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Fitness/Healthy Lifestyle YouTuber/blogger, Bostonian and Mom! insta @sarahfit snap @officialSFit https://t.co/Thow8OuIVJ

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Sarah Fit
Postpartum Modifications For FASTer Way To Fat Loss https://t.co/FmOrx9ifOi
05 Jan, 2022 - 07:34 PM UTC
Sarah Fit
Burning fat and feeling your best just got simpler than ever! https://t.co/2SRSYOq24O on @bloglovin
16 Dec, 2021 - 07:01 PM UTC
Sarah Fit
Burning fat and feeling your best just got simpler than ever! https://t.co/wcBXQGDkvL
16 Dec, 2021 - 05:24 PM UTC
Sarah Fit
Hi @JetBlue I just found out that someone on my mom‘s flight to California yesterday tested positive for Covid despite flying with symptoms. Not my mom. They are not planning to tell you but I think you should notify anyone sitting near them. How do I contact you
10 Nov, 2021 - 06:40 PM UTC
Sarah Fit
You don’t need cardio every time you exercise to lose weight! https://t.co/alxMHvBXmI on @bloglovin
28 Oct, 2021 - 07:22 PM UTC
Sarah Fit
You don’t need cardio every time you exercise to lose weight! https://t.co/7wAtDL1Rsl
28 Oct, 2021 - 06:47 PM UTC
Sarah Fit
You’re 6 Weeks Away From Food Freedom https://t.co/REinvwB6hm on @bloglovin
24 Sep, 2021 - 05:59 PM UTC
Sarah Fit
You’re 6 Weeks Away From Food Freedom https://t.co/Pc1X9JBiFK
24 Sep, 2021 - 04:41 PM UTC
Sarah Fit
Sharing my postpartum journey after baby #3 and how I lose the "baby weight" again... https://t.co/izBF0dg1XY
13 Sep, 2021 - 06:08 PM UTC
Sarah Fit
You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes…
17 Aug, 2021 - 09:33 PM UTC
Sarah Fit
Elle, 2 Month Update + Boston area newborn and maternity photographer https://t.co/9uSWEyTJCH on @bloglovin
01 Apr, 2021 - 06:09 AM UTC
Sarah Fit
Dick was such an inspiration to everyone. He will be missed but not forgotten. https://t.co/xPPFXVm2ma
17 Mar, 2021 - 09:36 PM UTC
Sarah Fit
Do we think we can send vaccines then based on demand and not population??? https://t.co/ovTVOV4LuW
13 Mar, 2021 - 01:58 AM UTC
Sarah Fit
I just took action to pass the GYMS Act & to make sure community gyms get through COVID-19 pandemic. You can too: https://t.co/JdzLAsBcKT
05 Mar, 2021 - 02:21 PM UTC

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Cleo Abram
today’s the last day a woman has never been vice president
19 Jan, 2021 - 04:41 PM UTC
Absolutely Not
HAPPY DAY to every woman who went to bed sobbing on 11/8/16, cried for days, got up one morning, and got to work. You marched, organized, wrote letters, wrote opinions, wrote postcards, texted, worried, kicked out Congresspeople, and donated until it was relief. WE GOT HIM.
07 Nov, 2020 - 05:40 PM UTC
Don Winslow
Take a minute to stop and realize 65 million people knew everything we know about Donald Trump and voted for him anyway. We got big problems in this country.
04 Nov, 2020 - 08:56 AM UTC
Pete Buttigieg
These people, the ones in charge of keeping you and your loved ones physically safe, have no concept of their own responsibility. https://t.co/QnfMOv12SP
28 Oct, 2020 - 03:37 PM UTC
Shane Goldmacher
Consider: In ZIP codes where more than 65% were college grads — just over 1,000 out of nearly 32,000 ZIPs— Biden outraised Trump $478 million to $104 million. Everywhere else? Trump was ahead by almost $40 million. https://t.co/F4aJJrrhxD
26 Oct, 2020 - 01:30 PM UTC
Save The Democracy (BLM)🌊🌈🌊
NEW: William McRaven, former top special operations commander who oversaw the successful raid that killed Osama bin Laden, says he voted for Joe Biden
21 Oct, 2020 - 07:13 AM UTC
Frank Sowa
BREAKING - HUGE INVESTIGATION RESULTS - Trump began tariff war w China because they wouldn’t give him better re-lender terms! Tax records show Trump tried to land China projects & failed. (from @AP) https://t.co/23HWNufpOM
21 Oct, 2020 - 03:39 AM UTC
Hillary Clinton
Over 200,000 Americans are dead. McConnell's laughter is just grotesque here. We must flip the Senate and get leaders who take this pandemic seriously. https://t.co/uaQmHhlnej
13 Oct, 2020 - 03:15 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
"Sexual preference," a term used by Justice Barrett, is offensive and outdated. The term implies sexuality is a choice. It is not. News organizations should not repeat Justice Barrett's words without providing that important context.
13 Oct, 2020 - 02:15 PM UTC
Tomorrow, I will cast my vote for @JoeBiden. It will be the first time I’ve EVER voted for someone NOT a Republican in ANY race at ANY level. I hope thousands of Republicans will listen to their conscience and join me in voting for decency & dignity. @RVAT2020 @RepsForBiden
12 Oct, 2020 - 10:56 PM UTC
Erin Maye Quade
The Republicans refused to confirm more than 100 Obama appointed judges, including a Supreme Court nominee. They held them open until Trump and then began confirming them at rapid speed. That is *literally* the definition of court-packing.
12 Oct, 2020 - 05:03 PM UTC
Laurence Tribe
Here’s a really marvelous summation by @PeteButtigieg of why the kind of “originalism” jurists like Amy Coney Barrett proclaim perverts what even our Founders understood the Constitution was all about and needed to become if it was to guide our nation’s course. https://t.co/3H9lIIGREO
11 Oct, 2020 - 08:31 PM UTC
Mara Gay
There is no dinner table in America where women enjoy being spoken over, interrupted, dismissed.
08 Oct, 2020 - 02:12 AM UTC



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