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The New York Times
Jay-Z is the most nominated artist in Grammy history. He had been tied with Quincy Jones for 80 nods, but with this year's ballot, he has a total of 83 nominations. Jay-Z has won 23 Grammys in his career so far. https://t.co/iqH6CgsugT
28 Nov, 2021 - 11:20 PM UTC
The New York Times
Ready to give cross-country skiing a try? These centers offer a seamless introduction to the sport, through regularly scheduled lessons, meticulously groomed trails, on-site rentals and other activities for when you need a break. https://t.co/GpBGEW0Qhf
28 Nov, 2021 - 11:00 PM UTC
The New York Times
Curfews and lockdowns in some countries have once again made it difficult to plan a visit to the continent. Here’s what we know about the latest restriction. https://t.co/KESxnZepn0
28 Nov, 2021 - 10:40 PM UTC
The New York Times
When Holly Herrmann was 20, she flew to Italy for a piano competition and vowed to make it her home one day. Her dream came true 38 years later. “I didn’t want life to become boring. I wanted it filled with adventure.” https://t.co/QhMeLCU2kS
28 Nov, 2021 - 10:20 PM UTC
The New York Times
Los hondureños eligen a un nuevo presidente en las que podrían ser las elecciones más significativas para el país en más de una década. La contienda electoral ha sido empañada por la violencia y suscita mucho interés en Washington. https://t.co/1M5Uj5JFSk
28 Nov, 2021 - 10:05 PM UTC
The New York Times
Margo Guryan recorded the album “Take a Picture” in 1968, but she declined to support it on tour and few people heard it. Three decades later, adventurous listeners discovered it. https://t.co/5kx5RTur9S
28 Nov, 2021 - 10:00 PM UTC
The New York Times
If the $2.2 trillion social safety net and climate package makes it through the Senate, it will provide $1.67 billion over the next five years for newspapers, websites, radio and TV stations, and other outlets that primarily cover local news. https://t.co/ATpEgcvvMO
28 Nov, 2021 - 09:50 PM UTC
The New York Times
The American novelist Noah Gordon sold more than six million books in Germany alone but remained largely unknown in the United States. He has died at 95. https://t.co/mye3memBhh
28 Nov, 2021 - 09:40 PM UTC
The New York Times
Los hondureños van a las urnas hoy. Las tensas elecciones podrían tener repercusiones clave en Washington, donde una de las prioridades de Biden se ha visto obstaculizada: detener la migración procedente de Centroamérica. https://t.co/lKCGjgnTd3
28 Nov, 2021 - 09:30 PM UTC
The New York Times
A 26-year-old man survived a flight from Guatemala to Miami on Saturday after hiding in the airplane’s landing gear compartment, officials said. https://t.co/bzbZB3Hrdn
28 Nov, 2021 - 09:20 PM UTC
The New York Times
Health leaders in the U.S. have said that it is all but inevitable that the Omicron coronavirus variant will reach the country and called this a time for caution. "There’s no reason to panic. But it is a great reason to go get boosted." https://t.co/RYMXKn1Wug
28 Nov, 2021 - 09:15 PM UTC
The New York Times
Virgil Abloh, who died on Sunday at age 41, referred to himself not as a designer but as a "maker," in acknowledgment of his omnivorous creative mind. He was a workaholic who maintained a punishing schedule and moonlighted as a DJ and a furniture designer. https://t.co/iFniIrOnsi
28 Nov, 2021 - 09:05 PM UTC
The New York Times
"The most concerning aspect about high-containment biolabs is that, considered as a collective, they may only be as safe as the worst lab among them: A breach or a breakdown at one could imperil us all," Jon Gertner writes in @NYTMag. https://t.co/GbUNRmXpG6
28 Nov, 2021 - 09:00 PM UTC
The New York Times
How many words can you make with 7 letters? Don’t forget, your words must include the center letter. https://t.co/OEFnF26i2W
28 Nov, 2021 - 08:50 PM UTC
The New York Times
Hours after Israel sealed its borders to all foreign travelers in response to the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, Morocco said it too would deny entry to all travelers, even Moroccan citizens, for two weeks beginning Monday. https://t.co/6c8QOAUPPW
28 Nov, 2021 - 08:40 PM UTC

