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Spatial Computing strategies. First Tesla and Apple believer. Chief strategy officer @infiniteretina

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Robert Scoble
I am sitting in “quiet” except for all the fans blowing air, like in my @blueair hepa filters. Love them but at night I run them full speed and they do make sound. Put in the new AirPods Pro and the room now is silent. Now playing at volume that get me a divorce if on @Sonos
03 Oct, 2022 - 06:26 AM UTC
Robert Scoble
“TV is a social thing.” Note that my family is always on their phones, even when TV is highly interesting. @IrenaCronin and I are studying this in more depth as Apple is about to introduce a new headset to this room. Top Apple Analyst @mingchikuo said the date is January.
03 Oct, 2022 - 01:26 AM UTC
Robert Scoble
Here is what an AI pioneer, @ajayjuneja, thought about Tesla’s AI day while on @teslaherbert’s show after @elonmusk showed off its humanoid robot, Optimus: https://t.co/TLLmPZJhkY
02 Oct, 2022 - 10:53 PM UTC
Robert Scoble
If I bought an NFT @JaduAVAs would be in consideration for first. Am so impressed with the community it is building. Next year this will make a lot more sense. https://t.co/yRdLzXipgg
01 Oct, 2022 - 08:58 PM UTC
Robert Scoble
The Queen is now in Dolby Atmos. Of course I added it to my lists: https://t.co/PMgOlMX3OR https://t.co/NuwlkN1KGt
01 Oct, 2022 - 06:46 PM UTC
Robert Scoble
I told you back in June that Tesla's robot would be stronger than people were expecting. Some of my tweets age well, like this one. https://t.co/incdEcjPDx
01 Oct, 2022 - 06:10 PM UTC
Robert Scoble
I know a bar owner who wants four first order. https://t.co/3zJDAIGmST
01 Oct, 2022 - 04:18 AM UTC
Robert Scoble
“Three to five years” before we will have @tesla Optimus in our home. @IrenaCronin and I said 2028 in our analysis yesterday.
01 Oct, 2022 - 04:05 AM UTC
Robert Scoble
Tesla Optimus humanoid robot will talk and “it won’t be boring,” says @elonmusk
01 Oct, 2022 - 03:42 AM UTC
Robert Scoble
More than a month ago I said this. Not far off. https://t.co/ODfCGNC8Wt
01 Oct, 2022 - 03:32 AM UTC
Robert Scoble
Tesla rethought the datacenter from scratch. Does any other car company think this way? No.
01 Oct, 2022 - 03:12 AM UTC
Robert Scoble
The @tesla simulator is sick.
01 Oct, 2022 - 02:54 AM UTC
Robert Scoble
I think we will say "wow" for 30 minutes and then end the stream. But that would be a waste of having an AI pioneer on. Watch/participate after Tesla's stream ends. https://t.co/AEsI5o0ftk
01 Oct, 2022 - 02:24 AM UTC
Robert Scoble
Tesla is blowing away my expectations. But am proud of the work @IrenaCronin and I did. We got much right in our analysis we released yesterday.
01 Oct, 2022 - 01:38 AM UTC
Robert Scoble
There 11,269 watching with 25 minutes to start. https://t.co/oZngu08aJF
01 Oct, 2022 - 12:49 AM UTC
Robert Scoble
AI day is for recruiting. How do you convince AI talent to join? They tell me that they move: 1. For the biggest problems. 2. The biggest dataset. 3. The mission. 4. A culture where they can make a difference. If you are an AI computer scientist what gets you excited?
30 Sep, 2022 - 08:40 PM UTC

Top Retweets by @scobleizer

Zoe Kleinman
Forgive the #ICYMI but I'm proud of this. Apple's Tim Cook very rarely does interviews and we think he last spoke to the BBC on the record 15 years ago. Until last week, when he spoke to me https://t.co/Oknxj5yDmr
03 Oct, 2022 - 06:59 AM UTC
Gary Bradski
@ylecun Some people say AI has hit a wall ... seems more like a sharply rising exponential curve. You practically have to be full time just reading the updates now. We're going to need an AI to keep up with AI.
