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Journalist. BBC, and a few other places. Buys nappies on eBay.

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Pádraig Belton
Meanwhile I wrote an entire story about the semiconductor sector and didn’t make ONE single pun about chippers. I’ve let you all down, but more importantly I’ve let myself down. https://t.co/tE4wv5NF5q
18 Sep, 2021 - 03:52 PM UTC
Pádraig Belton
Advertisement for the London Irish Centre, 1968. Still at it.
17 Sep, 2021 - 07:44 PM UTC
Pádraig Belton
After a year of hotel life, dear London friends insisted I take over their flat for an eve, to cook and listen to Radio 3. Omelette you have a picture.
17 Sep, 2021 - 06:51 PM UTC
Pádraig Belton
Dublin airport. 6 am. And I’ve just passed an aul’ wan wearing a Tinder t-shirt.
17 Sep, 2021 - 05:16 AM UTC
Pádraig Belton
I’m forsaking Liffey for Thames for a few days’ toil. And today, when a little girl escaped school, on the table outside our local Italian restaurant was a ‘reserved’ sign.
16 Sep, 2021 - 10:42 PM UTC
Pádraig Belton
I’ve concluded that in some dark corner of GB News at 3 am, Whittingdale has been watching Londonderry Girls. https://t.co/4CfMFKkZcx
16 Sep, 2021 - 10:30 PM UTC
Pádraig Belton
I’m full of amazement at how this little fellow has fallen asleep,
16 Sep, 2021 - 02:17 PM UTC
Pádraig Belton
Amazon's view of what I eat
16 Sep, 2021 - 01:52 PM UTC
Pádraig Belton
Why I am Anglican, in one screen shot.
15 Sep, 2021 - 09:03 PM UTC
Pádraig Belton
I'm loving working this week with @SBreatnach on Construction Magazine, for @CIF_Ireland. All the more so now @LGBT_ie helped us put out a call for the stories of LGBT+ people working in Irish construction, building design, and engineering. We'd love to hear your stories 🌈🇮🇪🏠💚 https://t.co/jObmR6K4yw
15 Sep, 2021 - 02:14 PM UTC
Pádraig Belton
For those of an historical bent, today’s #reshuffle follows by exactly 40 years Thatcher’s reshuffle of 15 September 1981. Which was the purge of the wets (Carlisle, Gilmour, and Lord Soames), with Nigel Lawson shoved to the frontbench.
15 Sep, 2021 - 11:39 AM UTC
Pádraig Belton
Debbie Harry, at 76 the most stylish person at #MetGala2021, will always be the first single I ever bought, in the one (1) life choice from my early twenties I stand by.
14 Sep, 2021 - 08:53 AM UTC
Pádraig Belton
As a happy commuter enjoying morsels of Dublin and London life, I’m struck by how much recreational chat, as a sport - with shopkeepers, strangers in the queue, on the footpath - features in my Irish life. That, and greeting drivers at the wheel, gives my days real joy here.
14 Sep, 2021 - 08:45 AM UTC
Pádraig Belton
I just saw a man with a beard give his cockerpoo Pellegrino outside a coffee shop and lads, I've found the most Dalkey thing ever.
14 Sep, 2021 - 08:11 AM UTC
Pádraig Belton
Being lucky custodian of two small people’s cultural education, last night was 80s night and saw shoulder pads, and hair so big it contained secrets.
14 Sep, 2021 - 07:00 AM UTC

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The Guardian
The computer chip industry has a dirty climate secret https://t.co/auXZeE8wDZ
18 Sep, 2021 - 12:04 PM UTC
Thank you to @BaillieGifford for the feature in this Autumn’s Trust magazine, and @PadraigBelton for the lovely write up
15 Sep, 2021 - 05:18 PM UTC
Emma Gregg
In which I chat to @PadraigBelton about the future of travel and the joys of greener, #flightfree adventures. For @BaillieGifford, who kindly sponsored my conversation with @underscrutiny about tourism and climate change at @hayfestival this year. #TheFlightlessTraveller https://t.co/Q7UULdabkd
02 Sep, 2021 - 10:42 AM UTC
Michael Richardson
@AnnieMain @PadraigBelton @lufthansa And in a very German way it also makes really good business sense not only do happily engaged children make for a better flight for everyone, you are building your future customer base lol
06 Aug, 2021 - 10:06 AM UTC
Dublin Airport
Back in the day, there used to be a near racist claim that “the Irish liked a row”. In hindsight, maybe it was just a mispronunciation. The Irish like to row. #TheIrish #Olympics #IrishRowing
29 Jul, 2021 - 08:32 AM UTC
@PadraigBelton Hey just wanna update people, I had alot of people from this post ask me about a gofund me for Igors repatriation costs. My mum has set one up https://t.co/Y8ACfitqkn
25 Jul, 2021 - 10:03 AM UTC



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