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Father of two, @heidiscruz's husband, fighter for liberty. Representing the great state of Texas in the U.S. Senate.

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Ted Cruz
I hope that everyone has a truly wonderful Thanksgiving.
22 Nov, 2021 - 09:40 PM UTC
Ted Cruz
10 months into Joe Biden’s presidency and these are the results: ❌ Skyrocketing Inflation ❌ Jobs killed ❌ Open borders ❌ Foreign policy weakness
22 Nov, 2021 - 03:22 PM UTC
Ted Cruz
Heidi and I are horrified by today's violence in Waukesha. We’re praying for the victims, their families, and the whole community. Thank you to the police and first responders who rushed in to assist. Anyone responsible must & will be brought to justice.
22 Nov, 2021 - 03:31 AM UTC
Ted Cruz
Joe Biden needs to stop acquiescing and surrendering to our enemies.
21 Nov, 2021 - 11:46 PM UTC
Ted Cruz
Both White & BOTH violent felons who physically assaulted Rittenhouse. Rosenbaum pled guilty to two counts of sexual conduct w/ a minor; accused of sexually abusing FIVE pre-teen boys. He spent 15 yrs in prison. Pretty odd that @MarkRuffalo wistfully refers to him as “JoJo.”
21 Nov, 2021 - 10:24 PM UTC
Ted Cruz
.@msnbc corporate message: Thanksgiving sucks. Come for the lies; stay for the anti-American hate. https://t.co/MaT5cQaqDy
21 Nov, 2021 - 08:59 PM UTC
Ted Cruz
WSJ laid out two sources for the worker shortage: “(1) government & employer vaccine mandates that set ultimatums for workers” and (2) Democratic Party policies making “quitting an easier economic option through a litany of federal unemployment benefits.” https://t.co/pSWsC1elsF
21 Nov, 2021 - 08:47 PM UTC
Ted Cruz
When China engages in horrific slave labor, companies like Nike turn a blind eye. The NBA is terrified of upsetting the Chinese Communist Party because they value the money!
21 Nov, 2021 - 08:32 PM UTC
Ted Cruz
I commend the Women's Tennis Association @WTA for putting their players first and standing up to China. #PengShuai The Chinese Communist government is not used to seeing sports leagues or big corporate interests stand up to them.
21 Nov, 2021 - 05:44 PM UTC
Ted Cruz
At the Winter Olympics in Beijing, we must: 1. Have the courage to call out the murder, the genocide, the torture, and the lies and the complicity in COVID-19 of the Chinese Communist government. 2. Kick their commie asses and win!
21 Nov, 2021 - 04:52 PM UTC
Ted Cruz
There is a reason that @cnn has no viewers. It is not remotely a news organization. It’s just angry, dishonest, partisan propagandists. Can you imagine Walter Cronkite doing this? @Acosta is a 🤡🤡 But that’s ok: 6X as many people will see this tweet as watch his show! https://t.co/VkV4Xdt4xn
21 Nov, 2021 - 04:33 AM UTC

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New York Daily News
Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has choice words The Texas senator had a lot to say about the mystery with tennis star Peng Shuai https://t.co/R7yyRh8hVA
21 Nov, 2021 - 08:27 PM UTC
Mr Producer
Sen @tedcruz: I'm Deeply Skeptical of Chinese Tennis Star's Reappearance https://t.co/bPJj4W3KOw
21 Nov, 2021 - 07:08 PM UTC
Fox News
Ted Cruz says US should not boycott Beijing Olympics: American athletes need to 'kick their commie a----' https://t.co/cGICQeqv7q
21 Nov, 2021 - 07:00 PM UTC
Maria Shriver gets schooled by Ted Cruz for uninformed slant on Rittenhouse acquittal https://t.co/ursMPmtuTK
21 Nov, 2021 - 05:30 PM UTC
The Hill
Cruz: I hope US athletes "go over there and kick their commie asses" at Beijing Olympics https://t.co/ZsibdCacF8
21 Nov, 2021 - 05:25 PM UTC
Face The Nation
Texas Republican @SenTedCruz tells @margbrennan of his intentions to run for president in 2024 or endorsing fmr. Pres. Trump: "If he [Trump] chose to run he'd be very formidable." He says, however, his 2016 run was "the most fun" he's ever had.
21 Nov, 2021 - 04:20 PM UTC
The Recount
“I’m a die-hard hoops fan. The NBA’s reaction to China is terrible.” — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) hits at Nike and the NBA for working with China despite human rights issues.
21 Nov, 2021 - 04:12 PM UTC
Face The Nation
.@SenTedCruz tells @margbrennan that corporations like Coca-Cola, Procter and Gamble, and Google should "cut off their ads" related to the Olympics and show a "tiny bit of courage" in the face of China.
21 Nov, 2021 - 04:08 PM UTC
Face The Nation
Despite concerns that China has carried out genocide against Muslims, it's still set to host the Olympics. Should the US boycott? @SenTedCruz tells @margbrennan it's a mistake to have a full boycott, and instead supports a "diplomatic" boycott by high-ranking officials:
21 Nov, 2021 - 04:06 PM UTC
The Recount
“I really hope our young men and women, they go over there and kick their commie asses. We need to win in the Olympics." — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) opposes full boycott of Beijing Olympics following disappearance and apparent reemergence of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai.
21 Nov, 2021 - 04:06 PM UTC
Face The Nation
PENG SHUAI LATEST: @SenTedCruz tells @margbrennan "there are reasons to deeply, deeply skeptical" of reports that tennis phenom #PengShuai has reappeared in videos from China. Cruz commends WTA's defense and calls for transparency.
21 Nov, 2021 - 04:03 PM UTC
Emily Miller
Maria Shriver vs Ted Cruz on Rittenhouse and how laws and courts work, watch here: https://t.co/c3wcY1yIUi
21 Nov, 2021 - 02:18 AM UTC
Mr Producer
.@tedcruz to Biden FTC Nominee: You Are A Radical Extremist! https://t.co/3ihAVSzLzZ
20 Nov, 2021 - 10:55 PM UTC
NBC Latino
After taking on Big Bird over his Covid-19 vaccination, Sen. Cruz is now going after the Library of Congress for dropping the use of “illegal alien” as a subject heading for organizing materials. https://t.co/GrApYmuqds
20 Nov, 2021 - 06:00 PM UTC
John Gravois
Ted Cruz hails verdict & offers this take after Kyle #Rittenhouse acquitted on all charges in murder trial: "I pray that the voices who would tear apart our nation do not succeed in using this verdict as an impetus for yet more horrific violence.” #TedCruz https://t.co/nPZh8vfKjI
19 Nov, 2021 - 09:42 PM UTC



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