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National Park Service
It’s #WorldRangerDay! 🤠Rangers around the world dedicate themselves to preserving, conserving, and protecting our natural and cultural resources. Learn more about ranger careers at https://t.co/RuNRjmgymO
31 Jul, 2021 - 03:55 PM UTC
National Park Service
“It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for 'em.” Pepper Brooks⁣⁣ Diving for salmon...how will it turn out? https://t.co/wBIH6B3rmC 📸: A light-colored brown bear dives in a river at Alaska’s @KatmaiNPS. NPS/M. Bradburn
30 Jul, 2021 - 01:16 PM UTC
National Park Service
If you could be visiting ANY national park at this very moment, where would you go? (Remember, you have 423 parks, historic sites, monuments, recreations areas....to choose from. https://t.co/ITl27VzYZe) 📸Photo/J. Ehrlenbach
29 Jul, 2021 - 07:56 PM UTC
National Park Service
Before there were national park rangers, there was the U.S. Army. And within the army, a remarkable unit known as the Buffalo Soldiers had lasting impacts in places still preserved as parks today. https://t.co/IRuFzNCe3M #BuffaloSoldiersDay
28 Jul, 2021 - 02:38 PM UTC
National Park Service
Nothing ruins your Friday more than realizing it's only Tuesday.
27 Jul, 2021 - 01:42 PM UTC
National Park Service
We love exploring parks that are off the beaten path. They can be a great option for travelers looking for trails, history, and fewer crowds. What are some parks you've recently explored? #PlanLikeAParkRanger at https://t.co/VDQYXTzC8R 📸@LassenNPS
27 Jul, 2021 - 02:27 AM UTC
National Park Service
Don’t worry, it’s mostly armless. However, a little trip planning can ensure that your only park surprises are good ones! Learn how to stay safe and #PlanLikeAParkRanger at https://t.co/aMYy15mpNV
23 Jul, 2021 - 07:33 PM UTC
National Park Service
What are some of your favorite national park views? 📸@GreatDunesNPS
21 Jul, 2021 - 09:29 PM UTC
National Park Service
Alabama's @BirminghamNPS shares stories of Americans uniting to fight for civil rights despite all dangers and adversity they faced. Learn more at https://t.co/CVbB9p9YxC #AmericanAspiration #NPSGetaway
21 Jul, 2021 - 05:00 PM UTC
National Park Service
Explore stories of Latino heritage found in national parks and communities through preservation programs. Learn more at https://t.co/tf7g7wYvV6 #LatinoConservationWeek #LCW2021 📸@SanJuanNPS
19 Jul, 2021 - 03:44 PM UTC
National Park Service
Join us for #LatinoConservationWeek July 17-25! This annual celebration seeks to engage the Latino community (and everyone) in National Park Service recreational activities and stewardship that benefit local communities and parks. Learn more at https://t.co/PpJK7LCWvK #LCW2021
17 Jul, 2021 - 09:01 PM UTC
National Park Service
They told me I could be anything...so I became a frog. 🐻🐸 https://t.co/HpGlNkU1vR
14 Jul, 2021 - 07:19 PM UTC
National Park Service
How do you stay cool in parks? Tips to beat the heat: 🔥🌞🔥 https://t.co/ToqbPwHHxw
13 Jul, 2021 - 03:02 PM UTC
National Park Service
Rare image of a bison stepping on a LEGO. 🦬 🧱⁣ ⁣ Bison actually make a variety of sounds from low rumblings of male bellows to high-pitched bleats of a calf. Other sounds consist of "snorts," "coughs," "roars," and "grunts." #RecreateResponsibly 📸@GrandTetonNPS
12 Jul, 2021 - 09:49 PM UTC

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Today is a perfect day for a hike! With a forecasted high around 77 degrees, the weather is ideal for getting out on the trails. Make sure to plan ahead though; there is potential for thunderstorms this afternoon! #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque NPS Photo/D. Firth
29 Jul, 2021 - 05:34 PM UTC
Lake Clark NPS
Trees at the Chinitna Bay viewing areas are full of bear hair! Brown bears rely on scent marking on trees to exchange information on an area, mark routes, display dominance, or identify between males or a potential mate. Learn more bear ecology here: https://t.co/3QkcBcrsey
28 Jul, 2021 - 05:10 PM UTC
Fort Vancouver
Today is the 31st anniversary of the #AmericansWithDisabilitiesAct. This crucial law is about making #public land #accessible. Recently with Portland State University, an advance cane course of 25 #teachers and #students was held at #FortVancouver. A #braille map was used. #VanWa
26 Jul, 2021 - 06:25 PM UTC
Katmai National Park
Are you a #bearcam fan yet? Whether you watch the 24/7 streams or tune in for a live event, there is always something to learn. Check out the action on the @exploreorg bear cams at https://t.co/2WiaGDingc. Share something you have learned this season! Photo courtesy of L. Law
23 Jul, 2021 - 05:00 PM UTC
Lake Mead
Today, for #LatinoConservationWeek we're highlighting Sergio Silva Jaramillo, our social media intern through the @GBInstitute. When he’s not out in the park photographing the natural beauty of the park, he’s at headquarters creating content for social media in Spanish & English.
