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Mom to Vale & Charley, TODAY Co-Anchor, Georgetown Law. Equal opportunity interrupter of non-answerers. Princesses Wear Pants series, #1 NYT bestsellers

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Savannah Guthrie
Top highlight of an awesome day!! Crashing @carlquintanilla @jimcramer https://t.co/drQiGZd8xj
04 Jan, 2023 - 07:35 PM UTC
Savannah Guthrie
Join us tonight!!! Sign up to watch below ⬇️ https://t.co/YAW8u8GVw9
19 Oct, 2022 - 02:03 PM UTC
Savannah Guthrie
Excited to sit down with Roger for an interview airing next week on @TODAYshow https://t.co/6LmnN10ryX
16 Sep, 2022 - 02:58 PM UTC
Savannah Guthrie
NEWS: Senior White House official confirms president Biden will attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.
09 Sep, 2022 - 11:17 AM UTC
Savannah Guthrie
Thank you so much!! We will all be back next week —holding on to the last days of summer this week 💛 https://t.co/JCsIYb2hSA
30 Aug, 2022 - 01:01 PM UTC
Savannah Guthrie
Dearest Henry, I will never forget your sweet spirit and the twinkle in your eye.
18 Aug, 2022 - 05:08 PM UTC
Savannah Guthrie
Richard and Mary l, you were amazing warriors for Henry - pouring your love and care into him and fighting for him every day with everything you’ve got. You’re my heroes. Dear Henry, you will be missed. We will keep fighting for you. Donate here for Henry’s research. https://t.co/RuOQFdQhPq
18 Aug, 2022 - 04:51 PM UTC
Savannah Guthrie
highlight of my day week year right there https://t.co/ukG8L0mYpw
08 Aug, 2022 - 03:32 PM UTC
Savannah Guthrie
Mom dancing for the win!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/xZzegd53YR
05 Aug, 2022 - 01:43 PM UTC

