bag” 😂 #Succesion
27 Mar, 2023 - 04:19 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
Most of the best lines, as ever, were Roman’s - though Kerry gave the kids a run for their money. https://t.co/Mzw4Rf4V2P
27 Mar, 2023 - 03:57 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
"When I look at Trump v. DeSantis, I'm reminded of Lindsey Graham's infamous 2016 jibe at the Trump and Ted Cruz standoff: choosing between those two, he said, was like choosing between 'being shot or poisoned'" From my opening @MSNBC monologue tonight:
27 Mar, 2023 - 12:29 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
Going live shortly, on @MSNBC, for tonight's @MehdiHasanShow. My guests include: @MMFlint @JamaalBowmanNY @OliviaTroye @WajahatAli @ElieNYC @sfardm Join us live from 8pm ET on @MSNBC. Much to discuss!
26 Mar, 2023 - 11:49 PM UTC

Top Retweets by @mehdirhasan

Wajahat Ali
I do not have the time or appetite to mince words. Hope you can read and share: "If The GOP loved Kids As Much As Their Guns" https://t.co/H7Wn0w9h67
28 Mar, 2023 - 06:39 PM UTC
Jesse Lehrich
hard to think of a more egregious "weaponization of federal gov't" than Rs fully converting the People's House into a Trump defense fund –– literally working at his direction to obstruct justice & harass his political foes: https://t.co/01b9PBTqVH
28 Mar, 2023 - 05:06 PM UTC
Catch @mehdirhasan in a special conversation with @AbhinandanSekhr. Only for our subscribers! https://t.co/E1nW2Wcrgg
28 Mar, 2023 - 03:00 PM UTC
David Corn
A new Reagan bombshell reminds us: In recent decades, Republicans have won the White House partly due to dirty tricks. Read all about this in my #OurLand newsletter. And please RT: https://t.co/dKcH98831v Sign up for a FREE trial subscription at https://t.co/lpMfGEtWlw
28 Mar, 2023 - 01:39 PM UTC
Ahmed Twaij
“It was disgracefully dubbed “Operation Iraqi Freedom” by the invading United States military forces, but for millions of Iraqis around the world, it was anything but” My latest for @AJEnglish https://t.co/FAnEoGVpO9 #Iraq20YearsOn
28 Mar, 2023 - 12:58 PM UTC
Don Moynihan
This is what happens when the last guy who raised an objection got fired
28 Mar, 2023 - 11:03 AM UTC
Shibley Telhami
Don't miss this. @mehdirhasan gets to the heart of the point that many in our media are missing. https://t.co/7WlGkr1Dc4
28 Mar, 2023 - 08:25 AM UTC
jason alexander
Friends, there are bigger issues in the 🌎than the blue verified ✔️next to my name on this account. But without it, anyone can allege to be me. So, if I lose that ✔️ know I will leave this platform. Anyone appearing with it=an imposter. I tell you this while I’m still official.
28 Mar, 2023 - 06:47 AM UTC
Christian H. Cooper
A lot of people don’t realize my home state of Tennessee has full blown open carry laws. No training. No registration. No license. These people are literally insane to keep voting for this nonsense. Marsha Blackburn being a US Senator tells you all you need to know. https://t.co/9JYOZR9zEe
28 Mar, 2023 - 02:55 AM UTC
Rula Jebreal
As one Israeli woman at a protest in Tel Aviv earlier this month pointed out, via her placard: 'We were silent about occupation, and we ended up with dictatorship.'" https://t.co/QRK7h05JBU
28 Mar, 2023 - 02:24 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
"Netanyahu seems to have persuaded minister Itamar Ben-Gvir to back the 'pause' by giving him a private police force, his own militia, in return. One that the fascistic Ben Gvir presumably could use...to terrorize Palestinians in the Occupied Territories."
28 Mar, 2023 - 02:16 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
"What about the Palestinians? Israelis have been protesting to save their democracy - a democracy that has never existed for millions of Palestinians...There is no saving of Israeli democracy without freedom for the occupied Palestinians." My commentary:
28 Mar, 2023 - 02:13 AM UTC
Bill Grueskin
“The Post took the step of seeking — and receiving — the consent of the victims’ families before proceeding with this account. The Post offered the families the opportunity to view the depictions in advance of publication, which they declined to do” https://t.co/eRlDdFZGLs
28 Mar, 2023 - 01:47 AM UTC
Bill Grueskin