03 Oct, 2022 - 06:49 AM UTC
Tim Zaman
Tesla is best positioned to deliver on useful real-world AI: It has the execution (team), the compute (dojo), platform+data (Bot+Fleet) the backing (Tesla) and the 0-to-1 (Factories) to do it. And all vertically integrated on a first-name basis. Join https://t.co/mPiOOb8CJg
03 Oct, 2022 - 03:10 AM UTC
Fahim Farook
My new GUI for Stable Diffusion with support for macOS, Windows, and Linux is now out. Does image generation, in/outpainting, prompt/modifier management, and has a built-in image gallery. Details here: https://t.co/V4cOUV6GHZ #stableDifusion #ArtificialIntelligence #GUI https://t.co/gUooEavums
03 Oct, 2022 - 02:53 AM UTC
Colin Williamson & 1986 OMEGA TRIBE
Stupid AI art trick: I feed the cast of VIRTUA FIGHTER (1993) to Stable Diffusion. 🧵 https://t.co/AJmKcIen8X
03 Oct, 2022 - 02:28 AM UTC
@Scobleizer @ajayjuneja @teslaherbert @elonmusk Wow! Great talk! I was thinking if these robots can work in McDonald's or an Amazon warehouse or as bartenders or chefs etc. We'd need #UBI. Not everyone replaced by these can learn programming or an other vocational skill. We're in a big social conundrum here. https://t.co/Vv4iphUZue
03 Oct, 2022 - 01:05 AM UTC
James Perlman
👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Wedding NeRF with my friends Elena and Stephen. Processed with mip-NeRF 360 by @GoogleAI https://t.co/z43wnLX5Ux
03 Oct, 2022 - 12:36 AM UTC
Whole Mars Catalog
To optimize neural network training, Tesla created their own file format for ground truth data, caching features, and storing inference output, which they call .smol It generates files that are 11% smaller and use 4x less input / output operations per second. $TSLA https://t.co/WnsLCLRGwL
02 Oct, 2022 - 10:58 PM UTC
Eric Topol
An exceptional review of #AI for cancer pathology, highlighting the ability of deep neural networks ("machine eyes") to extract hidden information like driver mutations, structural variations, treatment response and prognosis https://t.co/jeNliKoTha @MoritzGerstung @jnkath
02 Oct, 2022 - 08:27 PM UTC
Yann LeCun
Dilated local attention: best of both worlds for scalable image segmentation. https://t.co/FpbCF33FuN
02 Oct, 2022 - 06:40 PM UTC
Charly Wargnier 🥑
Incredible work from Bojan!👏 Train an #ML model in the browser without any need to install *anything*, demonstrating #PyScript's potential! 🐍💥 https://t.co/NfxomHCcBp
02 Oct, 2022 - 05:05 AM UTC
Charlie Fink
Tim Cook revealed that the tech giant's hesitancy toward joining the #metaverse hype is intentional. CEO #TimCook says #Apple avoids the word 'metaverse' because the average person doesn't know what it means — a stark contrast to rival #Facebook https://t.co/8C5lnTCSU3
01 Oct, 2022 - 09:23 PM UTC
Jason DeBolt ⚡️
Great blog post by @Scobleizer on the long term potential of Optimus. Please share related posts on this thread. $TSLA https://t.co/cHLdv1Lwqt
01 Oct, 2022 - 08:56 PM UTC
Dennis Hong
What was most impressive to me was what the Optimus team was able to accomplish in such a short period of time. If you are in this field, you would agree, too. The prototype they have created will serve as an excellent beginning platform for them to learn from and to build upon.
