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The Bold Italic
The Redwood Sky Walk is under a quarter-mile long — and it goes through some of the tallest trees on the planet. https://t.co/TFsnMnuO9W
23 Jul, 2021 - 01:19 AM UTC
The Bold Italic
The City of San Francisco is reportedly already planning to mandate vaccinations for all 35,000 of its city employees once the vaccines are formally approved by the Food and Drug Administration. https://t.co/mHiJvkYd5s
22 Jul, 2021 - 11:06 PM UTC
The Bold Italic
A reminder that vaccines save lives — including yours. https://t.co/5L5JNJXnCP
22 Jul, 2021 - 11:03 PM UTC
The Bold Italic
"My rule of (not-very-green) thumb: I grow what thrives on neglect." The most sound gardening advice we've ever heard. https://t.co/G0bePz0VzU
22 Jul, 2021 - 07:41 PM UTC
The Bold Italic
"If you're around people who are draining you of energy, it's a sign from your inner voice that's saying 'let them go.'" — @Oprah
22 Jul, 2021 - 07:28 PM UTC
The Bold Italic
Mexico officially launched its own national war on drugs to confront cartel activity and violence in 2016, a decision that has cost over 300,000 lives thus far, including multiple federal employees. @meeealz has more. https://t.co/Dx7NVQFDfw
22 Jul, 2021 - 06:28 PM UTC
The Bold Italic
Some morning tea to enjoy over your coffee. https://t.co/ctClxlQkaW
22 Jul, 2021 - 06:26 PM UTC
The Bold Italic
The Dixie Fire is now over 91,000 acres in size — or more than three times the size of San Francisco. https://t.co/COFs9oHZ1T
22 Jul, 2021 - 05:23 AM UTC
The Bold Italic
TL;DR: Probably pretty good. https://t.co/Dx7NVQFDfw
21 Jul, 2021 - 10:47 PM UTC
The Bold Italic
Fun Fact: Marilyn Monroe was actually crowned California’s first Artichoke Queen in 1948 in Castroville, 11 years before the official festival began in 1959. @meatoseeto has more "hearty" goodness about this weekend's Artichoke Festival. https://t.co/WIf8mRrOYf
21 Jul, 2021 - 09:51 PM UTC
The Bold Italic
And thank you for the work y'all are doing, @rtrspectstudios! https://t.co/YJM0d9S7wU
21 Jul, 2021 - 09:16 PM UTC
The Bold Italic
The blaze grew nearly 25,000 acres overnight — and it’s still just 15% contained. https://t.co/COFs9oHZ1T
21 Jul, 2021 - 09:01 PM UTC

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Alyssa Harad
Blessings on your head for this tweet. https://t.co/kNNQnkPsO3
22 Jul, 2021 - 11:55 PM UTC
Monterey Bay Aquarium
“Oh hi!” - A ceph-hello-pod
22 Jul, 2021 - 09:34 PM UTC
I just published in @thebolditalic San Francisco’s Secret Garden of Solitude https://t.co/nEpQKA9D2g
22 Jul, 2021 - 09:08 PM UTC
The words for lying flat in Chinese are tang ping, and it has since become a popular social protest buzzword by young Chinese, describing the value in choosing a low-profile, modest lifestyle. Kaki Okumura writes: https://t.co/SLtPOMkKxB
22 Jul, 2021 - 06:54 PM UTC
"The whole time I was in college I wanted to get into the food industry, but it seemed more difficult to get into that than it did to get into neuroscience." Video credit: @localish @MelissaABC7
22 Jul, 2021 - 04:02 PM UTC
I don’t like artichokes that much, but I’ll keep trying… https://t.co/iT4mGSZbeq
22 Jul, 2021 - 03:08 PM UTC
Marissa Skudlarek
I RT this earlier & earlier every year 😢 but maybe this year people are starting to get the message; headline on @thebolditalic today is the shocking, but straightforward, "The Dixie Fire Is Now Almost Three Times the Size of San Francisco" https://t.co/rB8husiGuU
22 Jul, 2021 - 04:50 AM UTC
The Dixie Fire Is Now Almost Three Times the Size of San Francisco by Matt Charnock in @thebolditalic https://t.co/2EA0bn5LJw
22 Jul, 2021 - 01:26 AM UTC
Robin Galante Art 🐦 🎨
Georgio's! A commission for a client who recently moved away from SF and misses her favorite pizza place. 🍕💕
21 Jul, 2021 - 05:54 PM UTC
‘San Francisco is where I became a doctor’ https://t.co/CLp1F7cCtf
21 Jul, 2021 - 05:52 PM UTC
The Intersectional Psychologist (PhD, MSPH)
“Why is everyone ragging on my city when theirs is a blueprint for racism right in front of them? Is it pride, denial, or do they really not see it?” Living While Black in 3 Different Parts of America by Carl Narcisse in @thebolditalic https://t.co/qwlP1Ck204
21 Jul, 2021 - 03:36 AM UTC
Ms. Schneider
When you say Jeff..you've said it all. Y’all, Fuck Jeff Bezos by Matt Charnock in @thebolditalic https://t.co/jBEkaJ8NXE
21 Jul, 2021 - 01:22 AM UTC



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