Good lord. The kicker to this horrifying Washpost piece: “You have been on this page for 1 minute 52 seconds. It took approximately 2 minutes for the shooter to kill 10 people and injure 3 others at a Buffalo supermarket.” https://t.co/DKtl0XZfeH
28 Mar, 2023 - 01:38 AM UTC
Eli Erlick
Over the past 5 years, only 3 of the estimated 2,840 mass shooters were trans. Trans people are 1-2% of the general population but only 0.04% of mass shooters (98% are cis men). I realize the right doesn’t care about statistics but at least we can show how ridiculous they sound.
28 Mar, 2023 - 01:15 AM UTC
Aaron Reichlin-Melnick
Funny, don’t recall him doing much soul searching after the El Paso massacre, where a shooter *directly cited* the same invasion language that Vance himself has repeatedly pushed. https://t.co/4fTPcacsxZ
28 Mar, 2023 - 01:12 AM UTC
Aaron Rupar
Hannity asks Trump about his "death and destruction" post and another showing him posing with a baseball bat next to Alvin Bragg. Trump plays dumb.
28 Mar, 2023 - 01:10 AM UTC
Garrett M. Graff
Important point here: Shootings being the #1 killer of our children is a choice we make as a country; other countries aren’t like this. It’s a policy choice forced on us by Republican leaders. It’s not a permanent condition unless we let it be. https://t.co/wk8G63JNKA
28 Mar, 2023 - 12:41 AM UTC
New York Times Opinion
While many observers have pointed to trends in Israel as harbingers of those to come in the U.S., just as compelling an argument can be made that it is the other way around, writes @aron_heller. https://t.co/j4w6H6uaBy
28 Mar, 2023 - 12:23 AM UTC
Former conservative Chief Justice of Supreme Court Warren Burger in 1991: The 2nd Amendment "has been the subject of one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, on the American public by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime" https://t.co/PHyv4nJPCJ
27 Mar, 2023 - 08:37 PM UTC
Matthew Sheffield
There are many causes of right-wing radicalism, but one that is not remarked upon very much, in my opinion, is aging. As an example, watch this clip of Maria Bartiromo & Donald Trump in the 90s contrasted w/today. Their accents, vocabularies, & demeanors are very different.
27 Mar, 2023 - 06:58 PM UTC
Matthew Yglesias
This would never happen if a free speech absolutist like Elon Musk were in charge https://t.co/GgC2dgFSLQ
27 Mar, 2023 - 02:28 PM UTC
Brian Finucane
1 Secret enemies in the war on terror Biden admin's War Powers report for latest US airstrikes against "Iran backed militia groups" in Syria neither identifies the groups attacking US forces nor the groups targeted by the US in response. https://t.co/lZP4bYsV5E
27 Mar, 2023 - 01:51 PM UTC
Greg Sargent
Don't overlook this, it's a big deal: Michigan Dems are passing pro-labor *and* pro-LGBTQ/abortion bills. They're explicitly casting this as a pro-worker agenda, economically *and* culturally. This is the blue state answer to red state culture war madness: https://t.co/ysbzdrc1iq
27 Mar, 2023 - 12:00 PM UTC
A.R. Moxon
CatTurd2: my views are down slightly Elon: We will work on it night and day until it is fixed, sir Actual Celebrities: my participation with your site gives this badge value, why are you making me pay for it Elon: eat shit fame babies
27 Mar, 2023 - 09:29 AM UTC
Kathleen Belew
Waco is significant because it is used as the alibi for domestic terrorism: because the federal government killed Branch Davidians at Waco, the story goes, violence against the federal government (and collateral damage against civilians) can be justified. (2)
27 Mar, 2023 - 12:26 AM UTC
Kathleen Belew
We aren't talking enough about the Trump rally in Waco this weekend. This site is important to the white power movement and other extremist groups because it signifies not only a moment of federal overreach, but a response by extremists: the Oklahoma City bombing. (1)
27 Mar, 2023 - 12:24 AM UTC
Jay Brody
People saying that “he shouldn’t be praised for helping” have no idea what it’s like working in film. Mike Myers had me fired off the set of “The Love Guru” because I made eye contact with him, and I was there as his body guard… 😂 Give Keanu his roses https://t.co/xfmOHvxObK
26 Mar, 2023 - 11:21 PM UTC



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