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Really excited to hear about @Visa_IND partnering with @IFundWomen for a grant program for women entrepreneurs in India! This platform will provide great support & mentoring to the numerous small businesses led by women in our country. @trramach @Sujathatweets https://t.co/ssB6Xt8pdh
23 Sep, 2020 - 07:48 AM UTC
Cleanliness is next to godliness - we have all been taught this since childhood. Let’s remember this learning and take conscious efforts to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean and sanitised. #SwachhataPakhwada @bankofbaroda https://t.co/xOqN8anaHw
07 Sep, 2020 - 06:24 AM UTC
Happy National sports day 😊😊 https://t.co/4nnOvK2WIM
29 Aug, 2020 - 03:32 PM UTC
Happy National Sports Day! Excited to answer all the questions you’ve put down for me. A few more hours to go for my Insta Live conversation with @jatinsapru at 5:30 pm on @bankofbaroda’s Instagram handle. Follow: https://t.co/GcVeglJ9kA. #SmashItWithSindhu https://t.co/QdlRaNu6lM
29 Aug, 2020 - 05:30 AM UTC
I hope you're excited to see me tomorrow with @bankofbaroda. Looking forward to answering your questions with #ThatCricketGuy @jatinsapru LIVE on Bank of Baroda's Instagram handle. Follow https://t.co/V1t2CtQjPg, and tune-in at 5:30 PM. Win exciting prizes #SmashItWithSindhu https://t.co/eaSZWc5noe
28 Aug, 2020 - 03:42 PM UTC
Being a world champion is such an amazing 🥰feeling . Can’t believe it’s already been 1 year 💕💕 #worldchampion2019#thisdaylastyear#memories#allmyloveforall#alreadybeen1year#thankyouallforthesupport#willcherishforever#❤️ https://t.co/xUNE26rmZL
25 Aug, 2020 - 05:30 PM UTC
Our Bappa is here to bless us! This year let's all stay safe and celebrate him virtually right from our homes. Thank you @bankofbaroda for bringing Bappa to our homes as this year #BappaGoesDigital #GaneshChaturthi https://t.co/F5hXHEUYlF
22 Aug, 2020 - 04:30 PM UTC
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi everyone 🤗 https://t.co/Vm1g2MgbkT
22 Aug, 2020 - 03:03 PM UTC
To make an elderly person happy is the noblest act one can ever do! Thank you @BankofBaroda for your continued support to the elderly people. On the occasion of #WorldSeniorCitizenDay, let's pledge to treat senior citizens with respect & shower them with the love they deserve. https://t.co/ve1Pn5u4tB
21 Aug, 2020 - 06:18 AM UTC
Since then til now and still going on .....it’s been 11 years with u guys @olympicgoldquest and I must say it’s been a wonderful journey so far and lot of memories🥰 and the way u have all supported me has been amazing 1/2
20 Aug, 2020 - 01:10 PM UTC
Over the years, I have learnt that my mental fitness is as important as my physical fitness, if not more. I attribute a lot of my own wins and improvement to my focus on my mental strength and mindset! Start building your #WinnersMindset with @MindhouseIndia! https://t.co/CLuoW3DfFP
19 Aug, 2020 - 08:37 AM UTC
Thank you @KirenRijiju sir for this initiative . I have done my part , I request everyone to do it too ...... #FitIndiaFreedomRun #Run4India #FitIndiaMovement https://t.co/nzYsJA6qbu
18 Aug, 2020 - 04:46 PM UTC

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BAI Media
#OnthisDay August 2️⃣5️⃣, 2019 marked a watershed moment for 🇮🇳 sports as @Pvsindhu1 was crowned the 1️⃣st ever @bwfmedia world champion from 🇮🇳 Come, celebrate with us this historic achievement as we vow to take the sport to greater heights in the future 📈💪 #ThisDayInHistory https://t.co/JVTEbbFEpI
25 Aug, 2020 - 10:32 AM UTC
