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Rodney Lavoie Jr.
@AG1L1S Worlds apart is underrated 💪🏼
17 May, 2020 - 07:39 AM UTC
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
14 May, 2020 - 02:32 AM UTC
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
@TonyVlachos73 Side note: You’re hilarious my guy! 🤣
24 Apr, 2020 - 05:04 PM UTC
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
@TonyVlachos73 24 hours a day of filming and the fans get to see an edited 45 min episode This isn’t football or basketball where you can see what happens live remember that. It is an edit. It’s the story that is being told with so much information that is missing! 💯💯
24 Apr, 2020 - 05:03 PM UTC
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
17 Mar, 2020 - 07:05 PM UTC
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
@domenick_abbate @jeremy2collins @Theshanepowers @robcesternino @BretLaBelle @hamm0481 Giants f*cking us over here in Boston once again #Saquan
11 Dec, 2019 - 09:12 PM UTC
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
@domenick_abbate it’s okay... Im winning it ALL 🤷🏻‍♂️
01 Dec, 2019 - 09:36 PM UTC
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
I’m going to leave this right here 💯 #MondayMood #MondayMotivation
18 Nov, 2019 - 03:40 PM UTC
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
R.I.P JOSH 💔#SuicideAwareness PLEASE RETWEET 🙏🏼 I am FOREVER grateful to give my friend’s opening Eulogy. ⛪️ After battling w/ mental illness he had completed suicide. My purpose is to help save lives of those struggling. R.I.P TO ALL OUR ANGELS in Heaven ♥️#Mentalhealth
17 Nov, 2019 - 09:09 PM UTC
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
Happy Birthday to ME! 🎂 I will continue to try my best to block out all the evil and strive to always shine light in this world. Thank you all for the love and support! ♥️ 🌎 #happybirthdaytome #babyboy #rodneylavoiejr #throwback
02 Sep, 2019 - 10:33 PM UTC
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
@domenick_abbate Mr. steal Your Girl 😂
18 Feb, 2019 - 05:01 PM UTC
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
#Depression cannot be cured overnight. 🌚 You need to learn everything about yourself. Mentally, Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally and Spiritually. Sharing my story with others is… https://t.co/fGyUncVfok
11 Feb, 2019 - 01:19 AM UTC
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
Dear World, 🌎 You’ve been in situations where you thought you’d never make it out, but you did. You’ve lived through it. You’ve learned from it. You’ve survived. So whatever it is that… https://t.co/OqTcBtFkve
26 Jan, 2019 - 07:05 PM UTC
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
@domenick_abbate @robcesternino @jeremy2collins @joebenji83 @DaltonRoss Thanks Commish. It was Amazing season ladies and Gents!
11 Dec, 2018 - 04:59 PM UTC
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
@domenick_abbate @itweetdavie @wendellholland @itweetdavie For the WIN! 💯
09 Nov, 2018 - 06:12 PM UTC

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Rodney Lavoie Jr.
@Nlechoppa1 Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. Most the times learning is winning. 💯
13 Jun, 2021 - 02:03 AM UTC
NLE Choppa
Very important to detox the body and just as important to detox from people 💯
04 Apr, 2021 - 05:31 PM UTC
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
@Nlechoppa1 Food for thought for y’all . One of these jabs is coming from Johnson and Johnson, a company that sold baby powder that gave people Cancer/ Mesothelioma with over 100m in lawsuits. Do your research before making any life decision! 🧐 ❤️🙌
03 Apr, 2021 - 05:27 PM UTC
Purple Pants Podcast
Listen up y’all🗣Important PPP episode dropping! ⁦@BriceIzyah⁩ welcomes ⁦@wendellholland⁩ and ⁦@rodneylavoiejr⁩ to talk about the realities of friendships between gay and straight men. Allies assemble!💜✊🏿#purplepantspodcast #RHAP #ally https://t.co/wwTKFZDSeA
28 Jul, 2020 - 01:07 PM UTC
Brice Izyah
Breaks my heart that knowing a 9th grader would commit suicide. Due to the extreme bullying for something he had no choice in. Love is Love no matter what. It’s important what we instill love and compassion in the next generation. #NigelShelby #spreadlove 🌈 💔🙏🏾
23 Apr, 2019 - 09:39 PM UTC
Kevin Schlehuber
I just received the News from my DR “IM CANCER FREE”🙏🏼It did not spread, I still have to recover from my Cancer Surgery, but I can deal with that❤️THANK GOD🙏🏼and I’ve been waiting for this result for 12 days❤️I am overwhelmed❤️PLEASE UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE YOU ALL💯❤️
07 Dec, 2018 - 11:06 PM UTC
Rob Cesternino 🛎
Last night, I caught up with @BB19KEVIN to discuss his recent cancer diagnosis and @rodneylavoiejr to talk about the event that they're putting together next weekend in Boston Event Info: https://t.co/QsOruVj7od Podcast: https://t.co/w7F7Bl6rgF
07 Nov, 2018 - 01:41 PM UTC
Kevin Schlehuber
So I had these two @BB20Brett and the self-proclaimed best looking guy in Boston @rodneylavoiejr ❤️❤️❤️We enjoyed chicken PARM (omg) and they had to listen to my stories🙏🙏#BostonStrong #family #lotsoflove
05 Oct, 2018 - 02:46 AM UTC
Glenn Garcia
This Bronx boy will be hanging with these boys from Boston in Las Vegas!!! Really Good Guys!! lots of laughs, now time to hit the tables!!! Wish us luck! #realityallstarreunion
29 Sep, 2018 - 04:25 AM UTC
Mike Holloway
@rodneylavoiejr My dude i love how you have grown. Helping others through your own struggle. Keep it it up. Love you man
28 Sep, 2018 - 01:20 PM UTC
Brice Izyah
You ready for this Brice Izyah #Rhap 2019 calendar... of course you know my sis on the cover @rodneylavoiejr 😂😂🛎
27 Sep, 2018 - 11:45 PM UTC
@rodneylavoiejr tonight’s @survivorcbs premiere is going to be lit. #SurvivorDavidvsGoliath #Survivor
26 Sep, 2018 - 09:02 PM UTC
Mike Holloway
@rodneylavoiejr @survivorcbs @MamaC_14 @Janglim21 @TheTFreddy @WillandMonifa “I’m sweat’n” i can still hear you and know i Love you too bro. #badboysforlife
24 May, 2018 - 02:05 AM UTC
Sheri LaBrant
@InstagramHelpUS What's the point of having a Verified account if it can be stolen? @rodneylavoiejr had his account stolen over a week ago and @instagram has not returned it to the verified owner!! I'm extremely disappointed in the lack of professionalism by Instagram!
12 May, 2018 - 03:18 PM UTC



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