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Rajya Sabha MP, Former Union Cabinet Minister, Harvard Ph.D in Economics; Professor, I give as good as I get

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Subramanian Swamy
The Hindu on page 11 has a quote from China's Spokesman condemning CDS Gen Rawat, and stating "leaders of the two countries hold China and India do not constitute a threat to each other". Really!! China is not a threat!!! Modi's "koi aaya nahin" was a commitment to Xi? Shocking!
26 Nov, 2021 - 06:03 AM UTC
Subramanian Swamy
China has already invaded us, captured a few thousand square kms, built townships, roads and observation posts. And we don't know. Koi aaya nahin…Has Modi Govt the nerve to admit this truth? Or is the nation to suffer more humiliation from China as in 1962?
25 Nov, 2021 - 02:25 PM UTC
Subramanian Swamy
It is about time that the Uttarakhand CM officially move the Assembly to repeal the Act which was passed earlier to take over by Govt of all 52 temples including Char Dham. Otherwise there may be an agitation soon against the Govt
25 Nov, 2021 - 11:57 AM UTC
Subramanian Swamy
ABs & GBs are certified morons. On 23rd Nov TMC announced that I was meeting CM Mamata yesterday. PMO Officer assumed I was joining TMC and handed out items to Morons condemning me for joining TMC which was to be uploaded. Morons did and now look ridiculous since I did not join!
25 Nov, 2021 - 07:10 AM UTC
Subramanian Swamy
Around mid Dec.I will go with a VHS team to Bengal to assess the situation that developed recently in some parts of the State. I will talk to officials for doing a fact check. I recall CM Mamata three years ago responding favourably when I told her about freeing Tarkeshwar Temple
25 Nov, 2021 - 02:46 AM UTC
Subramanian Swamy
Looks like the money being paid to ABs and GBs is shrinking judging by their "followers" shrinking to double digits. PMO opted out ?
24 Nov, 2021 - 11:34 PM UTC
Subramanian Swamy
Modi Government's Report Card: Economy---FAIL Border Security--FAIL Foreign Policy --Afghanistan Fiasco National Security ---Pegasus NSO Internal Security---Kashmir Gloom Who is responsible?--Subramanian Swamy
24 Nov, 2021 - 11:25 PM UTC
Subramanian Swamy
It is amazing that ABs and GBs are tweeting to me: "What about killing of Hindus in Bengal?" Has Union Government no Home Minister to know this? Has he taken sanyas? ABs and GBs should ask him since he is their patron.
24 Nov, 2021 - 12:55 PM UTC
Subramanian Swamy
Of the all the politicians I have met or worked with, Mamata Banerjee ranks with JP, Morarji Desai, Rajiv Gandhi, Chandrashekhar, and P V Narasimha Rao who meant what they said and said what they meant. In Indian politics that is a rare quality
24 Nov, 2021 - 11:52 AM UTC
Subramanian Swamy
With Governor Dhankar and his wife and I with my wife today. Had a wonderful stay in Raj Bhavan in Kolkata
23 Nov, 2021 - 12:24 PM UTC
Subramanian Swamy
Why are ABs and GBs so ashamed to admit that Mamata was a Cabinet Minister in Vajpayee’s government ?
23 Nov, 2021 - 11:14 AM UTC
Subramanian Swamy
I am in Kolkata today staying in Raj Bhavan with my young old friend Sr Advocate Jagdeep Dhankar , now a famous Governor of Bengal. CM Mamata is in Delhi so could not meet her.
23 Nov, 2021 - 10:50 AM UTC
Subramanian Swamy
Rotten Tata now runs three airlines with majority shares: Air Asia, Vistara, and Air India. First two already are in a Royal mess. Matters pending in Delhi HC and soon Air India too
23 Nov, 2021 - 04:40 AM UTC

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Tejas Navangul
Watch at 8 PM On SANATANA DHARSHANA - NYAYA by Acharya Tirumala P. Kulkarni in VHS SAMVADA organised by VHS Karnataka @vhsindia @Swamy39 @jagdishshetty https://t.co/xQPxoNp4bd
26 Nov, 2021 - 02:26 PM UTC
Pritam Sarbabidya.
May be China is not Threat to PM @narendramodi since he met Xi 18 times. But China is real threat to India, as China intentionally occupied our territory,repeated lot of aggression. @Swamy39 https://t.co/NB3PkOHrY9
26 Nov, 2021 - 07:44 AM UTC
Dr @Swamy39 jee ... Amarnath Ice Shiv Linga.. Har Har Mahadev! 🚩🚩
26 Nov, 2021 - 06:13 AM UTC
@Swamy39 Is this hindi chini bhai bhai again?
26 Nov, 2021 - 06:04 AM UTC
Mahesh Vikram Hegde 🇮🇳
The hero of 26/11 Even are being hit with 23 bullets, he captured Terrorist Kasab A salute to this warrior Tukaram Omle
26 Nov, 2021 - 05:12 AM UTC
Dr.Subramanian @Swamy39 & Virat Hindustanis of @vhsindia pay Tributes to the MARTYRS frm Police & Other Security Forces who laid their lives in 2008 Mumbai Terror Attack. Our Naman to The BRAVEHEARTS.🙏 @jagdishshetty @rameshnswamy @ArvindChaturved @ajaysankhe
26 Nov, 2021 - 04:53 AM UTC
Dr Subramanian @Swamy39 On Chinese Invasion💥💥 @jagdishshetty
26 Nov, 2021 - 03:31 AM UTC
Ramaswamy Iyer 🇮🇳
@Swamy39 India calling it - ‘Aksai Chin’ itself narrates a story of cowardice and appeasement on the part of the political leadership in India. When we call Pakistan occupied Jammu Kashmir then why not "China occupied Ladakh". https://t.co/zh94oP6SQs
26 Nov, 2021 - 02:37 AM UTC
Manoj Tayal
@Swamy39 It is sad..the pm won't let China take an inch... Few hundred Kms are different.
26 Nov, 2021 - 02:24 AM UTC
Joshiji Tweets
@Swamy39 @GowdVedananda @jagdishshetty about diplomacy.,jaishankar should be asked about the Chinese illegal occupation of Indian lands, not some weird UNESCO heritage when a war is already waged by the enemy on our borders.
26 Nov, 2021 - 12:47 AM UTC
Hindu Nationalist
Solution to the pain of India's partition lies in undoing it, says Mohan Bhagwat . ⁦@Swamy39https://t.co/IW9UEWqlq8
26 Nov, 2021 - 12:09 AM UTC
Dr @Swamy39 jee : Israel Defense Ministry reportedly scales back the list of countries with which Israeli cyber firms can do business from 102 to 37. Industry insiders describe the move, believed to be linked to the NSO scandal, as a "major blow." 🌟🍀 https://t.co/8HZ4nXAmh4
25 Nov, 2021 - 11:43 PM UTC



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