1/2 RINL collective along with Brand Ambassador @Pvsindhu1 join @SteelMinIndia and the nation in celebrating #74thIndependenceDay. आज़ादी का बिगुल बजा ही रहे हैं , तो आइये सुनते हैं एक कहानी जो हमने सुनी थी नानी से! देश का भाग्य बदला कैसे, वीरों की कुर्बानी से! Jai Hind! https://t.co/aEk18FUAJ1
15 Aug, 2020 - 06:17 AM UTC
Featuring the dynamic @Pvsindhu1 on the August cover of JFW magazine. Check out the World Champion’s fitness regime, time at home and more lockdown stories! SHOP NOW at https://t.co/Dcfk3zXbo6 https://t.co/YP0I9xdloS
06 Aug, 2020 - 06:30 AM UTC
CNN Sport
Badminton star @Pvsindhu1 tells @aleksklosok how her landmark Olympic achievement is inspiring a sporting, social and cultural movement in India. https://t.co/VkqVUJnLUh
03 Aug, 2020 - 06:46 AM UTC
Lakshmi Manchu
Happy Birthday to the shining star of India @Pvsindhu1. You make all of us so proud. Keep excelling and continue to inspire us. Lots of love and happiness to you. You go girl! ❤️ https://t.co/aeEroqjssn
05 Jul, 2020 - 11:23 AM UTC
Do you have queries related to fitness? #AskTheExpert @Pvsindhu1! Join the conversation between Fit India & PV Sindhu on 3rd July, 2020 at 5:00 PM. #FitIndiaTalks @FitIndiaOff https://t.co/8VNDHk1cwv
29 Jun, 2020 - 03:30 PM UTC
Fit India Movement
.@FitIndiaOff, in collaboration with @HRDMinistry, is hosting a webinar for students to address their physical & emotional well-being. Ask questions from your favourite panelist in the comments below using #FitIndiaTalks! #FitIndiaMovement @ddsportschannel @aajtak @Sportstak https://t.co/rQp2k6s9Co
29 Jun, 2020 - 12:50 PM UTC
Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank
.@HRDMinistry in collaboration with @FitIndiaOff is all geared up to host a webinar for students & address their concerns related to physical health & emotional well-being. Students, if you have any questions for our panel, share them in the comments below using #FitIndiaTalks! https://t.co/HwgqbmgWud
22 Jun, 2020 - 01:16 PM UTC
IPS Association
"What mattered was making two lives worth it.”207 km,30 min,a chopper, few cars and brilliant leadership with compassion. The green corridor saved the heart as well as the recipient. ACP Aishwarya Dongre,#IPS you are a trail blazer. #Respect #GoodJobCop https://t.co/eqQ6emK9ds
18 May, 2020 - 11:38 AM UTC
IPS Association
"There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread." ~Mahatma Gandhi B Raja Kumari, #IPS @SPVizianagaram your down to earth and completely natural gesture speaks for itself. #GoodJobCop #FeedTheNeedy https://t.co/FB4ES8qIPu
17 May, 2020 - 12:45 PM UTC
IANS Tweets
𝗜𝗔𝗡𝗦 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘃𝗶𝗲𝘄: There’s nothing more difficult for a #sportsperson than being away from her #sport, but these are unprecedented times and we need to act responsibly: #PVSindhu (@Pvsindhu1) Read full interview: https://t.co/1K0Ezr04Ob https://t.co/Ui4nJohUfb
15 May, 2020 - 02:34 PM UTC
Kiren Rijiju
I'm happy to see our top athletes like @Pvsindhu1 having very good reading habits. Reading boosts focus and concentration and also increases the capacity for longer attention spans. https://t.co/eKHSOSJuXa
05 May, 2020 - 05:15 PM UTC
Saurav Ghosal
Really happy to see top women sport stars discussing such a relevant topic. Menstrual cycles & periods are a part of every woman’s life. It is unbelievable how all women deal with it & stride on with their lives! Bravo @JemiRodrigues @mandhana_smriti @Pvsindhu1 @baselineventure https://t.co/gdv2QyvqYp
26 Apr, 2020 - 05:57 PM UTC