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PEPFAR is the U.S. government initiative to help save the lives of those at risk from HIV/AIDS around the world. Likes and RTs do not imply endorsement.

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Today is National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day, a day to help stop #HIV stigma and promote ways to address the disproportionate impact of HIV on Latinx communities. #NLAAD #StopHIVTogether Learn more: https://t.co/ijSFyx1USF
15 Oct, 2021 - 03:00 PM UTC
The @WHO has endorsed the 1st malaria vaccine. Like HIV, malaria is one of the world’s deadliest diseases. 2/3 of malaria deaths occur in children under five. Many countries leverage #PEPFAR -supported health care infrastructure to address #malaria alongside #HIV. #EndMalaria
14 Oct, 2021 - 01:45 PM UTC
We must address the needs of vulnerable yet underserved populations to #EndAIDS by 2030. #PEPFAR continues to prioritize serving those most in need and at risk and putting affected communities at the center of the #HIV response. #PEPFARSavesLives @USAID
13 Oct, 2021 - 05:30 PM UTC
The U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative recently launched its strategy for 2021-2026: “End Malaria Faster,” which aims to save 4M lives & avert 1B cases by 2025. The U.S. government is the largest donor to global malaria efforts, primarily via @GlobalFund & @PMIgov #EndMalaria
12 Oct, 2021 - 02:00 PM UTC
On Int'l #DayOfTheGirl, the U.S. recognizes the unique barriers facing girls around the world. #PEPFAR's DREAMS partnership addresses factors that make young women vulnerable to #HIV, such as gender-based violence & exclusion from economic opportunities. https://t.co/R7Tw50gRVz
11 Oct, 2021 - 09:00 PM UTC
On U.S. National #ComingOutDay, we celebrate those whose visibility changes the world and honor those who – for reasons of safety or circumstance – are unable to live openly as members of the LGBTQI+ community. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈
11 Oct, 2021 - 05:30 PM UTC
On this Int'l #DayOfTheGirl, #PEPFAR stands committed to empowering girls to realize an AIDS-free future. Girls deserve to live safe, healthy lives free from violence, and PEPFAR remains dedicated to partnering with girls to lead us towards an equitable and equal future for all.
11 Oct, 2021 - 02:20 PM UTC
Recent studies show that working with men to promote gender equality can improve health and fight disease among both men & women. #PEPFAR focuses on linking men to testing and treatment services as a critical component of the @MenStar Coalition. #PEPFARSavesLives @USAID
08 Oct, 2021 - 02:45 PM UTC
PEPFAR is the largest supporter of children affected by HIV. Half of children infected with #HIV during or around birth will die before age two without treatment. #PEPFAR expands treatment access by reducing barriers such as stigma and using child-friendly ART regimens. @USAID
08 Oct, 2021 - 03:30 AM UTC
Losing a parent to #AIDS not only takes a psychological toll on children but also could hinder their access to education & other services due to stigma. #PEPFAR has provided #HIV treatment for over 18.4M people & has prevented millions of children from being orphaned. Image: JSI
07 Oct, 2021 - 01:15 PM UTC
What is ART? Antiretroviral therapy is a frontline treatment for people living with #HIV, which reduces viral load to an undetectable level, improving their own health and ensuring they can no longer transmit HIV to others. #TreatmentAsPrevention @USAID
06 Oct, 2021 - 04:30 PM UTC
Proud to see @PMIgov's bold vision for the U.S. government's continued leadership to #EndMalaria faster. The new strategy will save lives, reduce health inequities and improve disease surveillance & global health security. #PEPFAR stands ready to support you at every step. https://t.co/4YUPfFkbyC
06 Oct, 2021 - 03:16 PM UTC
An HIV diagnosis is no longer a death sentence. In fact, with appropriate treatment, people living with HIV can lead long, healthy lives, and through viral suppression ensure they cannot transmit #HIV to their partner. #TreatmentAsPrevention #EndHIVStigma Image: @PSIimpact
05 Oct, 2021 - 06:30 PM UTC
PEPFAR invests substantially to prevent new HIV infections. Despite the challenges of #COVID19, #PEPFAR has continued to increase access to #PrEP, a daily pill that significantly reduces #HIV infection rates for those at higher risk. #PEPFARSavesLives @PATHtweets
05 Oct, 2021 - 01:35 PM UTC
For people living with #HIV, approved #COVID19 vaccines offer the same benefits and protections as the overall population, with no added risks identified. Along with antiretroviral therapy, COVID-19 vaccination is an integral part of staying healthy for PLHIV. #VaccinesWork
04 Oct, 2021 - 08:45 PM UTC