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NKU Men's Basketball 🏀
We 𝗦𝗘𝗘 𝗬𝗢𝗨, @SavannahGuthrie 👊 Riding with the 𝗡𝗢𝗥𝗦𝗘 @TODAYshow | #NorseUp https://t.co/BMJ0jNSR25
16 Mar, 2023 - 03:09 PM UTC
Jamie Lee Curtis celebrated winning her first #Oscars for her supporting role in “Everything Everywhere All At Once” with TODAY! She spoke with @SavannahGuthrie and @hodakotb about the experience, what this means to her and, of course, reveals how late she stayed up that night.
14 Mar, 2023 - 12:46 PM UTC
.@savannahguthrie played 🏀 with Woody Harrelson and the cast of the new film Champions @ChampionsMovie — and asked what message they hope the movie sends to Hollywood about casting more actors with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
10 Mar, 2023 - 02:34 PM UTC
Kerry Washington is here! @kerrywashington speaks to @SavannahGuthrie about the show #UnPrisoned, the themes it provokes, what made her want to begin writing a memoir, and even going to school with Gwyneth Paltrow.
09 Mar, 2023 - 02:14 PM UTC
Idris Elba is here! @idriselba opens up to @SavannahGuthrie about taking one of his characters to the big screen with the movie “Luther: The Fallen Sun,” where he got his start in acting, and even surprises a fan who arrived to the TODAY plaza at 4 a.m.
08 Mar, 2023 - 02:32 PM UTC
TODAY with Hoda & Jenna
We’re kicking off game show week with @jimmyfallon! Hoda @hodakotb, Savannah @SavannahGuthrie, Donna @DonnaFarizan and Jenna @JennaBushHager play ‘The Vinyl Countdown’ — and it gets intense! 💿🔥
07 Mar, 2023 - 03:43 PM UTC
Savannah Guthrie had to leave the show this morning after testing positive for COVID-19 during the live TODAY broadcast.
28 Feb, 2023 - 01:57 PM UTC
.@LesterHoltNBC & @SavannahGuthrie continue anchoring @NBCNews' special coverage of President Biden's State of the Union address.
08 Feb, 2023 - 03:25 AM UTC
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
TONIGHT: @LesterHoltNBC, @SavannahGuthrie and our @NBCNews team will have full details on President Biden's State of the Union address. Join us for @NBCNightlyNews, then stick around for our special coverage at 9pm ET / 6pm PT.
07 Feb, 2023 - 05:40 PM UTC
Can't get enough of these preschoolers telling @drewbarrymore & @savannahguthrie all about princesses and teamwork
30 Jan, 2023 - 07:49 PM UTC
Georgetown Law
#GeorgetownLaw was proud to welcome @SavannahGuthrie, L'02, as the featured speaker at @GTownLawAlumni's Annual NY Alumni Luncheon. Guthrie joined @NBCSports' Pete Bevacqua, L'97, to discuss her time as a law student and her career in #journalism. Thank you, Savannah & Pete!
27 Jan, 2023 - 02:55 PM UTC
"We're coworkers, we don't hold each others faces this way ..." -@SavannahGuthrie and @hodakotb grill @Chris_Meloni about a steamy tease image of Stabler and Benson from an upcoming episode.
25 Jan, 2023 - 03:02 PM UTC
Elizabeth Dole Foundation
You heard it from our friends @tomhanks & @SavannahGuthrie, we can’t wait to see how your military (active-duty, guard, and reserve) & veteran kids tell their story. Learn more & submit today! https://t.co/hljnfgOcJW
18 Jan, 2023 - 01:16 AM UTC
The Tonight Show
.@SavannahGuthrie & @hodakotb share their memories of the late Barbara Walters. @TODAYshow #FallonTonight
06 Jan, 2023 - 05:10 AM UTC
What a way to start the day! ☀️ Congratulations to @SavannahGuthrie & @hodakotb on your 5th anniversary as co-hosts of @TODAYshow 🔔 @NBCNews | @comcast
04 Jan, 2023 - 05:09 PM UTC
🗣️ The markets are open and the TODAY family is at @nyse to celebrate 5 years of @SavannahGuthrie and @hodakotb as co-anchors. Shoutout to everyone who makes this show possible 🧡
04 Jan, 2023 - 02:47 PM UTC
Squawk on the Street
"We thought the Mad Dash was us!" @SavannahGuthrie and @HodaKotb crash our set at Post 9 ahead of the opening bell! @TODAYshow @CNBC @CarlQuintanilla @JimCramer
04 Jan, 2023 - 02:45 PM UTC
We're literally obsessed with these two 🥲 @SavannahGuthrie @hodakotb. Congrats on 5 incredible years of Co-anchoring TODAY! 🥳
04 Jan, 2023 - 02:40 PM UTC
The Tonight Show
Get excited for an all new week of #FallonTonight! 𝗧𝗨𝗘𝗦: Ana de Armas & Luke Grimes 𝗪𝗘𝗗: @Winston_Duke, @DarrenAronofsky, & Emma Myers 𝗧𝗛𝗨𝗥𝗦: @SavannahGuthrie + @hodakotb & @iamcolinquinn 𝗙𝗥𝗜: Allison Williams
03 Jan, 2023 - 04:20 PM UTC
WATCH: @SavannahGuthrie and @HodaKotb mark 5 years of co-hosting @TODAYshow together “This has been the joy of a lifetime.” https://t.co/baEgR22vZb
03 Jan, 2023 - 03:38 PM UTC
Power up! See a teaser for @SavannahGuthrie's new animated series, 'Princess Power' Savannah's new show teaches young girls that “it’s not just what you wear, but what you do that makes all the difference.” https://t.co/KDRCM9sgtV
18 Dec, 2022 - 03:26 PM UTC
Know Your Value
.@SavannahGuthrie's new show teaches young girls that “it’s not just what you wear, but what you do that makes all the difference.” https://t.co/4yubpeI1RR
17 Dec, 2022 - 05:11 PM UTC
Kate Hudson is here! She’s speaking to @SavannahGuthrie about Glass Onion: A @KnivesOut Mystery, how she knew the role of Birdie Jay was for her, working with @rianjohnson and more.
14 Dec, 2022 - 02:02 PM UTC
Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas spoke to @SavannahGuthrie about knowing each other for over 20 years. “Even more than that,” @antoniobanderas added. “Even more than that. Maybe we don’t say how (many),” @salmahayek joked. https://t.co/qsmmWYRKBu
13 Dec, 2022 - 09:16 PM UTC
This year, @SavannahGuthrie, @hodakotb, @CraigMelvin, @DylanDreyerNBC, @SheinelleJones, @WillieGeist, and the rest of the familiar faces from Studio 1A channeled the must-see Christmas movie “Love Actually.” https://t.co/o0uFUSVMcE
05 Dec, 2022 - 01:35 PM UTC
What has been @hodakotb and @savannahguthrie's favorite part of the #MacysParade so far? Well, everything — even the confetti! 🎉
24 Nov, 2022 - 04:19 PM UTC
Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson is speaking to @SavannahGuthrie and @hodakotb about the brutal University of Idaho killings of four students. “The investigators are looking at all possibilities. They don’t have a specific suspect,” he said.
17 Nov, 2022 - 12:44 PM UTC
This morning @SavannahGuthrie & @aplusk pregamed Kutcher's upcoming marathon by chugging beers together 🍻 Cheers!
04 Nov, 2022 - 08:06 PM UTC
Al Roker
Save the date! Join me along with @SavannahGuthrie & @hodakotb as we bring you all the parade fun at this year's 96th Annual @Macys #ThanksgivingDay Parade - three weeks from today on @nbc and @peacock - 9am all time zones. #MacysParade #NYC https://t.co/FTNCXOxAID
03 Nov, 2022 - 02:00 PM UTC



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