01 Oct, 2022 - 08:13 PM UTC
Jan van den Hemel
Daily #Blender Tip: The edges or creases on the sides of cushions and sofas are called “decorative edges” and this video looks at how to add them to your quad topology base or complex 3D scanned models. #b3d https://t.co/D1DNUhiEiD
01 Oct, 2022 - 07:39 PM UTC
Mark Boss
As #ECCV2022 is approaching rapidly, I wanted to find all @neural_fields related papers. I've compiled my gatherings in another post of (hopefully) all NeRFy papers. Feel free to message me about anything I have missed :) https://t.co/YfVIRzWJRa
01 Oct, 2022 - 06:05 PM UTC
Tom Emrich
Tim Cook says AR & VR will be revolutionary, but the public will need education | AppleInsider https://t.co/1ynrTQQfxO
01 Oct, 2022 - 04:26 PM UTC
Ruslan Tsutsaev
Tesla’s autonomy efforts are ~7 y.o, FSD beta ~ 2, MobilEye’s - 23. Tesla’s first EV came out ~ 10 years after GM’s. Optimus is ~ 1 y.o., Boston Dynamics has been building robots for 30 years, Japanese even longer. First mover advantage my ass
01 Oct, 2022 - 05:44 AM UTC
Clément Farabet
AI technology still very much on an exponential path to enable new products and capabilities. I don’t really get the naysayers and obsession on what it will take to get to AGI. Each progress increment we’re going through daily is enabling more concrete value. Good show tonight.
01 Oct, 2022 - 05:42 AM UTC
Abubakar Abid
This is incredible!! One of the coolest ways to use Stable Diffusion / Dall-E is now open-source🤩🤩 https://t.co/0s71KPYw6y
01 Oct, 2022 - 05:18 AM UTC
Jonathan Stephens
My first ⁦@LumaLabsAI⁩ NeRF. I have to be honest, this NeRF shouldn’t have worked! It’s night, I was moving fast, there was a disco light in the front seat…but it worked! I look forward to making many more! #computervision #ai #nerf https://t.co/8qTeRntjlg
01 Oct, 2022 - 04:15 AM UTC
Tesla engineers just ripping through their system architecture publicly on stage is a huge flex and literally the best mechanism for recruiting top people.
01 Oct, 2022 - 03:57 AM UTC
The Tesla Bot doing work. 🤖 🦾🦿 https://t.co/WyLqcurng1
01 Oct, 2022 - 03:05 AM UTC
Tesla Owners Silicon Valley
Literally the first walk of the Tesla bot without cables stopping it from falling. Pretty insane that Tesla is making big bets in front of a live audience. 🤯🤯🤯 @elonmusk
01 Oct, 2022 - 03:04 AM UTC
Jeremy Judkins
Don's son is staying at our house. He is living fully off grid with Tesla Powerwalls and Solar. Tomorrow will be day 3 with no power and likely no power for MONTHS. He will let me know about rising water. He has methods to leave. I have two paddle boards, kayak, canoe. jet ski. https://t.co/VKdLidT1pE
01 Oct, 2022 - 02:07 AM UTC
Tesla Owners Silicon Valley
Insane that @tesla is making bots with 2.3kW of battery. It can handle the majority of all tasks with this amount of battery. @elonmusk
01 Oct, 2022 - 01:37 AM UTC
Facial Recognition is the worst of all possible worlds. Studies showing facial recognition algorithms have elevated error rates for identifying people of color AND police continue to use these algorithms while refusing to be transparent about the process. https://t.co/cAhEnuAnOg
30 Sep, 2022 - 09:43 PM UTC
Travis R. Eby
A truly mind-boggling video, and the first minute or so perfectly captures the million and one reasons why it's better to surround a stadium with dense housing, restaurants, and public spaces instead of parking lots https://t.co/FE3B7As62N
30 Sep, 2022 - 07:44 PM UTC
iPhone 14 Pro vs Sony a7IV - both edited in Lightroom. https://t.co/ZynGbYoCPy
30 Sep, 2022 - 05:33 PM UTC



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