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Secretary Antony Blinken
On International #DayOfTheGirl Child, the United States recognizes an inherent truth: all girls around the world deserve to live safe, healthy, and empowered lives. We remain steadfast in our longstanding commitment to champion prosperity for girls, in all their diversity.
11 Oct, 2021 - 05:26 PM UTC
Department of State
On this #DayoftheGirl, the U.S. recognizes the severe impacts of COVID-19 on girls’ advancement and reaffirms our commitment to empowering women and girls around the world. Read more from @StateGWI on our efforts to support empowerment efforts globally: https://t.co/l4mLeYqypf
11 Oct, 2021 - 03:22 PM UTC
The Global Fund
Thank you @GayleSmith for your tireless #globalhealth leadership and partnership in the fight against HIV, TB and malaria. Together we can protect the progress we’ve made and fight #COVID19.
24 Sep, 2021 - 02:02 PM UTC
The Global Fund
Join @GlobalFund @UNAIDS @PEPFAR for a discussion with partners and leaders on how efforts to #EndAIDS are critical to achieving the #GlobalGoals, to advancing the global response to #COVID19, and to ending inequalities. Register here: https://t.co/JnGIDQ3bAz
20 Sep, 2021 - 04:30 PM UTC
USAID Global Health Supply Chain
During the last week of July, our team in #Panama made supportive supervision visits to 3 @PEPFAR-supported #antiretroviral treatment clinics in Veraguas, Herrera and Los Santos Provinces, helping health staff with logistics management and pharmacy administration.
23 Aug, 2021 - 05:54 PM UTC
U.S. Embassy Namibia
Six 🇺🇸-Congressmembers visited members of the @PEPFAR-funded #DREAMSinNamibia program recently, where young women showcased their skills as trained plumbers. DREAMS provides health & other support services for adolescent girls to keep them HIV-free. @USAIDGH @ProjectHOPEorg
23 Aug, 2021 - 02:37 PM UTC
US Africa Media Hub
The HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to disproportionately impact adolescent girls & young women in Africa. @PEPFAR has reduced HIV diagnoses among adolescent girls and young women by 25 percent or more in nearly all regions implementing DREAMS. Read more: https://t.co/ExdKW2nnJn
22 Jul, 2021 - 03:14 PM UTC
IAS Conference on HIV Science
#HIV treatment interruptions did not increase during #COVID19 lockdowns (between April-June 2020) in seven PEPFAR countries, as programmes were able to rapidly evolve. - @CDCgov’s Neha Mehta 🇺🇸 #IAS2021
20 Jul, 2021 - 01:37 PM UTC
In 2003, MHRP @wrair began implementing @PEPFAR’s #HIV prevention, care and treatment programs in communities where we conducted HIV research and through mil-mil partnerships. Currently, MHRP supports 350,000 people on lifesaving ART. #MHRP35 https://t.co/m5gcJ5606Z @hjfmilmed
20 Jul, 2021 - 01:27 PM UTC
. @PEPFAR's Catherine Godfrey says "it's one thing to give guidance, but it's not the same as implementation." Under COVID, resilient healthcare systems have been key. @PEPFAR maintained a buffer stock. See other stories of adaptation at https://t.co/BGvVjuags0 #IAS2021
19 Jul, 2021 - 07:18 PM UTC
.@PEPFAR used decentralized delivery, telehealth and multimonth dispensing to support HIV services during COVID says Catherine Godfrey. 30 countries changed to MMD to maintain access to treatment. Learn more about innovative delivery at https://t.co/Cjemghn2nH
19 Jul, 2021 - 07:12 PM UTC
US Embassy SA
We are saddened to hear of the damage done to a few of our @PEPFAR supported sites, which provide chronic medication, treatment, and support to their communities. We encourage all our partners and clients to stay safe. @USAID_SAfrica @CDCSouthAfrica #PEPFARSavesLives
12 Jul, 2021 - 09:09 AM UTC
George W. Bush Presidential Center
"The @PEPFAR partnership has made an enormous impact on many of our public health programs and services. Most importantly, many lives of Batswana have been saved and restored through this amazing partnership.”@USEmbassyBW Continue reading via @GoFurther: https://t.co/MafS0RI4Gd
07 Jul, 2021 - 07:30 PM UTC
Department of State
This #IndependenceDay, we celebrate our democracy's progress toward a more equitable and prosperous society of the people, by the people, and for the people.
04 Jul, 2021 - 04:00 PM UTC
Department of State
On this Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises Day, we recognize the impact of COVID-19 and affirm our support for inclusive economic recovery. For more on our efforts to empower women-owned MSMEs, read the latest @StateGWI blog below. #MSMEDay21 https://t.co/KNgjtIU7Uk
27 Jun, 2021 - 06:00 PM UTC



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