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Prannoy Roy
India did well on below-the-line-liquidity stimulus. But a worrying highlight of the IMF Report is India’s poor fiscal stimulus of only 2% (above the line) which is just half the average stimulus of all developing countries. Listen to the IMF chief‘s perspective on this.
25 Oct, 2020 - 04:15 PM UTC
Prannoy Roy
The IMF World Economic Outlook 2020 shows that the pandemic has hit India harder than we thought,causing the biggest rise in extreme poverty in one year:40 million more people have fallen into extreme poverty. Listen to the important message of the IMF Chief Kristalina Georgieva
24 Oct, 2020 - 07:41 AM UTC
Prannoy Roy
I was told by a restaurant owner in Goa “there are standard rates paid to taxi drivers to bring customers: ₹250 for each Russian; ₹150 for each Indian client and ₹50 for the British. (This was over a year ago, rates may have changed). Can you explain the differential rates?
24 Oct, 2020 - 06:52 AM UTC
Prannoy Roy
Thank you so much 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽. It was wonderful speaking with you. Learnt a lot. And there has been a widespread positive response to your observations, policy recommendations and what we can learn from other nations in the world on what to do and what NOT to do.
22 Oct, 2020 - 02:23 PM UTC
Prannoy Roy
✊🏽 Outstanding journalism (once again) by @arvindgunasekar
03 Oct, 2020 - 10:30 AM UTC
Prannoy Roy
Terribly terribly sad to hear about Dean Jones.He was a wonderful human being and a good friend ... to so many of us.Everyone at NDTV loved him.We will miss you Professor Jones-you lit up our newsroom with your humour and warmth. You will always be with us at NDTV, always. 🙏🏽
24 Sep, 2020 - 12:13 PM UTC
Prannoy Roy
Covid warning: time to wake up and smell the coffee. New data-kept under wraps so far - reveals the pandemic in india is much worse than we thought.
15 Sep, 2020 - 08:04 AM UTC
Prannoy Roy
COVID-19: Is India At Early Stages Of Second Wave Of Coronavirus. Do not live in denial and ignore these trends. The authorities need to ACT NOW.
29 Aug, 2020 - 06:38 PM UTC
Prannoy Roy
COVID-19 Warning?Those who follow the daily ndtv coronavirus tracker will have noticed a sudden upward trend in several parameters. It’s too early to call it a spike-but the last 3-4 days indicates a turnaround from the earlier declining trend in: new cases, positivity rates & R
28 Aug, 2020 - 10:54 AM UTC
Prannoy Roy
This is a super, innovative medical service.
24 Aug, 2020 - 04:03 PM UTC
Prannoy Roy
Voting in a Pandemic: Change from the traditional single voting day to 3-Day-Voting in each Phase (start with Bihar).
21 Aug, 2020 - 02:41 PM UTC
Prannoy Roy
COVID-19: Where Is India Headed?
20 Aug, 2020 - 02:11 PM UTC
Prannoy Roy
Is India Winning The Coronavirus War? The 'R' Factor
17 Aug, 2020 - 04:12 PM UTC

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Atul Gawande
Such a great article: “Households that got cash instead of standard aid packages saved 60% more, consumed 32% more, & expanded productive assets like livestock by 76% more...Recipients' diets improved & so did their kid’s height, weight, and...survival"
18 Oct, 2020 - 03:17 PM UTC
Farhan Akhtar
Any shrill anchors apologising for the hell they put #RheaChakraborty and her family through? Didn’t think so. But watch them shift the goalpost now .. they’re notorious for that.
07 Oct, 2020 - 07:24 AM UTC
Malini Parthasarathy
This is disgusting & shows how high is the toxicity on Twitter. To trend & celebrate the murderer of the greatest Indian ever,Mahatma Gandhi on his birth anniversary, shows real depravity. We are plumbing new depths every day,cynically revisiting & trashing every national icon!👇
02 Oct, 2020 - 02:17 AM UTC
#BanegaSwasthIndia | Watch the 12-hour #SwasthyaMantra Telethon with Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan), Laxman Narasimhan (@lakslnarasimhan), Prannoy Roy (@PrannoyRoyNDTV) on October 2, 9AM (IST) onwards. Know more here: (In partnership with @DettolIndia)
28 Sep, 2020 - 06:07 AM UTC
Sreenivasan Jain
Super thrilled that my mother Devaki Jain's memoirs is out. Beautifully produced by the fine folks at @speakingtiger14. Should be available in most major bookstores.
27 Sep, 2020 - 05:42 AM UTC
Swati Thiyagarajan
Our movie comes out on Monday. Netflix global original. Nominated for two Wildscreen awards and eight Jackson wild awards .. the best in the industry .. please do watch. #greatafricanseaforest @BittuSahgal @anishandheria @GargiRawat @deespeak @PrannoyRoyNDTV
05 Sep, 2020 - 05:49 AM UTC
Chetan Bhattacharji
Check out these gfx, so many states showing an upward trend now Should we really be unlocking? #Unlock4 #lockdownextension? #COVID19India
28 Aug, 2020 - 04:49 PM UTC
Swades Foundation
Tune into @ndtv 24x7 & @ndtvindia on Aug 23, 7-9pm for a 2 hour Special Telethon #swadesbuildinglivelihoods and join @zarinascrewvala @RonnieScrewvala & @PrannoyRoyNDTV and many other guests to help raise funds for building livelihoods. Know more
20 Aug, 2020 - 02:30 AM UTC
Have questions on #COVID19? Experts will answer your queries, debunk myths about the virus - live now on NDTV 24x7 #AskTheExpert
10 Aug, 2020 - 08:03 AM UTC
Rema Nagarajan
Delhi govt promises Rs 1 crore if a doctors dies in war against Covid But will give nothing and do nothing to help in treatment of a doctor/health worker who is being treated for covid, contracted while working in a Delhi govt hospital One crore if u die Nothing to keep u alive?
17 Jul, 2020 - 08:01 AM UTC