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Machine Learning, AI, Data Science Exec & Investor. Past: Cofounder/CEO @SkipFlag (acq by @Workday), @Accel EIR, Early data team lead @LinkedIn, ML @AOL @MIT

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I received one of these texts this morning, luckily didn't click through:
16 Sep, 2020 - 02:16 AM UTC
42 Papers by ⁦@dosco⁩ added a bunch of new features to the site, it shows authors and buzz from social media around trending machine learning papers. Useful for a daily scan of new papers:
15 Sep, 2020 - 07:18 PM UTC
This is great: "Minimum Viable Air Quality Monitoring" using a $12 PMS7003 laser PM2.5 dust sensor
15 Sep, 2020 - 05:49 AM UTC
Is it worthwhile getting an indoor PM2.5/PM10 air particle counter? If we have air filters running and the air smells clear is a $150+ air quality meter overkill?
15 Sep, 2020 - 03:12 AM UTC
Exploring JAMstack and thinking of trying this @GatsbyJS starter for creating a portfolio website with @TakeShapeIO: Here's a live sample project:
13 Sep, 2020 - 11:56 PM UTC
The JAMstack: It’s Pretty Sweet by @AstasiaMyers
13 Sep, 2020 - 11:41 PM UTC
The pandemic shutdown has validated that things won’t get much better if we only reduce emissions, the carbon build up already in the air has to be removed. We need another Manhattan Project for carbon capture and storage and nuclear power:
12 Sep, 2020 - 10:56 PM UTC
Github stars are somewhat useful, but should projects also have short reviews like books & products on Amazon?
12 Sep, 2020 - 09:36 PM UTC
Paper: Related Post: "By training [resnet-56 on cifar10] with high learning rates we can reach a model that gets 93% accuracy in 70 epochs which is less than 7k iterations (as opposed to the [original] 64k iterations...)."
12 Sep, 2020 - 09:25 PM UTC
For monitoring @PyTorch models on your mobile phone 📱
12 Sep, 2020 - 05:35 AM UTC
ML people: Do you have a tool in your current model training workflow that is a secret weapon? Maybe something that labels data automatically, autotunes hyper-parameters, simplifies testing or does feature extraction? Tell us your secrets :)
11 Sep, 2020 - 11:55 PM UTC
"If you’re in a meeting & people go 'Okay we want to change the product this way'... then somebody... says, ‘Well, what does the data say?’ If the answer is ‘We’ll come back in a month & tell you’ you’re never going to be a data-driven culture" @bhorowitz
11 Sep, 2020 - 11:34 PM UTC

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Joe Biden
To be clear: I am not currently president. But if you chip in now, we can change that in November:
16 Sep, 2020 - 02:20 AM UTC
Holly Figueroa O'Reilly
Whhhhhat The Fuck Is Going ON Trump said that it's Joe Biden's fault for not doing a national mask mandate. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ I legit don't think Trump knows that he's still the president. What am I missing? Is there any other way to interpret this? #TrumpTownHall
16 Sep, 2020 - 01:33 AM UTC
Jason Boehmig
Never thought I'd say this, but @kanyewest - we got you covered here. Hit us up 😂😂😂
16 Sep, 2020 - 12:38 AM UTC
Ethan Rosenthal
@peteskomoroch @adamlaiacano Totally. Similar to what you mentioned, it can be analogous to marketing funnels. Promotions are a great way to increase top of funnel acquisition while potentially killing bottom of funnel LTV.
15 Sep, 2020 - 08:12 PM UTC
David Sacks
Congrats @chamath @rabois. The validation that this transaction provides to late-stage tech startups should not be underestimated. The SPAC floodgates will open.
15 Sep, 2020 - 07:42 PM UTC
Nabeel Hyatt
There should be more on how the kids & adults who play video games are coping better with 2020. What a delicious reversal of the lonely gamer stereotype. Games like Fall Guys, Amung Us, Minecraft, Roblox and many more are a bright beacon of human connection in an isolated world.
15 Sep, 2020 - 07:32 PM UTC
👋 Meet CockroachDB’s new storage engine: Pebble. It’s an open-source KV store inspired by @RocksDB, written in @golang. More on our decision to replace #RocksDB & how we built Pebble in today's blog by CTO and co-founder @petermattis ✏️ #CockroachDB
15 Sep, 2020 - 05:20 PM UTC
"Everybody thinks that veterans get health care for life, but they don't. They only get health care if their injury or illness can be tied to their service," Jon Stewart says about legislation that would help veterans affected by toxic burn pits.
15 Sep, 2020 - 05:09 PM UTC
Adam Laiacano
When you think of "metrics" associated with an ML model, what kinds of things are you measuring?
15 Sep, 2020 - 03:09 PM UTC
adam bain
Big news: $IPOB, the SPAC that 01Advisors co-sponsored early this year, has successfully reached a deal to merge with Opendoor! I am looking forward to joining the Board of the new public company when the deal closes by end of year. Important info:
15 Sep, 2020 - 12:44 PM UTC
Hiten Shah
What are you reading right now that you think others are not?
15 Sep, 2020 - 04:14 AM UTC
New Castle Quack
@peteskomoroch The mythical HEPA month
15 Sep, 2020 - 03:31 AM UTC
Kurt Smith
The corollary to this article is that it must be a *great* time to sell your house. Pass all that uncertainty on to another sucker while you can!
15 Sep, 2020 - 12:39 AM UTC
Max Gazor
@airtable is the future of software - a future where software development embraces creators, not just coders. Today, Airtable takes a few steps forward towards this future with a number of major product announcements. @howietl shares more 👇
14 Sep, 2020 - 03:43 PM UTC