Top Retweets by @nytimes

Ellen Barry
Last year, I saw a perplexing news item: A Maine man had pleaded to two low-level domestic violence charges --the result of an FBI sting and state & federal prosecutions over five years. Why, I wondered, was this case so important to the government? 1/6 https://t.co/rqFJYHFLLS
28 Nov, 2021 - 08:40 PM UTC
Jon Caramanica
put Virgil’s phone/IG archive/dropbox/process notes - a blueprint for modern creativity - in the MoMA, or better, display them on the facade so all the kids can soak them in https://t.co/hpVai2wrQR
28 Nov, 2021 - 08:16 PM UTC
Peter Baker
Cut off from the US, Europe and elsewhere, nations in Southern Africa protest new covid travel restrictions and failure to distribute vaccines more widely. ⁦@benjmueller⁩ ⁦@declanwalshhttps://t.co/G3y5kH15Ez
28 Nov, 2021 - 02:52 PM UTC
Brent Staples
Gentrification explodes in popular Austin - driving out the Black and brown poor via ⁦@nytimeshttps://t.co/Y53uTHiiAu
28 Nov, 2021 - 02:27 PM UTC
Michael Paulson
There will be so much to say about Stephen Sondheim in the days, weeks, and years ahead. For now, here are some thoughts from my colleagues at @nytimestheater as well as New Yorkers onstage and off, starting with the indispensable @JesseKGreen. https://t.co/UYih8cfwcr
27 Nov, 2021 - 05:20 PM UTC
tariq panja
“For the IOC’s many critics, the guarded, cautious language — viewed more as an attempt to explain away its silence rather than ensure Peng Shuai’s safety.” A look with @stevenleemyers at what IOC’s “quiet diplomacy” means in its dealings with China https://t.co/0NP0CTwKTP
26 Nov, 2021 - 10:47 PM UTC
Katie Van Syckle
Curious about the history (and future) of New York City's traditional department store holiday windows? Here you go! https://t.co/OXp4a6ggjo
26 Nov, 2021 - 05:23 PM UTC
Stephanie Nolen
Hour five on the tarmac on Flight Variant. https://t.co/ZnzLjAD6jS
26 Nov, 2021 - 03:23 PM UTC
Carol Rosenberg
With media now locked out of the detention zone -- the place that put Guantanamo Bay on the map after the 9/11 attacks -- my colleague @ErinSchaff set out to explore life beyond the prison at the outpost of 6,000 residents. What she found... https://t.co/itPXQeh2RJ
26 Nov, 2021 - 02:34 PM UTC
tariq panja
Judge confirms Rio secured South America's first Olympics by bribing voters, ex-head of Brazil’s Olympic Committee - a senior IOC official - given 30 year sentence. https://t.co/JNdLPNA4Ce
26 Nov, 2021 - 02:00 PM UTC
Shane Goldmacher
NEW: When Beto O'Rourke announced his run for TX governor, a host of groups unaffiliated with his campaign raced to capitalize on his popularity with online donors. One jarring example: The yellow link below did *not* direct money to the Beto campaign. https://t.co/6B5pCx5ysQ
26 Nov, 2021 - 01:49 PM UTC
Ali Watkins
Pre-COVID, NYPD was solving nearly 90% of murders. But that rate plunged over COVID, even as violent crime rates spiked. I spent 2 months with a family as they went from hopeful, to frustrated, to distraught, waiting for NYPD to catch their son’s killer. https://t.co/ZQUlFJA8un
26 Nov, 2021 - 01:44 PM UTC
Raphael Minder
Like Halloween, Black Friday is an American cultural import that is now an essential marketing tool in Spain and the rest of Europe. Forget waiting for The Three Kings, Spaniards are expected to buy mountains of toys etc. today. https://t.co/vUCWuiI7xr
26 Nov, 2021 - 11:18 AM UTC
Mujib Mashal
This is a story about chai, about coffee, and about those long hours of talking about everything & nothing. Kolkata’s ‘Favorite Cabin’ and Coffee House: “two cafes at once museums to nostalgia, and part of an indispensable, even addictive, daily routine” https://t.co/YW2dEXeplP
26 Nov, 2021 - 10:38 AM UTC
Tara Parker-Pope
If your pants are unbuttoned from eating so much, don't beat yourself up. It's biology! https://t.co/chLdEF8MY6
26 Nov, 2021 - 03:29 AM UTC



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