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product @twitter | past lives engineering @periscopeco, @secretly, @vine, @uwaterloo | gamer & fan | 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇨🇮🇵🇭🇵🇰

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sara beykpour
"Dogecoin has great dogs and memes and I love dogs and memes" - Dogefather 🐕#BWordEvent
21 Jul, 2021 - 06:31 PM UTC
sara beykpour
had a crash, continuing here! https://t.co/XB3YEVxERI
17 Jul, 2021 - 08:38 PM UTC
sara beykpour
Join @mad_typist @film_girl @deman48 @sandofsky to discuss the last episode of #Loki season 1 and #BlackWidow, at 1230 PT! https://t.co/X6GHXw8hwb
17 Jul, 2021 - 06:21 PM UTC
sara beykpour
production quality aside, that was awesome. inspiring stuff! 🚀#unity22
11 Jul, 2021 - 03:42 PM UTC
sara beykpour
not a lot of wifi up in space eh
11 Jul, 2021 - 03:28 PM UTC
sara beykpour
In a few minutes let’s discuss the latest episode of #loki https://t.co/f9ccYaaaPB
10 Jul, 2021 - 07:23 PM UTC
sara beykpour
watched Black Widow but will withhold commentary until more people have a chance to see it! There IS a postcredit so don’t miss that!
10 Jul, 2021 - 06:40 PM UTC
sara beykpour
Mike was a light. He always had a joke to immediately brighten the room. I was fortunate to get to know him more when we took this trip together a while back. I recall his "You got this" energy and encouragement backstage. He was a genuinely great guy ♥️ Miss you @mkruz. https://t.co/SlaojQLLoN
07 Jul, 2021 - 03:17 AM UTC
sara beykpour
A little later than usual today…join me, @sandofsky and @deman48 for our weekly #Loki discussion at 1 PM PT! https://t.co/zUxyvz6qMx
03 Jul, 2021 - 05:08 PM UTC
sara beykpour
upgrading FF7R to the PS5 version for the Intermission DLC was…not intuitive 😩
03 Jul, 2021 - 02:25 AM UTC
sara beykpour
I missed this a few days ago. SCOTUS unanimously ruled that the NCAA violates anti-trust 💯 https://t.co/LAJVdlvvAJ
28 Jun, 2021 - 04:39 PM UTC
sara beykpour
Let's chat about this week's episode of #Loki https://t.co/p7bFGYz1Yz
26 Jun, 2021 - 07:32 PM UTC
sara beykpour
i have hbo max and i didn’t get the email so i think the test failed, i’m so sorry
18 Jun, 2021 - 03:59 AM UTC

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Cody Elam
Today, we’re launching an experiment for voting within replies -- a way to give us feedback on what replies you find most relevant. How did research and exploration get us here? ⬇️ https://t.co/hvmNuXvs9S
21 Jul, 2021 - 07:06 PM UTC
Jessie Link 🐊
Come listen to us talk live about #Loki in a few hours! https://t.co/uLw1L7kWA0
12 Jun, 2021 - 05:40 PM UTC
Twitter Blue
Hi, Twitter 👋 We have arrived. Twitter Blue is going to be a journey and this is just the start. What features would you like to see up next? We want to hear from you.
03 Jun, 2021 - 10:31 PM UTC
Sarah Frier
Very excited for our Social Power Hour show tomorrow, where @NaomiNixWrites and I will discuss Twitter Blue with @pandemona! Come 9amPT/noonET if you have questions for her, thoughts to contribute or just want to listen in! https://t.co/vlq9H3B6pQ
03 Jun, 2021 - 06:10 PM UTC
R a j i v
Cool feature on Twitter Blue $twtr https://t.co/XK83d6w8aL
03 Jun, 2021 - 04:55 PM UTC
Cam Gordon
"Everyone is always vocal about their opinions on Twitter but our super users are particularly helpful... we're going to get a lot of great signals" - @pandemona More on the super user focus of @TwitterBlue, debuting today in 🇨🇦/🇦🇺 (via @CdnPressNews) https://t.co/gxWZbtCuhE
03 Jun, 2021 - 04:15 PM UTC
Chris Messina
OMG, Reader Mode is basically Twitter removing the character limit. My mind is broken. #NewTwitter #TwitterBlue https://t.co/Y8EzTlY0dh
03 Jun, 2021 - 04:10 PM UTC
Laura Pacas
“Twitter Blue is aimed at customers who are our most engaged, our most passionate super users who really want to take their experience to the next level” @pandemona https://t.co/NZCYMzDbka via @technology
03 Jun, 2021 - 02:44 PM UTC
Morgan Block
After months of talking to customers about the ideas behind Twitter Blue, I am so excited to continue learning about how and why customers use it. We are all ears! https://t.co/AgcCmraXKF
03 Jun, 2021 - 02:37 PM UTC
Brian Poliakoff
Good read on how we are looking at various types pf subscriptions - exclusive features on Twitter for people who use the service heavily (Twitter Blue - announced today) & tools that reward content creators (Super Follows, tipping, ticketed Spaces) https://t.co/paK3m26oxU
03 Jun, 2021 - 02:26 PM UTC
Twitter Canada
Hey 🇨🇦, you’re in. Be one of the first to explore @TwitterBlue, a new subscription service on iOS.
03 Jun, 2021 - 02:00 PM UTC
Twitter Verified
Dear “can you verify me” –– Save your Tweets and DMs, there’s a new official way to apply for a blue badge, rolling out over the next few weeks. You can now submit an application to request verification in-app, right from your account settings! -Your verified blue badge source
20 May, 2021 - 03:25 PM UTC
Vijaya Gadde
Sometimes conversations can get intense in the moment. We’ve been experimenting with different solutions & today we are rolling out prompts that encourage people to pause and reconsider a potentially harmful or offensive reply before they hit send. https://t.co/9aFV8Ynv6f
07 May, 2021 - 04:38 PM UTC



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