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Tim Kennedy


UFC Fighter, Ranger, sniper, and Special Forces Operator. Unapologetically American

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Tim Kennedy
Workout of the day: A1) BB Floor press 10,8,6,4,6,8,12 A2) Chin-ups 10,8,6,4,6,8,12 B1) Cannon ball military press 10,8,6,4,6,8,12 B2) BB curl 10,8,6,4,6,8,12 C) Finisher (can’t go +80% of mhr) 100 Push-ups 100 kcal row 100 Push-ups 100 kcal Airdyne bike 100 Push-ups https://t.co/oUlNs9azRM
22 Feb, 2021 - 07:52 PM UTC
Tim Kennedy
I never ask or expect a military discount. It is a special treat when you get one. But it is telling of the changing times when a company like @potterybarn intentionally stops giving them as of today.
22 Feb, 2021 - 06:22 PM UTC
Tim Kennedy
I want more humans like this. Shalom Shlomo Hillel, Who Helped 120,000 Jews Flee Iraq, Dies at 97 - The New York Times https://t.co/qUokwHt880
22 Feb, 2021 - 03:00 AM UTC
Tim Kennedy
This is a group of evil people selling young children to other evil people for their own sexual gratification. If you are looking for an issue unites all races, religions, political affiliations, genders, or any other way that someone can identify themselves. This is it. https://t.co/diKre8B1sw
21 Feb, 2021 - 01:53 AM UTC
Tim Kennedy
TEXAS IS BACK!!! Two of Cedar Park’s finest directing traffic for the line at @whataburger. #texas #backtheblue #thinblueline https://t.co/AzB4V39cxk
18 Feb, 2021 - 11:05 PM UTC
Tim Kennedy
Forget the new car. If 2020 and now 2021 has taught us anything it’s that you have to train and you have to prepare.
18 Feb, 2021 - 12:35 AM UTC
Tim Kennedy
ERCOT (Electric reliability Council of Texas) issues warning about rolling blackouts in Texas. https://t.co/GXJzkXMCMW
17 Feb, 2021 - 10:46 PM UTC
Tim Kennedy
We are accepting applications for Apogee Cedar Park! Join us as we learn to know by learning to be and learning to do! Head to our website: https://t.co/ACrsBifAVH Fill out our Introduction Form and take the first step in changing education. Admitting ages 5-11 for Fall '21 https://t.co/6ScDnpTEGb
16 Feb, 2021 - 08:49 PM UTC
Tim Kennedy
Texas really shit the bed with this powering their people thing. We are on our 3rd back out today. Our solar is dead due to 4 days of overcast weather. I will only run our generator to keep the house warm and try to save some pipes.
16 Feb, 2021 - 02:00 AM UTC
Tim Kennedy
These government bureaucrats will celebrate your bankruptcy. They will laugh at us as we struggle to feed our kids. They get a paycheck regardless. Their lust for control know no bounds. https://t.co/54R9xZbWIo
16 Feb, 2021 - 01:57 AM UTC
Tim Kennedy
I am all for green energy when it nets an ROI for its own carbon footprint. I am energy positive for my home off of solar alone. But as we are experiencing rolling blackouts in Texas we really need to question our own energy independence... #keystonepipeline https://t.co/HMjGkXIPuU
15 Feb, 2021 - 08:04 PM UTC
Tim Kennedy
If you were born in Texas or learned to drive here do not go out and drive in this weather. The roads are solid ice. #teaxsclosed
15 Feb, 2021 - 02:05 AM UTC
Tim Kennedy
When you know you are gonna have a long day. @fullthrottleenergy in for the save. #fullthrottle #ad #fcc #advertisement https://t.co/ZDsNNySZm2
14 Feb, 2021 - 02:44 PM UTC
Tim Kennedy
Donald Trump impeachment.
14 Feb, 2021 - 12:07 AM UTC

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Sheepdog Response
Best meme wins! Go! Screenshot, add your text or photos, and drop in the comments! We'll repost the best memes/captions. #SheepdogResponse #HardToKill #MemeMe #CaptionContest https://t.co/xh0l8BqNes
23 Feb, 2021 - 09:28 PM UTC
CBS News
WATCH: Police in Karachi, Pakistan are training an armed rollerblading unit to better prevent theft and harassment on its streets. https://t.co/IX5CrM6tep
23 Feb, 2021 - 04:40 AM UTC
Nick Palmisciano
Did miltwitter run an excited 2LT off of Twitter today? I’ve had kind of a busy day, but it looks like another shit show? We have fewer military members and veterans than ever in our nation’s history and we’d rather eat our own. So dumb.
22 Feb, 2021 - 04:48 AM UTC
Claire Lehmann 🇦🇺🦘
"Under the new legislation, any platform that bans a user would face fines of $13.5 million unless the content is also illegal under Polish law." "Freedom of speech is not something that anonymous moderators working for private companies should decide" https://t.co/8juZOXgEvB
22 Feb, 2021 - 01:55 AM UTC
Corey A. DeAngelis
The entire Oakley California school board resigned after mocking parents on a public meeting's livestream they didn't realize had already started.
20 Feb, 2021 - 10:36 PM UTC
Abigail Harrison
SIGNAL BOOST needed 📡  I need your help (RT 💙) to make HISTORY as the YOUNGEST PERSON EVER to go to space! I’m joining the #inspiration4contest to raise funds for @stjude & inspire the next gen to reach for their stars✨ Learn More: https://t.co/AX5DbftRZ7 #LetsLaunchAbby https://t.co/C08D2ZterT
19 Feb, 2021 - 02:34 PM UTC
Texas is operating under power emergency conditions and electric utilities — including PEC — have been directed to initiate temporary, controlled service interruptions. Learn more: https://t.co/IDmwVtQyzF https://t.co/bgt5Zi6Nel
15 Feb, 2021 - 07:42 AM UTC
Tim Scott
It’s disheartening to see Washington elites send their children to the top private schools while making it harder for the poorest Americans to gain access to quality education. Every family deserves #SchoolChoice. It's time for this administration to get with the program. https://t.co/LfmHVwniRU
03 Feb, 2021 - 09:41 PM UTC
Nick Palmisciano
Never forget: MBAs don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. They’re trained to play inside the lines. Signed, a recovering MBA. https://t.co/nSdZErKh2M
03 Feb, 2021 - 02:54 AM UTC
Jake K. Turx
We have free markets like we have free press, free elections and free speech.
28 Jan, 2021 - 04:45 PM UTC
Nick Palmisciano
I’m never going to feel bad for people who bet on a company’s failure losing money.
28 Jan, 2021 - 12:31 AM UTC
MMA History Today
Jan12.2013 Tim Kennedy earns his final victory inside a Strikeforce cage, when he finishes Trevor Smith with a guillotine choke https://t.co/O38ueevKqs
13 Jan, 2021 - 01:19 AM UTC
Derek Brunson
This be the realist sh** I ever wrote 💯 https://t.co/Um2DwBduEr
12 Jan, 2021 - 01:29 AM UTC
Richard Ryan 🥤👈😎
🎥 @TimKennedyMMA with the clutch move of using the helo to save time getting to range today 🤘 https://t.co/y8cohZjcvz
08 Jan, 2021 - 11:23 PM UTC