23 Jul, 2021 - 04:44 PM UTC
President's Park
#PresParkNPS Summer Youth Photography Program has been a huge success! 20 #highschool students with a passion for #photography were selected to visit different National Parks to enhance their photography skills! #FindYourPark 📸Julian Dorsey-Ruffin. Group photo, Nilda Keres.
23 Jul, 2021 - 03:39 PM UTC
Niobrara National Scenic River
"Some bridges you crossed on your own, no matter who drove you to the edge" - J.R. Ward #NiobraraNSR has some interesting bridges that you might float beneath as you float down. What's your favorite #bridge? NPS Photo #niob30
23 Jul, 2021 - 01:50 PM UTC
Megan McArthur
@NatlParkService @GreatDunesNPS My view from @Space_Station of @GrandCanyonNPS is pretty spectacular. I can’t wait to visit again in person!
22 Jul, 2021 - 01:15 PM UTC
US Department of the Interior
Join us in celebrating Latino Conservation Week. The week gives us a chance to focus on the diversity of the Latino community and their leadership in conservation, as well as a call to continue the work of ensuring access to the outdoors for all. https://t.co/PKOQe6jHMW
21 Jul, 2021 - 01:57 PM UTC
Arches National Park
“Beautiful, beautiful. Magnificent desolation.” - Buzz Aldrin As we continue to protect our fragile resources on earth, it's equally important to protect our dark skies and new frontiers, including the moon. #NationalMoonDay #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque 📸 ©️ Paul Stolen
20 Jul, 2021 - 09:13 PM UTC
Tonto NPS
Let’s have a #garden party! Lettuce turnip the beet! Back in March, we were just getting ready to move our baby garden plants outside. Take a look at our three sisters garden (corn, beans and squash) now! #FindYourPark #NationalParkService #Garden #ThreeSisters #Growth
19 Jul, 2021 - 05:00 PM UTC
Agate Fossil Beds NM
"It's SO quiet here!" many visitors tell us. Sure we may not have much human-made hustle and bustle noise out here on the prairie, but there's a whole symphony of sounds to hear. You just need to stop and listen for a bit. On this #WorldListeningDay, it's time to #ListenUp!
18 Jul, 2021 - 04:15 PM UTC
NPS Youth & Young Adult Programs
📅 #SavetheDate NEXT Wed, Jul 21 @ 4pm ET w/ @TheCorpsNetwork! Why is 🏛 #historicpreservation important? How does the #CivilianClimateCorps impact the field of historic preservation? How can we mentor the next generation? ➡️ https://t.co/Q5cmvO4wAR #FindYourPark #NPSYouth #NPS
14 Jul, 2021 - 05:11 PM UTC
George W. Carver NM
#OTD 78 years ago 7/14/1943 George Washington Carver National Monument was established. The park is the first unit of the @NatlParkService dedicated to an African American. The site is the birthplace & childhood home of the famed agricultural scientist, educator & humanitarian.
14 Jul, 2021 - 02:54 PM UTC
National Mall NPS
The Washington Monument is now open! Come see the amazing views of #WashingtonDC from the observation deck & honor the memory of George Washington. Tickets are required & can only be reserved the day before your visit at https://t.co/Ohz7IfDqGe
14 Jul, 2021 - 01:59 PM UTC



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